Sunday, April 26, 2015

Striper limit chunking and live-lining with the Brown charter

Had Tregg out with buddies Lloyd, Clinton, Earl and Gary, started out with
Plugs to find the fish, landed half a dozen keepers and some shorts one, 
Once we found the mother lode we got out limit, threw the hook and started
Chunking and livelining, got em going and got the biggest of the season on
A livie, close to 35lbs. Nice size for the bay in 50 degree water. Total tally 
25 fish to 35lbs.

Striper beatdown with the Conley Charter

Hey guys, wanted to give u another heads up! Had Adam
With his crew of Mike, Dave and Greg. Started at yesterday's 
Scene of the crime in the flats in 10-12 feet of water, had tons 
Of fish yesterday but read nothing today and no bites. Went searching 
And started to get some bites, however after an hour of searching
I found them and it was game on! Had fish 2 to 3 fish on for half an
Straight, all the fish were from 10lbs-30inches up to 30lbs-fat 42 inches.
After we had our limit in 5 minutes went into release mode. Fish were 
Aggressive even though the water temps was down to 49 on the incoming 
Tide. All the fish were fresh searun fish with sea lice on them. Wound up landing
Close to 30 fish to 30lbs!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Striper Limit Today on a Windy Bay Day

Had Rob and Bob out today for mid afternoon trip. Found the fish on the
Flats and hammered them with the plugs. Had over 20 fish in and hour
Up to 32 inches. All clean purple fish, bay is loading up!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1st Keeper Striper of the season

Well guys have something positive to report. Moved the boat up to Raritan.
Bay for the month of April-Mid May. Had my buddy Mark on the boat and Trolled the plugs around the flocks of Gannets and some readings and got a our first keeper of the season to 33Inches. After that decided to see if we could find some bunker and drift the Herring schools with some fresh bait. Found the bunker and threw the net. Got our bait and made the drifts no takers. Had water temps to 51 on the outgoing, should get real good real soon.

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