Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixed Bag Open Boat Midshore Charter

Had regulars Chuck Routar, Sam Melendez and Joe Scott. Headed out late morning after the crowd left the inlet, 10 miles short of goal we saw tons of life only got Bluefish but, my buddy Scott got a couple of bites and landed his under. Kept going and was in search mode between CC and Ap when I heard of a bite going on, made the run and caught the tail end. Went 0-2 on the troll and the bite died,started getting concerned. While setting up for the next phase of the trip we dropped down on a local wreck to add some Cod to the mix. Went into shark, chunking, jig mode. After a short while we hooked the man in the blue suit, after a tail rope we got a measurement and decided to take him, 60 inch fish. Went back on the troll and finished with a great bite going 4-5 on Bluefin to 32 inches to end the evening. Fun day with flat seas with some great guys.

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