Friday, June 27, 2014

Open Boat Midshore Trip

Hosted out first open boat offshore trip of the year.
Had regulars Jim Surmick and son Bret and Oscar 
Carillo. Left at first light and ran east to where there
Have been rumors of bluefin, got there and found the
Mammals and bait, but no tuna. After trolling for a while 
Decided to try sharking in the clean blue 70 degree water,
Nothing came in the slick after 3 hours. Decided to shift gears
And bottom fish to save the trip landed Pollack to 15lbs, and 
Over 2 dozen jumbo ling.

Friday, June 20, 2014

First Canyon Run

Had long time customer Adam Conley with buddies Brian "Marlin" and Dave. Plan was to hit the Toms Canyon, but at the last minute decided to hit the Hudson instead. Got lines in at grey light and found life right away, trolled both elbows no bites. Picked up and ran to the square right before we got there found the life, thousands of tuna chicks, mammals, and tons of bait, pounded the area and get getting covered up in skipjack. Kept trying pulled off one good fish and decided to tilefish, too much wind and fast drift so we bailed on that. Tried to hit the pots but water too cold. Decided to run inshore and hit some cod for wrecks, just bluefish and ocean pout. Shifted gears and started a shark drift, with fresh skipjack and bluefish fillets no figured we would crush them. No bites and no life in the slick, wtf!!! After a long day of trying Adam said too pull the plug. What a frustrating day! Tried my best but no species wanted to play. Will get those mofos next time!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Striper Blitz with the Horst Klein Charter

Had Horst out with regular buddies Ed, Scott
Herman, Kevin, and Steve, made bait in one
Throw and went searching, nothing but got the call 
From Joe and Derrick there was some fish to the north
Made some drifts and had a few fish. Went closer to the 
Beach and landed a few fish from the first pod.
Then it was total mayhem, bass were blowing up bunker 
Out of the water, then the bass started chasing the bunker
Into the bathers on the beach, never seen that before!
When the dust settled we landed 10 fish to 40lbs.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shark Fishing

Entered into the Brett Bailey Shark Tourny
With buddies JB, Josh, Tyler, Andrew and Harrison
Made the decision to go 60 miles to get away
From the crowd. Were all by ourselves and all we had
were bluesharks. Came inshore and got what 
We wanted, a nice 62 inch mako, fun day to be out!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stripers with the Bill Staubach charter

Had Bill back again this year with John, 
Ray, and Mark. Headed out this morning
With some sporty Conditions and made bait 
as usual. Pod Hopped for a while till we found 
the right Pod. Had a decent pick landing 4 good
Ones to 35lbs, with Ray and Mark getting their
personal bests, until the sun came out and bite 
Was over. Turned out to be a beautiful day!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Blues Brothers

Had the Blues Brothers back for their annual fishing trip. The plan was to get in on some stripers then head out for some sea bassing. Well the stripers did not want to play along today. The guys fished hard and are such a pleasure to have on board, thanks for your effort today. Lou had the big fish of the day landing a nice sea bass. See ya on the water...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Striper Livelining with Sean Bruff charter

Had Sean back again for the second time in the
Last few weeks with Rob, Ken, Richie, Jim and Ron.
Didnt know what to expect after the last 2 bad trips
But today was different. Got the call from Jerry and 
It was game on! When the dust settled we landed 4 
Fish to Ken's fish 51 inches, 26 in girth which is the
Biggest of the season so far.

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