Saturday, October 28, 2017

Limits Past 2 days with Dave Rogers Charters

Had Dave back from Arizona with buddies Ed and first
Timer Ernie, childhood buddy. First day Ernie popped his
Striper Cherry and we wound up with a dozen. Second day
We had a tough start missed a lot of fish, but got in a groove
and wound up with 6 to 15lbs, great Past couple of days with
the guys. Ended up at the barge with Striper francaise and
And marsala!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Striper/Bottom with the Chulula charter

Had first time customer Onesimo on board with
His crew of guys. Guys wanted to start out with
bottom fishing which was spotty at best. Some
Porgies and sea bass which was not fast enough
action. Changed gears and put in the TGT spoons
And went to work, 3 of the guys landed their first
Stripers making it a very successful trip. Look forward
To getting the guys out again!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stripers with the Elia Shehady Charter

Had Elia back with his dad, brother Randy, cuz
Mike and and buddy Chuck. Started eeling and
missed a few fish, tried another spot and had only
blues, on way to next spot ran into breaking fish,
Landed half a dozen blues and some short stripers.
Got to the next spot and put in the mojos, glad we did,
Landed 5 to 45 inches.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Open Boat Mudhole Trip-Big Thresher

Had Newcomers to the boat Mike, Corey and Gary.
Original plan was to hit the canyon for a day trip
But didn't like afternoon forecast. Stayed inshore
So we netted a livewell pull of peanuts and headed to the
Grounds, water was cold and somewhat clean so decided
To chunk for tuna instead of mahi fish. Put out our spread
And the deep bait gets picked up. Corey and Mike did a
Great job on the fish and had the 300lb thresher boatside
In a little under 45 minutes. Continued chunking no takers
Tried trolling no takers, hit a few lumps to jig again nothing.
Guys decided to head in as the wind started to pick up.
Good guys that will enjoy some fresh steaks!

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