Sunday, August 27, 2017

Canyon Trip with Oscar Carillo and Touney Showing

Had longtime offshore regular Oscar with buddy Randy
On board to fish the first day of the Manasquan River
Club Tuna tournament. Started chunking at the inshore
Spot and only had albies. Made a sprint to the canyon
And started out mahi fishing landed a dozen of them
Putting us in first place for the time being. Then we went
On the hunt for tuna, found the pilot whales and went to
Work, Oscar got us started, then Randy got involved.
When the dust settled we went 3-4 on nice sized yellows.
Decided to head in early to the scales. We were the first boat
To weigh in at the scales and made a good showing. Won the
Daily Calcutta and in the Running for a few categories.
Congrats to Randy Landing his first tuna and it being our $
Fish, and Oscar and Jimmy for a great job rounding out the crew.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trips Thursday/Friday

Did two trips prior to fishing the Manasquan River
Club Tuna tournament. Thursday did a crew trip with
Darren, John and his son, searched for clean water
For Miles no luck, hit a known spot and landed his first
pelagic a bonito.

Friday did and open boat trip with Dave and his son
George and Dan. Went to the local spot and had albies
Right away, ran way from them looking for the right bite,
Ran south no luck. Came back up north and found the life,
Started chunking and jigging and had wrestled through
The skipjack and albies until the yellowfin showed up, went 2-6
On the guys first tuna of their fishing careers, congrats guys!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Open Boat with the regulars for Midshore Tuna

Had Bill, Jr, Darren, John, with an appearance by Blackfish
Bobby, or make that the Tuna Puller! Had a rough ride out,
Got to the grounds, and found the life, had to wrestle with
Way too many falsies so we went on the chunk, Went to 30lb
Leader and Bobby went to work on a nice size yellow but fish
chewed the light leader, went back on the troll and couldn't
Deal with another bunch of slob sizes falsies so went back to
The chunk, missed a bunch of bites, until Bobby came through
Again and landed a nice 60lb on 30 flouro!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Karl Strom and nephew Nick

Dr Karl has been trying to figure out a time to fish
With me with his hectic schedule and we made it
Happen. Had his nephew Nick and made it out to
The grounds around lunchtime, first pass had a nice
50lb yellow, next move Albies, made another move
And another yellow, before hitting the barn.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Open Boat Bluefin Limit on jigs

Had Regulars Eric, Bill, Jeremy, with new
Guys Steve and Carm, made our way to
First spot tons of bait no fish, ran to next spot
And found the life went on the troll landed lots
Of skippies and Albies, decided to chunk and jig
Eric put the first jig down and bluefin ate it immediately,
Had them coming steady and got our Limit and called
In the fleet.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Canyon Tuna with Mike Terell

Had new customer Mike with son Damien and buddy
Gonzalo from Argentina on board. Had this weekend to
Make the trip happen, Mother Nature gave me a very
Small window yesterday and we Took the shot. Got to the
Canyon after the bite was over due to morning storm,
Had our first bite in 5 minutes boxing a 70lb yellow,
Had some more misses and lost a fish, then things slowed.
Found another body of fish missed a few more and lost
A marlin. Knew I had an hour to get some mahi before the
Weather window slammed shut on me, found tons of mahi
But not sure if approaching front or full moon had them on
Lockjaw so we made the sprint home early.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Canyon Trip with Oscar Carillo/Boat Record

Had long time offshore boat regular Oscar with
Buddies Ray, Steve, and Curt. Guys booked the trip
As a tile/mahi trip only. Started out with tiles had
A decent pick of 20 tiles till the right one hit, Oscar
Handled the fish and boxed a 42LB! Hit pots for mahi
And landed half a dozen. Decided to troll for an hour
Before heading home. 5 minutes into the troll, we
Hooked into bigeye, Oscar did a great job on the
Rod, but hooked pull 50 feet from meeting the steel.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Canyon mixed bag with Larry Biglin

Had Larry back with buddies Chris and Ray.
Made great time to the canyon and found some
Warmer water, had Yellowfins right away, once that
Slowed we landed close to a dozen mahis, ended the
Trip Landing half a dozen tiles. On the way in hit some
Scallop boats for bluefin but no takers.

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