Saturday, July 2, 2011

Open Boat Mixed Bag Trip-Trend Continues

Had our third successful open boat trip with Dan Bombaci, Glen Kaufman and his buddy Mike. Started the day finding life way short of our destination, found the life whales, birds and slicks, tried jigging no luck, started trolling and Mike landed the first fish popping his Tuna cherry. Had our under so we headed east to try to find an over. Started working the scallop boats and connected with a very spunky 42 inch fish, found a other scallop boat and was the first to set up on her, began picking away at fish at a steady clip. went 5-8, getting our over fish right at 47 inches. Called in friends until it became a mob scene and we then decided to change gears. went sharking east of the fleet, had one nice run-off but could not connect, started chunking hard and the Bluefin tuna began showing up under the boat, landed 2 more healthy fish in the 45 inch class, tagging them with the Save a Bluefin tags. Having had a great tuna day we decided to look for Mahi, found what I wanted a 2x8 board loaded with Mahi and triggers, unfortunately the triggers where the only ones that cooperated.

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