Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dave Stump 5/30 & Matt Hodges 5/28 Stripers

Had Dave and the boys from PA out tonight for some bass fishing. Threw the net and made our way up the beach. Put two fish in the boat right away and missed and lost a couple more in short time. Made a move and found some more fish and went 2-4 when the action slowed up. Made a long run hoping to put a couple more in the box. Had a couple on right away only to come unbuttoned. Guys ended up with 4 in the box to just under 40lb. Tough night for us but the guys hung in there and caught some nice fish.

(Late Report)
On monday afternon we had Matt Hodges and his boys out for an afternoon trip. Made bait in one throw and headed south where we pod hopped for the evening. Had to work hard for the fish working pod to pod. The guys ended up going 3-5 on fish to 38lbs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Striper Trip with the Ana Bauder Charter

Had Ana on board today with parents Debra and Joe, and family friends Caroline and Dean. Made bait in one throw and headed down the beach. Worked a pod in Lavalette nada, continued onto the fleet In Seaside and had a fish on in the first drift, landed the 37lb'r weighed on a certified scale at Clarks. Thought it was going to be a good day, not, fish would not bite and south wind began to blow! Ran back north to try some seabassing, just shorts and ling, charter decided they had enough of the conditions. Finished the trip in the river fluking which was not good. Enjoyed fishing with this crew, and congrats to Debra for her first Bass.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seabass Trip with Kevin Butler Charter

Had Kevin back with buddies Henry, Mike and Eric, with newcomers sheldon and Ameir. Started out with wrecks to the east and all 3 had tons of dogfish, came inside to the reef and had good fishing. Once the guys got in the groove and the newcomers got use to the gear and bites we started to catch. Caught close to 100 with almost 60 keepers, with half a dozen ling. On the way home hit a couple of bunker pods but no luv. Good ball-busting with cool peeps and great weather.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Striper Trip with the Mike Fox Charter

Had Mike back out with Chuck, Scott(Shotgun), and newcomer Brian. Made bait and went north like last couple of trips, hit numeorus spots, just blues, snagged and drop, blues again, went to spooning and landed our first and only keeper with Brian on the rod poping his Striper cherry, congrats. Went to chunking, blues, went drifting in the deep more blues and dogfish, pulled the plug to end a tough, long day. Good seeing the guys again.

Live-lining with Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back with Dad John, buddies Larry, Pat and Mike. Got our bait and made our way to the north. Had high hopes with the east wind, not to be. Slow bite, managed only a few bites, and the Conley clan cashed in and landed our only 2 fish to 30lbs. Good to see the guys again, hope for more bites next time.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Striper-Seabass with Chuck Routar Charter

Had long time regular Chuck with brother Elia and (Black Cloud) Randy, Kevin and both Bob and Bob. Made bait and ran north, worked some buds but nothing settled in and had a decent pick lots of runoffs and misses, final tally was 5 fish to 32lbs. Guys wanted to change gears so we drifted on some seabass spots. Had a nice pick, in over an hour landed 50 fish with over half being keepers to 2lbs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Live-lining with the John Butel charter

Had John back out with son Trevor, brother Dave with son Jeremy, Paul and John. Made bait and headed north, was working Asbury when I got the call from Capt Joe, of a bite developing up north. Once we got on the scene waited our turn, and it happened, Bass blowing our baits up out of the water, cool to see but missed way to many fish, Landed 3 to 36lbs and the fish vanished. Set up on the drift and landed another three with too many Bluefish. Good to see the Butel brothers again!

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/20 Bass

Had Art Murphy and the boys out for an afternoon trip. Left around 1pm and made our way north. Made bait easily and stopped on some good marks. Put a bass in the boat right away and thought it was game on. After that got covered up in bluefish everywhere we went. Managed to put two more bass in the box after weeding through tons of blues before the guys decided to call it a day.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Live-lining Trip with the Tom Swanson Charter

Had Tom back again this year with Buddies Dale, Chuck, Jon, Harry and Bruce. Made bait in one throw and went North, to say it was a slow day is an understatement. Tried every lump and spot I knew no luv. Tried bunker pods off Asbury again no Luv. Got call from Capt Paul and Capt Steve that there was a decent pick way south, decided to make the run. On the way found a pod of bunker and decided to take a shot, snagged and dropped two baits and it was game on! Proceeded to pick 8 fish to 40lbs, Clark's certified scale. Great way to end the day with some great guys that hung in there all day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Horst & Klein Couples Charter (Part 2)

Had Horst back with wife Diane, Ed and Marybeth, and newcomers Paul and Linda. Went south, scene of last night's troll bite. On the way down could not make any bait for live-lining went spooning, no luv. Did get some luv from Capt Joe who gave me some live bait, thanks buddy, owe you big! Live-lined and Marybeth landed our first and only keeper, blues and dogfish ate our remaining baits. Went back on the troll and no luv from there. Tough day with some great folks. Felt bad repeat of last year, slow with the wifes and when the husbands come back out in 2 weeks later it was slaughter, hopefully we crush them like last year in 2 weeks!

Family Evening Charter

Had my cousin Margie fly in from Miami, aunt from Colombia, my mom, ugly mates my brother and Mike. Could not find bait to live-line, decided to put in the spoons. Once I found the fish we had Margie land her first legit 30lb, missed a couple of others, decided to go back to the barn, to continue the family party!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Live-lining Striper Limit with Vince Russo Charter

Had Vince back out with son Lou and crew from his restaurant Colby and Murphy. Made bait and went drifting out to the deep. First drift Colby and Murphy popped their live-lining striper cherries. Had a decent pick for most of the day until we had a nice drift snagging and dropping on a bunker pod. Ended the day with 10 fish to 30lbs.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bill Staubach Live-lining charter

Had Bill back with son Billy and buddies John, Charlie, Jerry and Marcus. Made bait and headed to the northern grounds, First drift connected in first 5 minutes figured it would be an easy limit trip-not. Bass were very picky and fully committing to the live baits. Guys tried their best and wound up going 4-10 with fish to 30lbs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boat Move-Matt Hodges Charter

With the great ocean striper fishing from past weekend, and with Mat coming in from out of town, decided to move boat to Point and fish my way back. Mat had his dad Frank and buddies Steve and Bill. Battled Blues from the Hook down to deal landing over 20 to 10lbs. Finally found some Stripers with Matt getting his limit to 28lbs. Was only able to get 1 more keeper and battled, numerous blues, at least another 30. Today started out with a keeper on our first drift and that was it for the day. Put in the effort fishing all day and had only a couple of bluefish bite-offs for the day with the 1 Bass.

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