Sunday, September 16, 2018


Loaded up the livewell with peanuts and ran off, nice conditions with just a long period swell. Broke both father and sons’s cherries on fly, peanuts, and coltsnipers.
Then went hunting got the gaffers, Found them and it was game on with fish to 20lbs, got another a dozen and left the rest to live for another day which was over 100 fish swimming around under the boat!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Tuna/Mahi with the Ziegler charter

Had Cody,Lou,Bill and Herb on board today, got to
The grounds and landed right on the life pulled the
Hooks on the first 2 fish and fought a big yellow on
Light leader until it parted near the boat, very slow
bite rest of morning, after lunch we went searching and
Found some debris with mahi Landing half a dozen.
Went back to Tunas and worked whales/dolphins with
Poppers no luck, went back to fishing the rays/chick birds
And busted off 2 more fish, ugh! Finally landed 2 yellows
Some falsies and skippies to end the day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Yellowfin light tackle action with Dad 82nd birthday and buddies

Plan was to go mahi fishing in the hole,
Met up with Dockmate Nick and Brendan
And decided to take advantage of flat seas
And make the run to the yellowfin grounds.
Left at 11, got their at 1, first fish on a jig at
In 5 minutes, went 5-7 on jigs and bait and
get back to the dock by 5. Great birthday
Gift for dad! Find your favorite charter
Operation and get on the grounds!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

light tackle yellowfin with the Lochhead family

Had the family of Cameron with sons Liam and
Jameson out for the first time. Started chunking
At first spot and had skippies and sharks to get the
Crew warmed up, hit the next spot and it was game
On had yellowfin chunking with peanuts, jigs and poppers
Great way to end the day.

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