Thursday, July 31, 2014

Canyon Trip with Adam Conley's Crew

Had Adam with buddies Mark Sr and Jr 
And Dan Payet. Made ourway to the southern
Canyons, went on the troll and found the life
Right away, had mahi, skippies and yft bites into
Dark. Set up at night and had thousands of tinker
Mackeral in the lights. No bites on sardines so sabiki'd
The macks and livelined them, had some good bites
Losing a few, then got sharked up for a while, landing
A hammerhead. In the morning had fish on the troll
Right away, bite lasted for a few hours landing half a
Dozen yft, mahi, and our first white marlin of the season.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Midshore trip with the Bob Hewitt Charter

Had Bob with three generations of The clan, son Rob
And Grandson Dillon. Made our way to the bft 
Grounds and bad nothing on troll, was marking fish
Deep so decided to chunk and jig, had action
Right away with some nice mahi. After
A few hours went back on the troll and was
Uneventful for us, had one knockdown on a 
Way way back bally. Good fily to fish with and 
Busted some mahi cherries.

Midshore Trip with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar out for a half day tuna trip, left 
The dock and had Dennis point me in the
Zone, had fish on right away getting our 2
Unders asap, soon we got a nice gaffer mahi
Then had a nice lit up White Marlin in the spread
One of my newer crew tried to feed a pitch bait
Whiffed badly, albeit his first time trying a tough
Task. Tried everything to get the over
Way backs and planers but no luck. Went chunking
And jigging no luck, finished off on a wreck with
A pick of pollack and ling.

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