Monday, June 29, 2015

Offshore Mixed Bag

Had regulars Mark and Al, with Louie his dad and uncle. Decided to do a day
Troll in our closer canyons no good! Dropped on some tiles and landed a 
Dozen and did some Mahi and got them as well.
Wanting to satisfy the tuna urge came inshore and got 3 bft to round out the catch.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bottomfish-Sharks with the Sciascia family

Had Joe with son Joe Jr and his buddies Julien and Mike and Nephew Jared.
Plan was to get bait and go from there netted our bait and tried for the elusive 
Stripers just blues which turned out to be bait for later in the day. Hit a wreck
For a couple dozen seabass and went into big game mode. Kids really wanted to see a shark, first drift Joe Sr. landed a nice 6 foot blue shark, kids were in awe.
Now Joe Sr. wanted to tangle with something real big, set em back out and we hooked a 200lb Thresher, Joe and Jared took turns on him till we got the release, the look on the kids face after seeing the shark priceless!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shark Tournament Weekend

Had the opportunity to fish the Warriors and Brett Bailey Shark Tournament.
Had regulars Joe, Dan, Mike and Louie. Made out way to the grounds this morning and tried multiple areas, not finding any life. Finally we found some life
Porpoises, read some bait and cleaner water. Then the bites started to happen, released a nice 66 incher. Next fish that hit was an 84 inch male decided to
Keep him. Fish hit one of Tom's TNT tackle mako rigs. Made it back to the scales of Brett Bailey by lunchtime and won the 3k prize for first eligible mako. Had good weather, with good friends and some fresh mako steaks for the grill.

Shark-Bottom with Oscar Carillo

Had regular Oscar out for a mixed bag, got him limited out with seabass and then went on the hunt for sharks. After a long drift came tight on a 7 foot blue, wasn't what we were looking for, gave Oscar a good workout and got him ready for offshore fishing this summer!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Shark hunt & Seabass limit with the Prendes family

Had Louie out with his dad and plan was to pre fish for
Weekend tournament and do some bottom fishing.
Had a decent drift but only saw blue Sharks. Decided to
Bottom fish some offshore wrecks and landed cod to 15lbs,
Ended the day Inshore bagging there seabass limit in an hour.
Glad to be fishing offshore again!

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