Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Open Boat Tuna-Mahi-Bottom

Had regulars Dan the Jigaman, Ed Eamon and newcomers Paul with his son Jack. Made our way to the grounds and looked around a bit, heard it was pick. Ran over some nice marks and began jigging had a fish on right way, Dan did a great job and we had a nice 46 incher on the deck. Looked around again and found some more marks, and hooked up again, this time young Jack went to work and landed his first tuna of his life in short order, which we then tagged and released for the Tag-A-Bluefin foundation. After a while the crew decided to look for some mahi, where Paul landed one, then went bottomfishing, that was slow with only ling to show for it. Made a run inshore and worked bunker pods for sharks, but wound up jigging our first Bonito of the year and blues.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bluefin-Cod Trip with the Jim Surmick Charter

Had first timer Jim on board with son Brett and buddie Stan. Made our way to the Bluefin grounds for an afternoon trip, got there after lunch and looked for the life. Saw a small pack of tuna chicks on a nice oil bait slick, first drop we jigged a nice 55 incher, 80lbr that all the guys took a turn on, landed him and went searching for more. Had the marks but no bite, with a nice over in the box we changed gears because Jim wanted some Cod for his "Cod Casino recipe". Hit a wreck and had fish up to 20lbs. Nice afternoon trip for a good crew.

Mudhole Trip with the John Ammeraal Charter

Had John out for his bachelor party with buddies Anthony, Ron and John. Orginally they wanted to fluke fish, told him if weather was right we should move off a bit further, he agreed. Left the inlet to flat seas poked around some inshore lumps but all it was all Hammerhead and Brown sharks which were fun on spinning rods, after a morning of shark action we hit some wrecks getting over 30 Ling and Cod. Good luck on your marriage and had fun fishing with your crew.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Open Boat Overnight Canyon Mixed Bag 8-11/12

Had newcomers Pete, Chuck and Allen on board for an overnighter. was torn on which canyon to start at based on recent reports. Went with a sat shot and off we went, settled in the Hendrickson canyon and found the life I wanted, bait,birds and mammals, trolled but nothing doing. Hit some pots and landed half a dozen mahi. Trolled some more and with the amount of life and no touches made the 30 mile run to the Hudson to try to get in on the big eye bite, got there and very few were landed, set up for the night, instantly had squid and bait, flying fish, schools of bait and squid all night but no tuna. Deep rod gets slammed thinking a swordie, turns out to be a 200lb shark, let him go and nothing rest of night. In morning get on the troll and of the 50 boats a few Bigeye were landed. Crew decided to change gears, went Tilefishing and landed a dozen blue-lines. Went mahi fishing and landed another dozen and a half to 15lbs. On way home we found some scallopers and tried chunking and jigging but no luck. Tough trip with no tuna but great guys and great weather made the tuna skunk a little easier to bear.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Offshore Mixed Bag Open Boat Trip 8-5

Had regulars Larry and Murry, with newcomers Ron and his son Ranger. Started out finding the life I wanted right away and released our first Tuna in the first 5 minutes, had a slow pick on the troll for the rest of the morning. Did have some nice fish going 3-4 on fish to 50lbs. Tried chunking and jigging and had nice Mahi to 10lbs. Wound up the day hitting some wrecks and had half a dozen baseball bat ling and Cod to 20lbs.

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