Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mike Jones Charter for Bass & Blackfish

Had the Mike Jones charter out today for some bass and blackfish. We started off the day running way north looking for the striped ones that they had the day before. Found no life along the beaches all the way up to the hook, heard of a few fish caught first light up there but the bite shut down right away w/ the boat traffic. Shortly after we got there, the wind really started to blow making for very tough conditions with incoming tides and the strong w - nw wind. We reset many times but it just wasnt in the cards. The guys opted to go have fun catching some blackfish. We made a stop on the way back and had some nice blackfish action to 5#. Took a little bit to get them going but the guys managed to get their limit and release plenty more.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Striper & Tog with the Chuck Lovell Charter

Had Chuck out again with buddies Scotty "Shotgun", Jim and Brian. Headed north looking for a jig bite ended up seeing some birds working and jigged up 3 keepers and half a dozen shorts to start the day. Also jigged another dozen blues to 12lbs. Lots of sandeels around with many swimming in tight schools right next to the boat. Once the bite died we went into Tog mode. Most of the crew had never tried it but caught on quickly. Topped out the box with our limit of tog to 5lbs.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Allen Chung Sunday Charter

Sunday I had Allen and a few of his friends for a combo trip. We headed north to the striper grounds and when we got there birds were working pretty good but it was all blues. Looked for a while for some bass readings but we didnt find any..only blues. From there we did some bottom fishing for a few hours and got our limit of blackfish and alot of seabass which had to be returned...that sucks. We were going to shoot out to the mud hole for some cod and ling but the winds really never let down so we then headed back south to look for some bass but by the the time we got there they were shut down. Pretty frustrating day on the stripers but the guys had a great time regardless.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Canyon/Bluefin Trip with the Ken Switzer Charter

Had Ken back out with buddies John and Bill. Made a run to the East Side and saw a lot of life, but only mahi on the troll, so we broke out the light spinners and landed a bunch of fish to 10lbs, made our way to 100 square and set up there for the night. During the night we had tons of squid pinned under the boat by porpoise, read lots of tuna under the boat but they wouldn't chew. Decided at midnight to head back to the East Elbow where the life was. Set up and lost a couple of mystery fish and wrestled with big Blue Sharks. At 6am the bite started in earnest, everytime we put a bait in the water we had a run-off. Wound up with over a dozen bites, landing 4 Yellowfin from 60-75 pounds. On the way home we ran into acres of 100 pound Bluefin crashing the surface. Figured out the bait they were eating and decided to match the hatch with Large Storm Shads, made 4 casts and hooked up 4 fish landing one By a cast by John on a light spinner. Back at the dock the fish weiged 100 pounds on Clark's certified scale. Guys went home with plenty of meat and were a pleasure to fish with.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dave Peters Mixed Bag Charter

Good to finally get out with this crazy weather Had Dave today with son Mat. Plan was to try a bunch of different species. Once we netted the live bait we headed out of the inlet and jigged a dozen Blues to 12lbs. Made a run out to the Mud Hole and began live bait chumming to look for Bluefin, had one good bite but fish spit the hook, then had some nice sized mahi eat our peanuts but couldn't connect. Mat was getting bored so we made a run back in and set on some rockpiles for seabass, landed over 40 with only half a dozen keepers. Changed gears and went togging with Mat having the hot hand, landed a couple of dozen with our boat limit of keepers. Ended the day jigging again and landed some keeper weakfish to end the day. Beautiful day with a great father/son team to fish with.

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