Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Miami Trip

Had my annual business-fishing trip to Miami recently. Had the pleasure of running my buddy Gunther's 26 foot Dusky once again. Made bait at the usual spot and headed out to Fowey Rock. Found the color change in the depth I wanted and put out the live bait spread. After 15 minutes we get a bite and came tight on a nice 6 foot sail. Took some pics then released her, then downed a bunch of beers. Reset the spread and came tight on another sail with a pod of 3 trailing him. Decided not to bait another in the pod and focus on the one since we were shorthanded. Released her and headed back into shore for Happy Hour. Been fortunate to have constant action without the aid of kites, and flat non-windy conditions which most Florida fishermen would think is the kiss of death. When I have those beautiful conditions I really take the time to find the right color-perfect is powder blue condition (confuses bait-easier prey), or deep blue color in 100-150 feet depths. If see flying fish and weed in this zone I put in the baits. Hope you guys have a great winter and look forward to seeing everyone in the spring.

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