Sunday, November 25, 2012

Open Boat Trip, Bottom Trip

Had Capt Joe D, Ant, Mike for some bottom fish. The plan was to tog, but with 5-6 foot swells we went offshore to start the day. Landed some nice cod to 25 inches, lots of ling and porgies. came back inshore got half a dozen tog to 2lbs, and some nice seabass.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stripers with Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back again with Mat, and Buddies Brian and son Mike. Made the decision to run south and try our hand at light tackle Stripers. Good call, fish bit real good on incoming tide with any colored Storm shad getting bit, once tide slacked and went outgoing bite slowed. Switched gears and fed them spot and finished up the day with a nice flurry. Landed over a dozen Stripers to 30 inches. Both Mat and Mike busted their Striper cherries, congrats fellas!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clark Landing Marina Update

Hey guys my prayers and well wishes go out to all during storm, just getting back on my feet, have internet access and TV now. Family & house are fine. Can't believe the destruction, however Clarks Landing came out aces. Made it down to the boat today for the first time, was shocked at the great condition of the marina and the docks. There was some work being done to have all the docks in working order, with a boat in already! Flooding of ship store and restaurant,bathrooms were minimal. Most shocking of all was that 100% percent of the boats at Clarks survived the storm. Big Kudos to Steve service manager and Mike general manager at Clarks!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Striper Limit Bottom Fishing Trip

Had the crew of John "Crackhead", Will "Jazz", and "Jamaican Chris". Jigged our striper limit and tons of blues to 12lbs early. Hit the wrecks for togs and got our limit quickly, with a nice trigger and released tons of seabass to 3lbs. On the way home got into an insane Striper bite with surface plugs to end the day.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Striper Jigging with Larry Brusskin

Had long time regular Larry and his step son Julius out for a morning of jigging, was hoping for a repeats from afternoon trip day before but blues ended that party. Blues from 8-15lbs were ravenous all morning, finally Julius hit the jackpot and landed a 22lb the biggest striper of his life.

Father and Son afternoon Striper Blitz

Had a couple of hours in the afternoon to play. Had my Dad and buddy Bob. tried some togging for fun but no current crappy bite. Changed gears and went north for Stripers. Found them rolling on the surface by the hundreds, caught them on Shimano wax wings, surface poppers, and small plastic imitation teaser rain baits. Fish were all from 15-22lbs. Striper bite is on!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jigging-Bottom Fishing with Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back again with Dad, John, and buddy Matt with friends Paul, Andy and Pat. Started jigging on schools of breaking Bass and Blues with Blues beating the Bass to the lures up 10lbs. Changed gears and bottom fished for a few hours landing tons of small porgies and seabass, with short tog. Went back on the jig hunt and found more birds with Bass and blues and only blues cooperated. Fun day with good weather, wish the Bass would have cooperated.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canyon Mixed Bag with the Brothers-Gilbert Split Charter

Had Keith and his brother Dale Brothers, split the boat with Jerry Gilbert and son Ryan. Left early to try to get some trolling time in, Within the first half hour had the right bite, had the rod doubled over taking line hard-Big Eye?, wont know hook pulled due to slack in the line. Continued trolling with no bites, decided to chunk near the flleet which had a pick on the troll, wound up being the right call. Had a slow but steady pick through the night, by morning the fish bit hard at day break and we left them biting. Crew was a little rusty starting off 0-6, after some motivational words and coaching the guys rallied hard ending the trip 7-13, with fish to 85lbs, weighed on certified scale at Clarks Landing.In morning decided to top the box with mahi and tiles and slide back to the barn by lunchtime. Great trip with a great crew.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mudhole trip with Keith Brothers

Had a small window and took advantage, had first timer Keith on board. Loaded the well with live peanuts and ran to the hole. Trolled and busted off a nice fish on a natural mini cedar in the wash. Set up with the peanuts and landed false albacore to 8lbs. Made a run to the pots and landed mahi to 15lbs. glad to get out with a great guy on board.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Open Boat Canyon Trip

Hosted a open boat trip with regulars, Art Hoover, Glen Kaufman, and Bob(Bates)Cameron. Got to the canyon in flat seas and decided to do some tilefishing to start since the troll bite had not developed yet. Landed a couple and made our way down the wall to the square, complete mob scene with boats and few hookups, pushed further off east no bites and decided to start the chunk before dark on some good readings. Read fish had squid and mahi around the boat all night with no tuna touches. finally had a sword on around 4 am that wound up breaking off,damn! Went on the troll all day and had no bites, decided to save the trip and go for light tackle mahi landing them to 10lbs, and a dozen tiles to 15lbs. Tough trip but great bunch of guys, great weather and some good grilling help me deal with the sting of no tuna.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mudhole Pelagics Recon with Sam Melendez

Had Sam out for an afternoon of searching. Loaded up the well with live peanuts and went in search of tuna, went to numerous lumps and wrecks but no life, no birds, barely any marks, and no mammals. Changed gears and dropped on a wreck to get some nice sized ling. On the way home hit some pots and landed half a dozen mahi on light spinners.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inshore Pelagic Mixed Bag with Oscar Carillo

Had an open afternoon today, and Oscar called me wanting to get out. Made our way to the hot spot 60 miles offshore, arriving after lunch and went on the drift chunking and jigging, landed two chicken mahi to start the trip. Tuna fishing was slow and kept seeing shark activity. Soon after we had the makos in the slick, had 2 on at the same time and landed both of them keeping the larger 60 incher for the grill. We got back on the drift,hooked another shark and hook pullled at the boat. Soon after we landed a nice 60lb yellowfin. Decided to head for the barn since Oscar had plenty of meat.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Open Boat Charter with my Latin Connection Regulars

Had my Latin regulars Sam Melendez, Dan Payet, and Oscar Carillo. Plan was to chunk at night, do some light trolling in morning and dedicate most of the day to Tilefishing and light tackle mahi fishing. Arrived at canyon in the dark and flipped a coin to decide on which side of canyon to fish. First choice was a good one, wound up chunking 3 fish to 60lbs, also landed a nice hammerhead to keep us on our toes. In the morning we trolled for a few hours without a touch, the guys threw in the towel and wanted to drift for tiles. Good call landed over 20 tiles which included both blueline and golden doubleheaders. After that we switched gears and found the mahi on every pot we checked but they all had lock-jaw, ending the day. Fun day with the crew, and Oscar with his special salsa mixes!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Open Boat Mixed Bag Canyon Trip with my "Regulars"

Had Joe, Adam, Chris, and Steve on board today. Guys wanted to mix it up today, weather allowed us to do it. Left in the dark to do a couple of hours of night chunking, got set up in the dark and had fish under the boat and landed our first fish in the first 5 minutes, had many fish under the boat, but when we lost our next fish the bite slowed. Some time after the fish showed up again, in between storms and we landed another one, broke off another fish and didn't get another bite. Wound up 2-5 on the chunk to start the trip. Decided to troll our slick at first light due to the #'s of fish I read. On the troll had a wahoo sky rocket through our spread, soon after came tight and it was game on, wound up landing the 60 incher on a ballyhoo. Guys decided we had plenty of pelagics so we decided to tile, hit a couple of spots but it was slow only landing a handful. Went back on the troll and landed another yellow. Left the canyon to look for Bluefin, no luck there so we stopped on a wreck since Joe wanted some fresh ling and landed a dozen of them to top out the box. Fun trip with the "regulars"!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Afternoon Bluefin Trip with St Mathias Fathers-Sons

Got a call from Gabor Fari father of Nick the point guard from my CYO basketball team I coach. He wanted to give his son a fishing experience. Original plan was to fluke and seabass. Told him if he wanted to show him something cool, take the offshore route, he agreed.They brought along Nick's teammate John Henry and his Dad Steve Riccardi, and Mark Krute a regular with his son Nick. Left the dock before lunch to wait for the seas to subside a bit, first spot found the life, flying fish, but only bluefish. Second spot 10 miles further found even more life turtles, whales, but just one knockdown and a bonito. Next stop 15 miles further tons of bait 2 swings and misses nothing. Ran another 10 miles, and no life it was a desert. Clock was ticking and sun was going down and all we had were Bonito and Bluefish to show for our efforts. Made one more pass inshore and it finally happened had 4 rods go off, unfortunately 3 got off, but 1 made it to the boat! Great evening with some great family's.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Open Boat Bluefin Jigfest

Had Regulars Jerry and Larry and for the first time Steve-Socks. Plan was to overnight canyon. On the way out ran over the motherlode of Bluefin, trolled the first one and saw the fish finder was lit up so we jigged them with all of the guys catching them for the first time on jigs. After the dust settled and guys had their fun the group decision was to head to the canyon to tile and mahi fish. Made the run in flat seas in no time, once there current did not allow us to fish 2 plus knot current and 50 ounces was not fun, no mahi on the pots as well. trolled for a bit but only skipjack, did try to bait a few sharks we saw but no luv. Decision was to head back at dark and not overnight in a dead canyon and possible weather following morning. Great day with good guys.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pat Noonan Charter Fluke/Sea Bass

Had Pat Noonan and his bunch out for their annual trip on Sunday for fluke and sea bass. Started the morning up to the north with little wind and no drift. The kids had fun picking away at short fluke for a while. Decided to shift gears and do some sea bassin for the rest of the morning. Had lots of action with the kids putting 20 keepers in the boat by the end of the day!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Open Boat Mixed Bag Offshore Trip

Had New Anglers Oscar, Garret and Brian on board today. Headed east and worked a scallop boat at Bacardi no luck, went to Hudson tip and worked it through bombs to elbow no bites, Lots of life and marked fish deep but they would not come up. Dropped down for tiles landing half a dozen with all the guys popping their tile fish cherries. Picked up and headed into the Chicken for Bluefin only mahi on the pots. Tried Glory and Lillian, both areas had green water no bites. Fun day with a great crew, wonder if full moon affected today's day bite?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bottom Fishing with the Wilson Gama Charter

Had Wilson back with buddies Gary, John, and Rick x2. Plan was to venture to Mudhole and load up on Ling, had 80 with some cod. Changed gears to seabassing landing a dozen of those before south wind kicked in. Fun day with some good guys and lots of ball-busting.

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