Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Mixed Bag

GREAT DAY on the water today with Captain Fred, David, Larry & Joe! Started out early on the troll/jig/chunk but could not find the bluefin bite. Not a whole lot of reported tuna activity today that we heard...

Hit several wrecks picking up 37 ling, 6 keeper cod and a bunch of pre-season sea bass (which were returned to the ocean to be caught in the next 60 days; sucks that we were only a day shy as we caught some nice sized keepers).

On the way in, met up with some boats working piles of birds picking @ jumbo blues (14 boated - many more will swim another day). Stripers were popping all over the top but the Blues were all that were biting.

First time fishing with Captain Fred on Andreas Toy; great FAST boat with a captain who is not afraid to burn gas getting to the grounds and moving around to find fish. Highly recommended; thanks for a great day!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Canyon Trip with the "Regulars"

Had repeat canyon crew Dan Bombaci, Art Hoover, and Dan Payet. These guys had have some memorable canyon trips, however this one was not the one. Heard off tough reports in Hudson so went south,got to the canyon and found clean 71 degree water, started the troll landed some skippies and lost our first good bite. Went into chunk mode and battled Pup Mako, and Blue sharks throughout the night. Did land a couple of gaffer mahi, but no tuna. Went on the troll and landed more skippies, some more gaffer mahi and our lone Longfin. Tough trip, but guys busted my stones, but appreciated the effort!

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