Saturday, June 22, 2013

Offshore Mixed Bag Trip with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar back again this year for his first trip offshore this year. Started out trolling for tuna but not a lot of life, hit a wreck and began jigging, got a few cod and decided to try some sharking, no wind and calm conditions made it difficult to get a good shark drift, nonetheless Oscar still battled a 10 foot Blue Shark. Shifted gear and went to another wreck, had good action landing another half dozen cod to 15lbs, and monster ling, great ending to a beautiful day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Offshore Mixed Bag Trip with the John Strauch Charter

Had John on board with Paul his son Bryce and buddy Craig. Plan was to try for tuna, get Bryce his first shark and jig some cod and pollack. Found some life and started trolling, after 5 miles of no touches picked up and ran to another spot another 5 miles of no bites and I changed gears to keep the crew engaged. Hit a wreck and jigged up Pollack and nice Cod. Once we had a nice box of tasty treats we went into shark mode. Had a perfect drift and Bryce landed his first shark, the bites came every 15 minutes landed close to a dozen blue sharks, until the makos showed up. First one was a legal but small Mako that gave us 3 great jumps, tagged that one and waited for the right one. Next one was the one, John fought her for a while and tailroped a beautiful 83 incher. Scales were closed, but she was fat estimate 220-240.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seabassing with the Randy Jones and the Blues Brothers Crew

Had Randy coordinate a Blues brothers outing with Reel Class and Megan Beth for their club members. Had members Carl, Mike, Lou, Glenn, and Steve, tried to make bait early but only had half a dozen livies in the well. Tried a few drifts but no luck, went into Seabass mode, first 2 spots and we had 50 keeper seabass in the box. Went back on the Striper hunt, after an hour guys wanted more seabass, went and got some more. Tried one more try for the Stripers again no luck, ended the day with a good pick of Seabass, had over a 100 keepers for the crew until we had the a huge fish on, after a major battle by Carl I slid the net under a beautiful 15.5 pound Tog, what an awesome fish and even cooler release.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Striper-Seabass with the Horst Klein Charter

Had Horst back for his annual trip with regulars, Ed,Herman, Kevin, Steve, and Scott. Got our bait and took our first drift, went 3-6 on fish to 32lbs in the first half hour and figured it would be game on, as the seas settled out the boat traffic increased and it was downhill from there. Changed gears to do some seabassing limited in spots since I coulnd't go over the 3 mile line, but managed half a dozen. The guys wanted to try for an evening striper bite that never materialized where we were. Great seeing the guys the again on a nice day.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bottomfishing with Dennis Woelkers

Had Dennis and his dad Harry out today,made our bait and headed north to avoid the oncoming inshore storm. Made some drifts but no luck, based on the dismal reports we decided to head offshore and hit the bottom species. Landed over 20 keeper seabass to 3lbs and ling until the rains came and never stopped. Decided to head back inshore and try for some stripers, fog rolled in made that difficult, decided to end the day early.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bottom Fishing with the Gerald Paige Charter

Had Gerald back for his annual trip with sons Xavier,Javon,Jared and buddy Dr Ed with son Dave. First drop had a nice bite and landed 30 keepers, took a ride to the mudhole and landed 2 dozen nice ling but no Cod, tried sharking but without wind we ended that and came back inshore to do some more seabassing picked up another 40 keepers to 3lb ending the day with a nice bite. Flat seas and lots of fish made for a nice relaxing day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Striper-Seabass with the Ron Bartl Charter

Had first time customer Ron with buddies Rich and Sean with his 2 nephews Robbie and Pat with buddy Jeff. Made bait as usual and headed north, tried out in the deep and had some blowups-runoffs-and fish playing with the baits but no takers. Changed gears and went seabassing, great call landed close to 50 keepers in an hour. Went chunking but just bluefish, went south looking when I found a nice pod, snagged and dropped and we got covered up, went 0-5 on that drift, went looking agian and found them again this time we connected going 4-8 with fish to 40lbs. Ron got his personal best and Robbie popped his striper cherry.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/3/13 - Andrea Caporele SeaBass & Ling

6/3/13... Left our inlet and we were met by a 15 degree drop in temp. also fog and 20mph. wind's, made a slow run to our bottom fishing grounds.
We had great action before the storms chased us in.

45 Keeper SeaBass and 10 Ling.... The crew toughed it out in less then favorable conditions and were rewarded for their efforts.

Mixed Bag Trip with the Ron Haines Charter

Had Ron out with Julio, Tucker, Ed, Dan and Steve. Made bait and made our way north, not a lot of news early so we did some seabassing landing some nice keepers. Shifted gears and set up on the chunk, wrestled some big gator blues till we landed our lone Striper to 20lbs. Went on hunt drifting numerous spots with nothing to show for it, another tough day on the grounds, fortunately the guys were fun to fish with.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mixed Bag with the Tom Lawrence Charter

Had Tom back again this year with Don, Tom, Kevin, Mike, and Bob. Made bait and headed north, checked everywhere and had good marks but no bites. Set up chunking and wrestled blues to 12lbs but no bass. Changed gear and went bottomfishing nailing a seabass and ling. Went back on the drift for Stripers but no luv, tough day with some good guys.

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