Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Don Beshada Tuna

Had Don Beshada and the boy's back. Had a small window to fish, got the bites had over a dozen but landing ratio was worst of the year, but fish were big up to 80lbs  back at the dock with some meat and had a good time for the short amount of time we had.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Don Beshada Tuna Mahi

Had Don Beshada out with the boys today, Tony, Frankie, and Jesse. Frankie got us going early with a nice bluefin, then we jigged over 50 albies and bonito, time to move, made a long run to find the right water, which we did which was lifeless, changed gears and landed close to 20 mahi in short order with Jesse having the hot hand. Did a wahoo troll but just mahis, went back on the tuna hunt but same just bonito and albies.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Pete Letushko Tuna Mahi

Had first timer Pete Letushko on the Toy with his crew. Made a decision to get to canyon at first light for an early troll, had great conditions got there sooner and did some chunking before sunrise, on the drift landed a nice stud yellowfin, before going on the troll got the rest of the crew who has never done any offshore a bunch of mahi to join the action. After a slow trolling session decided to do first day drop sword session of the season, had our spread out  and had our first hit within 15 minutes, unfortunately didnt come tight. Decided to end the day with another dozen mahi to end the trip.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Russ Chelak Offshore

Had long time regular Russ Chelak out today with buddies Tim and Rob for the  first time offshore. Got on a nice pick of yellows on the chunk, changed gears and put 20 nice mahi in the box, ended the day with a day with a dozen nice tiles, all on Fishermans choice salmons trips, even the mahi's crushing them!

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