Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canyon Trip with the John Ryan Charter

Had first timers John with dad "Bubba", and buddies Walt and Lane. Left the dock to do some tag and release for the Atlantic Tuna Project started by John Logioco. Got to the inshore hot spot and made two passes through the schools of rays and landed 5 tuna keeping one under and tagging the rest. Pretty simple process slide the fish through the tuna door, tag, and let him fly head first. After giving the guys some practice wrestling with tuna I took them to do some light tackle mahi. Landed a half a dozen fish on ultralight tackle with Walt landing the biggest on Andreas Toy a 52 inch 31lb'r weighed at Clark's certified scale. Made our move to the Hudson and got our bites right away with the guys landing our first shot of 50 pound yellow near some whales. Pounded the area and got two more before we set up for the chunk. Night was very slow getting one on the chunk and mahi. In the morning had intentions of putting in a trolling session but one of the crew was not feeling well. Crew decided to play with some more mahi on the way home landing another half dozen. Very proud of the guys 3 of them never caught tuna or mahi. Working together they landed every tuna and mahi bite going 5-5 on Bluefin and 5-5 on the yellows.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Split Trip Zullo-Nitske Sea Bass/ River Fluke

Yesterday we had a split trip starting off with Jim Zullo, wife Tonya and sons Jonathan and Lyle. The kids wanted some action so we decided to go out and do a little sea bassing. Hit a few spots about 5 miles from the inlet where the kids had non-stop action and we were able to get a dozen keepers in about two hours of fishing. After a little while one of the little guys wasnt feeling well so we finished up the trip with a little river fluking. After dropping off the Zullo family, we headed back out with Frank Nitske, wife Jo, sons Brandon and Justin, and daughter Ashley. They also wanted to head out and try for some sea bass as well. We started where we left off an hour earlier and the kids had steady action with drop and reel sea bass. They were able to box 27 keepers along with a nice cod in just under 3 hours of fishing!!! All the kids had a blast today catching plenty of fish each!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wilson Gama Charter for Sea Bass

Today I had my cousin Wilson and his boys from the docks out for the day. Started out on some snags close to home and it was pretty good action with nice size seabass. In two drops we had close to 80 keepers plus some ling and cod. After that we headed south aways to check out some pieces in 60 feet, We got into a decent tog bite but unfortunately they were all short except one but fun nonetheless. We added some more seabass to the box with one being a real inshore monster at 6.05 lbs and 25 inches. Total for the day was 93 seabass plus a handful of ling and the one tog. Fun day with my peeps.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Adam Szewczyk River Fluke & Sea Bass Trip

Had Adam and crew out yesterday and with the updated forecast we made the decision to start the day off in the river with a little fluking, in hopes that the wind might lay down a bit for us to hit a few snags close by as the morning went on. The guys had great action in the river catching tons of short fluke for a few hours to stat off the day. Around 9:30 ish we decided to take a look out front and decided to hit a snag a few miles from the inlet. It was a bit bumpy and made it tough anchoring conditions but the guys managed some nice keepers. We decided to head in prior to the strong outgoing tide and finish the day in the river where the guys had more constant action with short fluke.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Canyon Trip with Brian Priest, Marlin-Mahi

Had Brian charter the boat today. Had co-captains Max and Keith to assist on today's adventure. Plan was to get away from the crowd and work the deep and seldom hit canyons to look for Tuna and Billfish. Started the day on a right note getting Andrea's Toy first Marlin, nice fish taped out at 60 inches. Hit a dressed bally. Got our first and only tuna bite of the day getting 4 on to have two come unbuttoned quickly, got the other 2 close to the boat, however at the same time which turned bad. They both got tangled and lost both damn! However, we wound up landing and releasing 2 more white Marlin going 3-3 then, having a huge 500 pound Marlin hit our bally and dump half of a fifty on the first run, then double back and jump us off. Ended the day pot hopping for Mahi. Congrats to Brian on his first Marlin, and to the crew of landing our first, 3 Marlin.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Canyon Trip with the Adam Zion Charter

Had Adam out, with Mark, Monty and his son Ben, trip was originally scheduled for Bluefin, but due to lack of consistent action inshore, and the decent bite offshore we scheduled a day troll. Got to the canyon at dark thirty and had the lines in the water, saw the life whales, birds but no fish. Picked up and ran way down the line to the hot spot, lots of boats working the area with a slow pick at best. Decided to work way away from the fleet, knew I was rolling the dice, but the only way I roll, well 6 hours later still no bites and the fleet 25 miles away is starting a decent pick. Finally we get bit and Adam, Mark, Monty's son work on a very big Yellow or possibly small Bigeye, since it was close to 80 lbs with no sickles, however it brushed against the rub rail and lost her before she met the steel. Went back to the same spot and got bit again, this time Monty put the screws to a nice 55lb yellow. Pounded the area but no more shots, had a lit up White Marlin come into the spread, tried drop backs, and changing direction to re raise the Marlin but it would inspect and fade away, damn! Knew I was running out of time to fill the box, so we pot hopped, hit 3 pots loaded with mahi, but they were very shy only landing 2 chickens today. Decided to tile fish, had a good drift on #'s that have produced my biggest tiles, but no bites just mud ling. Very frustrating day, on the fish, but beautiful day on the water with some great guys.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jamie McGinley Charter for Sea Bass

Today we had Jamie,son James, friend Ed, his son Ryder and their buddy Carlos out for some seabass. Left the dock around 830 and were on our way. We stopped at our first spot and had steady action for a couple of hours with plenty of keepers coming into the boat. Once the tide stopped the fish turned off completely. We bumped around to a few more spots picking away at some nice seabass and some fat ling. Made one last drop and had a nice flurry of keepers to finish it off. The guys called it early to go home and start up the grills! Ended up the day with 50 keeper sea bass and 7 nice ling. Also had some nice blackfish (released) and some short cod mixed in.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Open Boat Mud Hole Wreck Saturday

Ran an open boat trip yesterday which consisted of both regulars and new customers. The ladies came out in force today and held their own fishing a long day in the deep. First drop was in 85 foot to see if we could grab a few seabass before hitting the ling drops. Got a few nice seabass there plus some cod and a big ole male blackfish (released). Took off and hit a wreck in 130 foot and we plucked a few fish off there. Next stop in 150 produced the same but the pickins were a bit better. After that drop, anchoring conditions fell apart but we continued to pluck away. On the way home hit another drop in 70 foot and with the seas building we managed a full pail of seabass pretty quick and headed to the barn at 6:30. Our total for the day was 46 ling, 25 seabass and 4 keeper cod plus some released huge winter flounder. OK trip fishing-wise but great nonetheless. I want to thank everyone for coming down and making the trip. ~Capt Carlos

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hudson Canyon Tuna, Mako, Mahi Split Charter

Had regulars Larry Brusskin and Art Hoover with newcomers Glen Palmer and Chris Messick. Left the inlet with a game plan but mother nature had other ideas, slugged it out to the Hudson and had intentions to start in the deep, but put the lines in 20 miles short of the target, saw the life and pounded the area, slow pick but had two nice yellows landed by Glenn and Larry, and a nice bull by Chris. bonus fish was Art's 70 inch, 150lb Mako Shark, his personal best. Went on the drift for swords and sharks, but only wrestled 3 Blue sharks to 8ft, in the morning went back on the troll and got covered up by skippies in tough 3-6ft head sea conditions, couldn't drift for tiles because of the conditions so changed gears, and targeted Mahi on structure. Landed another half dozen chicken Mahi on light tackle. Tough weather forecast that changed while we were out there, but my determined crew slugged it out. To end the trip on a great note I had Master Chef Marcus Wilson from the Dockside Grill make the magic happen. Gave him some Mahi and mako and told him to let his imagination take over. He prepared the Mahi in a spicy lobster creme sauce and also in a teriyaki Asian fusion, the Mako he prepared Mediterranean style, also blackened with fresh garlic clusters, and finally in a tomato spicy saltine crusted sauce. Finished it off with some Pinot Blanc from High Hook wines.

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