Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Striper Limit with the Horst Klein Charter

Just when I thought the run was over! Tried to talk Horst into different species but his crew of repeats Ed, Steve, Herman, Ron, and Scott wanted no part of it. Told him our best shot was to be on the water at 430 am, and they were on time had everyones limit in the first hour and went into release mode until 7am when we called it quits. When it was done we landed over 20 Stripers to 40lbs, keeping our limit and 2 bonus tag fish, not by choice two where hooked deep and would not have made it. Changed gears and went seabassing landing over 4 dozen with 20 keepers to add to the bounty. Great trip on flat calm seas with a great crew!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father Day Crew Trip

Hey guys Had my Dad, my cuz Pepe, Chris, Joe and Kenny. Had intentions to go to edge, stayed local on the BFT grounds, went 4-4 Chris started off the day with an under, then Pepe, changed gears and went sharking, my Dad landing a nice Blue Shark, Happy Pop's day, then Kenny popping his cherry, then Joe landed one to end the day. Fun day with the crew!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Striper Trip with the Shawn Mullen Charter

Had long time customer Shawn with client Barry, his son Brian and buddies Brian and Craig. Told the crew of rough conditions but they decided to take a chance, we are in a Contender aren't we?! So we shoved off and made bait, landed a nice mid-thirties fish on first drift, could not find the fish again. Conditions got nice so we ran way north and pitched the baits on the rocks, wrestled 50 blues to the boat and no Bass, headed back south but could not find anymore striped ones. Ended up being real nice weather wise, wish the stripers would have cooperated.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stripers and Shark with the Gerald Paige Charter

Had Gerald back with buddies, Eric, Hal, Ted, Dennis and newcomer Will. Plan was to go offshore and bottom fish and shark. This morning I decided to go back to the where I caught the stripers last night, my mate was crushing them when I left the dock so I decided to try that first. First drift had 3 on, to 35lbs. Dropped the fish off and went offshore, by the time I got out all of my favorite wrecks had dive boats on them or boats parked on them. Changed gears and went sharking, in the first hour we had 5 bites and landed 3 with the whole charter doing battle, no makos just blue sharks to 8 feet but lots of fun. Great weather, crew and music made for an enjoyable day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Striper Live-lining Grind with the Don Geiss Charter

Had Don back with buddies, Lamar, Tom, DJ, and newcomers with me John and Walter. Left the inlet after lunch and made bait in one throw, courtesy of new mate Scott and headed north. Bite was slow so decided to do some seabassing landed half a dozen and decided to change gears. Set up and went on the chunk landed over 20 blues to 12lbs to get the guys some rod bending action. Went back to live-lining and got into a good bite near the inlet, right before sun-down each guy landed a nice striper all from 32-42lbs. Slow start but great ending!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mixed Bag Trip with the Paul Shumacher Charter

Had first time customer Paul out with lovely daughters Jessica and Lauren, and friends Bill and Matt. Plan was to live-line stripers, due to work schedules and timing felt an offshore run might be more fun and a change of pace for entire crew. Paul agreed, left the dock late morning and headed to some water that looked good on the charts. Got there had good water clarity and temps, some boats had already landed bluefin, but bite had tapered off, put in the lines and had Big Matt up for his first saltwater fish, landed some 10lb falsies to start the trip, with the girls landing them as well. Decided to hit a local wreck so the crew could try something differed landed a nice cod, and dozen ling to add to the catch. Changed gears and went into shark mode, put in the chum and had sharks into our slick immediately, hooked close to a dozen sharks up to 8 feet, with everyone fighting their fare share. At the end we where using spinning rods and sight fishing them. Good times with a great crew.

Wed 6/6 Mark Krute - Stripers

Sorry for the late report. On wednsday 6/6, we had out Mark Krute and the boys for the annual bass trip. Left the dock around 1:30 and made bait easy, close to the inlet, with one throw. Made our way up the beach and ran into some fish on top. Put the baits in to have them all blasted by blues. No matter where you went, blues. Took a look around and made a drift on some marks out in the deep. Started picking a fish here and there. The guys ended up going 5/9 on bass with the biggest fish goinG low-mid 30's. The guys worked hard for them and weeded through tons of blues throughout the day!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stripers in a sloppy Friday with the Tom Lawrence Charter

Had Tom back again for his yearly double with Don, Bob, Tom, with sons Steve and Mike. Warned the guys about the conditions today, but guys said lets go for it, Left the dock at noon. Had super mate Greg who pancaked the net in 20 knot winds, and made bait on 2 throws in 50 feet in 5-7 foot seas. Went North made some drifts in Asbury and headed inshore, found the pod I wanted, hard to stay on the drift with conditons and hard moving fish. In the short window we had we went 4-6 with fish to 36lbs. Cool part of the trip was Steve landing his first Striper. Guys said it was enough to get back to Clarks Landing Dockside Grill for the crew. Bought a round for this crew to brave the conditions. Chef Hasson and Juan went to work on their Striper fillets. Teriyaki glaze, Blackened cajun style, and a Italian-style. Guys luved it, look forward to seeing them next week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Striper Mayhem with Brian Priest

Had one of my best customers Brian Priest on board today. Made bait locally and went north, searched for a couple of hours until the bait came together up north. when we got there you could see the bunker getting blown out of the water in every direction. Landed our limit on our first drift, then went into release mode. Great topwater action tonight. Brian's 2 biggest where close to 40lbs.

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