Friday, July 31, 2020

White Marlin Open Pre-Fishing

Had a practice day today running our tournament spread.  As we were fine tuning the spread the big girl came to play. Her first run she took 1000 yards in less than a minute, gave  chase and had her along for a clean release after half an hour. Estimated 12 feet , 500lbs. Congrats to Jamar on his first marlin. Great job by Capt Mark on lure and spread selection. Capt Matty and Mark on the leader and Cole, Dave and Ray for clearing lines. Teamwork makes the dream work. Just need this good karma/luck for this weeks White Marlin open!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Offshore Mixed Bag

Capt Matty was at the helm today, found the life inshore but tuna didn't want to cooperate. So he changed gears and ran offshore to load up tiles and mahi up to 25 lbs with Alex and his crew. Good day trip for tiles

Canyon Career Day - 650lb Mako

Had Dan and Anthony back for second trip of the summer. Guys wanted a mixed bag, started off with a dozen mahi, then went on the troll, missed a few bites then saw a big Mako, asked the boys if they wanted to step up to the big  leagues? They obviously stepped up after 2 hours they landed a 10 foot, 650lb mako weighed in at Hoffmans. Congrats guys!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Canyon And Inshore Bluefin with Tyler Grauer crew

 Had First time customer Tyler with dad George and buddies Mike, Jeremy, Jerry and Steve. Made our way to the deep to find some bigger fish, had the right bite early but lost it early on then dropped another fish, ugh! Decided to drop down for daytime swords on some sick readings, first time in NJ, had a bite on first 15 minutes missed him as well. Changed gears and dropped for tiles getting a dozen blue lines and goldens. Ran back inshore to get our  under limit of bluefin to end the day with a fun crew

Monday, July 20, 2020

Mixed Bag Canyon with Redding Crew and Inshore Tuna with 31FA

Had Orion and brothers Shelton and Jay and buddy Sean out on a super foggy day. Stopped inshore and got 3 yellows and a bluefin, got tired of trolling in fog so we made a sprint to the canyon got our first mahi of the season getting a half dozen then dropping in for tiles getting some nice ones to 15lbs. What made this trip a good one was Orion's brothers had never caught any offshore species. On the way home found some more bluefin to end the day. 

Capt Craig hosted regulars Manny and Jeremy on the 31FA and with  The thick fog they opted to stay inshore worked hard landing a 45 inch bluefin.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bluefin on both boats today

Had the Doug Luisi crew on the 44FA with Capt Matty and the John Pao crew on the 31FA with capt Craig. Both boats worked their butts off today but boat traffic hurt the bite. Each boat landed 2 unders. Wish we could crush them every day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Bluefin Beatdown with the Anthony Dilorenzo Crew

Had first time customer Anthony with nephew Chris and buddies Shannon and Vinny. Got to the grounds at first light lines in and had fish on before second bar was in the water, landed  a dozen fish in the first hour. Couple of the guys popped their tuna cherries. Jigged some more fish for catch and release and then went into shark mode, went 0-2 for dropping both  of them. Ended the day jigging seabass on the wrecks. Another fun day with awesome guys!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Bluefin Unders Limit with the Chris Serritilla crew

Had first time customer Chris out with Bobby Mark, Omar, Jay and Joe. First time tuna fishing for 5 of the guys and cherries were popped today and tuna hearts eaten! Action wasn't fast and furious but got our under limit trolling and jigging also pulled the hook on a few. Fun day with some good guys! 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Andreas Toy Bluefin with the Brian Mazzei crew

Had newcomer to the boat Brian with son Willy, and buddies Ed, Rich, Steve, And Phil. Started out limiting out on under bluefin in first 15 minutes to start the trip. After that bounced  around a few spots picking fish at each spot looking for some yellowfin no luck. Hit some of my mahi spots but water ugly green, came back inshore landing some more ending up 8-9 to end the day. Congrats to Steve and Phil on landing your first tunas! As usual great time with a new crew to the Toy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tuna with Bobby Blackfish and Crew

Had regular Bobby B back with sons Andrew and RJ With nephews Glen and Bret, and buddy Tom. Bobby made it clear he wanted to pop his nephews cherries and jig some fish, demanding customer, but my dude, Lol. Well long/short the Chatter side trackers went to work, for 4 under bluefin and 3 nice yellows. Chatter bars have accounted for more than 95% of all fish trolled this year! After getting a nice catch of tuna decided to jig with Tom getting a nice yellow. Congrats to Glenn and Bret for popping your tuna cherries! Good time with the boys!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tuna fishing today on the Andrea’s Toy Fleet

Today was a milestone for the AT organization with both boats sailing today offshore! Capt Matty Rurka was at the helm with Willy at his side again hosting the Kaleigh Stallings charter from Texas on the 31FA, while I hosted a crew Of regulars and first timers to the Toy with the help of Tyler and  Jamar. We both made our way to the scene of Capt Matty's crush  job from his prior trip. Arrived to find the bait and marks but a very  scratchy bite. No matter for Capt Matty he proceeded to troll a few then Settled into a nice jig bite with first time tuna anglers getting over half  A dozen bites due to Willy's jigging prowess. We on the other hand  Struggled mightily all day, had no fish on the troll and only managed one Fish on the jig, great job Paul. Couldn't be any prouder of my team!  

Friday, July 3, 2020

Yellowfin Beatdown with Anthony Santone

Had Capt Matty at the helm today. We hosted the Santone family today today for the first time on the Toy. They opted to jump on the 44FA and off they went. Capt Matty ran over Some life and went to work, he had 4 to 5 fish on at once keeping our mate Willy busy. Had the charter limit by 8am, then went into jig mode landing and releasing a bunch more.  Total tally for the day was 23-24, on yellowfin. Congrats to the crew and charter on a great day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mixed Bag with Mike Lennon Crew

Had first time customer and first time offshore fisherman Mike with buddies Anthony and James. Made our way offshore and Mike landed his first tuna ever, lost a few more and bite was a very slow pick landing  some short unders. Decided to start popping since there were thousands on the surface. Was a good call had 5 bites landing one but crazy action and the guys never saw tuna before. After that did some sharking with Mike landing a 100lb  Hammerhead. Did some jigging on the wrecks to end the trip. Great bunch of guys look forward to seeing them later in the summer.

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