Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pelagic Trip with Brook Dejene Charter

Had Brook on board with son Zachary and both of his brothers in law. Plan was to do an inshore bottom fish trip. After watching the weather forecast we decided to make a run offshore and try for the best. Left the dock around 10am and flat seas. Plan was to try for bluefin knowing it was a morning bite but would try and if not pot hop for mahi, and try the bluefin in the evening. Got to the hot spot and bite was over, tried for an hour anyway no bites, guys were new to jigging so that with the heat and no wind decided to change up the pace. Pot hopped and the guys caught their first mahi and on light tackle. After landing a dozen headed back to original spot, charter only had an hour to give it a shot, again no bites, but buddies started getting bites towards the end of day. Charter had to get back but were happy landing the mahi's! Fun day with beautiful conditions and a great family to fish with.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Open Boat Mixed Bag Canyon Tip - Yellowfin & Bluefin Tuna, Mahi & Tilefish

Had an open boat canyon trip with regulars Sam and Adam and new guys Scott and Dave. Left the dock a little later than I was hoping and made our way to the grounds. Got to the area a half hour or so before day light. Searched around a bit and found some good marks. Started chunking and had bites right away and put a couple fish in the boat. Once the sun came up the bite shut right off for us. Got up on the troll around 7 am and pounded the area for a while and made our way to the tip. Picked one fish on a TGT green spreader along with a couple mahi (both Sam and Scott's first mahi). The guys wanted to give tilefish a shot, ran a couple miles south and gave it a try, not much action putting one in the boat and a couple more bites so we didn't give it long. Decided to take a look for a bluefin tuna on the way home to round out the day. Stopped on the inshore grounds to find tons of life. Looked around for a couple minutes and found some good marks. Dropped the jigs and locked up two fish quickly. Guys brought both fish to the boat (both unders) keeping one and releasing the other. (both fish on Jersey Jay shibi jigs) Ended up going 3-5 on yellowfin, 2-2 on bluefin, a couple mahi and tile.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John Sheedy Bottom Fishing Charter

Had John on board with his son John, and Dad, three generations of Sheedy's always the best days. Brought along "Blackfish Bobby", and son "The Puller" Andrew with buddy Anthony "Red Gatorade" Schinella. Worked over a dozen wrecks with minimal results, a dozen keeper seabass, lots of shorts, ling, tog and short fluke, wish I had better catch report, but not in the cards for a great crew. Totally frustrated, but the kids made it fun today, Anthony S, was one of my star forwards during the winter-spring basketball season so it brought back some good memories!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Peterson Charter: Sea Bass/Ling

Had the Petersons out for their annual sea bass trip. Pushed off around 8 am and decided to hit some local spots looking for some sea bass. Power drifted over quite a few pieces with very little to show for our efforts. Decided to push off further and try to hit some wrecks out deeper. Found some better life out deeper but still not what we were looking for. Made a move to the mudhole and hit a bunch of wrecks in the deep. The crew pulled up some nice sized ling along with plenty of cod (almost all short). On the way home we hit a couple deeper rock piles that yielded a couple sea bass but still very little life. By days end the crew has 31 ling, about 20 cod (only 3 being keepers), and a few sea bass. Tough day of fishing but a great crew made for a fun and enjoyable day on the water!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Annual Peterson Charter: Sea Bass

Report from customer John Peterson:

Had our annual Charter today with Capt Max taking us out to look for sea bass.

We started with a few drops on the Axel Carson, caught a ling. Went to the mud hole hit 12 wrecks. Hit the sea girt and shark river reefs and tried many drops. Capt Max hit at least 25 spots trying to find the Sea Bass. Greg wore his arms out grappling and re-grappling. The only things that bit well were the flys and the yellow eels. We had 25 - 30 of the eels amd a continuous swarm of flies.

Finished the day with 30+ ling, mostly extra large, 2 cod and 3 sea bass. Caught at least another 15 short cod, a couple of small blackfish a short fluke and 5 of the biggest flounder I have ever seen.

We saw turtles, rays, a whale and a sun fish

Capt Fred did the best to get us a good trip, we rescheduled 3 times because either the fish had not started biting early in the season and conditions sucked on the other. We had hot but otherwise great conditions today and Capt Max and Mate Greg gave it their all as we burned a lot of gas and covered a lot of ground but the sea bass decided not to play. We still had full bags of filets to take home and had a great time fishing with good people.

The Andreas Toy is a professional operation from start to end and communicates well with the charter trying to get them the best day possible and we appreciated everything they did to give us a great trip

Side note the Coast Guard was in the inlet stopping boats, they boarded us, checked all the gear and gave the boat a passing grade. Only asked about fluke, looked in the fish box, said nice fish and continued their inspection

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Had Evan, Rich, and his wife Carla out for a day on the bluefin grounds. Broke the inlet a little before 3am in some pea soup fog and made our way out...after a little poking around we found some good life that looked promising. Put the lines in and had fish hooked up in the first 20 min. Put a fat under fish in the boat at 45" on the first drift and lost another on the jig. Had another fish on the sardine that came unbuttoned and another bump on the jig. The guys decided they wanted to switch things up and look for some mahi. Stopped at a couple pots putting a pair of mahi in the boat...stopped at the inshore area on the way in for a while, had good life, good marks jigged away until the crew was worn out, had one bump on the jig and a 5' hammerhead take a sardine. put the trolling lines in for a while and made a few passes before the crew was ready to call it a day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Open Boat Bluefin

Had an open boat Bluefin trip with Jerry, Murry, Craig, and his buddy. We left the dock before 2 am and were the first boat on the grounds just before sun-up. After some looking around we found the fish. The first fish hooked up was on the deep rod on a sardine that was quickly lost due to angler flipping the lever drag down allowing for the spool to backlash quickly breaking the fish off, a few minutes later we hooked up again this time on the jig...this fish made an initial run when another angler decided to tighten the drag down also quickly breaking the fish off...the next drift saw 2 more hook ups that came unbuttoned as well..after the morning action we went up on the troll for a while pounding the area with no love, tried behind some scallopers where we marked some good stuff but were only able to scratch out a few mahi...hit the inshore grounds and pounded the area for a couple hours with nothing but a bunch of bluefish..had our shots early in the day

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Krute-Payet Bluefin & Mahi Trip Near Hudson Canyon

Had regular Mark with sons Daniel, and Nick, and Dan(kick ass, video dude). Plan was to day troll canyon, saw too much great life short of the canyon, started chunking and jigging, locked up, two fish and battled them for an hour and a half, all of the guys taking turns and feeling the power of the Majestic Bluefin. Harvested a 58 incher, and released the 57 incher. Finished the day with Mahi with sore arms.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Canyon Run of 2011 Season with Bill Pisarra

Had Bill book the boat by himself today, plan was to mix it up with as many species as possible. Started the day trolling the Hudson, had fish at first light got covered up on 3 different occasions, just not the size we were looking for, went 7-10, but only 2 fish were keepers and the remainders released. Decided to try some tile-fishing to fill the box, made a couple of drifts and nailed half a dozen to 10lbs. Went back on the troll looking for some bigger tuna, in the process we concentrated our efforts to include some Mahi landing 3 of them. Left the canyon to try some Bluefin tuna and add some bottom-fishing. Hit the Chicken late afternoon to hear of a tough bite, by luck I set up on the same Scallop boat I was on the day before, slow bite lots of Bluefish but finally hooked up an under on a jig. On the way home we hit a wreck and landed Ling and a nice Cod. 6 different edible species, on a beautiful flat calm day.

Open Boat Mixed Bag Trip-Trend Continues

Had our third successful open boat trip with Dan Bombaci, Glen Kaufman and his buddy Mike. Started the day finding life way short of our destination, found the life whales, birds and slicks, tried jigging no luck, started trolling and Mike landed the first fish popping his Tuna cherry. Had our under so we headed east to try to find an over. Started working the scallop boats and connected with a very spunky 42 inch fish, found a other scallop boat and was the first to set up on her, began picking away at fish at a steady clip. went 5-8, getting our over fish right at 47 inches. Called in friends until it became a mob scene and we then decided to change gears. went sharking east of the fleet, had one nice run-off but could not connect, started chunking hard and the Bluefin tuna began showing up under the boat, landed 2 more healthy fish in the 45 inch class, tagging them with the Save a Bluefin tags. Having had a great tuna day we decided to look for Mahi, found what I wanted a 2x8 board loaded with Mahi and triggers, unfortunately the triggers where the only ones that cooperated.

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