Monday, December 29, 2014

Seabass Beatdown

Had the regulars and it was game on
Back at the dock early!
Flat seas, and sunny warm day for end of December.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Extreme Bottom with Oscar Carillo

Had regular Oscar who wanted to try out some extreme offshore bottom,
Boy did he slay them, filled up the Box in no time and back at home,
Had Seabass to 5 lbs, porgies to 3lbs, and 12lb pollack. Great job Big O!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Offshore Bottom Fishing Trip the regulars

Had regulars Anthony and Tony on the boat today, first wreck was
Drop on reel with limits of Seabass, half a dozen cod to 12lbs,
Half a dozen pollack to 15lbs, and tons of big porgies.was back at 
The dock by lunchtime. Good fishing with a great weather day!

Monday, December 1, 2014

1st extreme bottom fish limit

Did our first trip of the year with Bob, Mike,Ryan and Ed.
It was a beat down had our sea bass limit in
A few hours with fish up to 6lbs, cod to 15lbs
Pollack and tons of porgies. Fish were on the
Chew back at the dock early!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stripers with Rich Wilk Charter

Had Rich out his buddies Paul, Glenn, Jason
And ChrisX2. Went south and found the birds
Put in the spoons and went to work,'landed 7 fish
To 25lbs, and some big blues. Once bite slowed
Did some togging getting some shorts and keepers.
Good guys to fish with on a brisk sunny day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Striper Fishing with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back again with buddies Mat, Pat, and
Zach. Knew forecast for rest of week would be bad
So left early today, very few boats on the water, what
A difference. Worked the first pod and just bluefish.
Kept working pods to the south and more bluefish.
Found some working birds and caught a bunch of stripers
On light spinners, all shorts. Saw birds futher off and started
The troll with spoons no luv, put in the shads and
Had doubles for the next hour, the keepers
Were spitting up baby weakfish same size of the shads,
Talk about matching the hatch! Ended the the day
With more stripers under the birds,
Ended the day with over 20 landed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Striper fishing with the Brian Hurff Charter

Had Brian back with son Alex for some liveLining
And snag and drop. Started outside the inlet and
landed some blues To 10lbs.Ran down the
Beach and found some bunker getting worked over,
Dropped in the baits and went 3-3 on fish to 25lbs.
Good to see the Hurff family again!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Striper limit with Luke Caverly

Had Luke back again and wanted the boat
For himself, got the bait and went looking, 
Talked to Chris and he had some some marks,
Worked it and had Luke landed his limit! 
Stripers are here boys!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Day of Stripers with the Adam Conley Charter

We concluded our canyon season and hosted
Our first striper trip of the year. Had Adam out
With buddy Keith. Made our bait in one throw
Outside the inlet and headed off, found a pod
Of bunker and landed our first one, figured it
Would be lights out, not! Was our only striper
Of the day. Tried different spots, trolling and lures
Just bluefish.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Open Boat Canyon Trip

Had regulars Anthony, Tony, and Scott back
Again. Made good time to the canyon and went
On the troll, no tuna, just a Mahi. Went on the
Chunk early and had no bites except for a few 
Sharks and a short sword. At false light broke
A fish off and had some nice mahi, in the morning
We were able to jig and chunk some longfin, glad 
Guys went home with some meat!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Open Boat Canyon Trip

Had Jim and his son Brett, and Tony back out
For some tuna, run out was easy started off half
A dozen mahi to get the guys warmed up. Went on 
The troll nothing, as we went to set up for the
Evening the wind came on strong. Very slow
Pick and and had some shots but for various reasons
We were 0-5, finally at false light we landed our only
Tuna, a nice yellowfin, added some more mahi and then
Made the run back to the barn. Glad the guys went
Home with some meat.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Canyon Charter with Mark Brzozowski

Had Mark out with buddy Al. Started out 
Landing half a dozen mahi to start the trip.
Soon after set up on the chunk at 6pm and 
Had bites right away. Had a steady pick till 
Midnight of swords and tuna with Mark landing
His first ever. At midnight boxes were stuffed
And decided to chill the rest if the night and head
Home in the morning with a full box of 4 yft 
To 80lbs, 4 lft to 60lbs, and half a dozen mahi!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mixed bag Canyon Trip and some Boat Records

Had an open boat trip with regulars John, Anthony,
And first timer Scott. Made great time to canyon
Yesterday-3 hours in a decent swell. Started trolling
No bites but found the life and great marks, decided
To start chunking during the day, had 2 fish on
Right away, one landed being a boat record 66lb slob 
Longfin, weighed on certified scale at Clarks. Decided 
To stay the night there and went 6-8 on yellows to
80lbs, and the longfin. In the morning the crew wanted 
light tackle Mahi and had decent pick, breaking another 
boat record with A 56 inch, 35lb mahi, biggest I have 
ever seen in NJ!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Inshore Mixed Bag

Had regulars Dan and Tony out today to take
Advantage of a small weather window. Did some
Trolling finding small tunny, changed gears
And hit the gear for mahi, landed 3 nice gaffers,
Hit some wrecks and jigged cod to 15lbs. Ended 
The day chunking for bft and sharking no luck. 
Beautiful day on the water with some good guys.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chilling with the Canyon Runner Crew

Had intentions on fishing the Manasquan River
Club tournament but boat issues curtailed those 
Plans. In steps Adam from the Canyon Runner to
Invite me for a crew trip, timing could not have been
Better! Left the inlet with Capt Phil at the helm with
Me in the pit with Adam and 2 of his steller crew-friends 
Chris and Jay, buddy-photographer Mike with son Bryce,
And superstar puller angler Dr Phil Infantolino, mind you 
This is the same angler who owns the state record Blue
Marlin to his credit and has landed over 150 bigeyes!
Got to the canyons and started to troll weeds which
were brutal, Even though we were tournament fishing the CR team 
Chunked a few for the crew for the grill nailing 2 yellows to
50lbs for the grill. Resumed the trolling and got the right
Bite, Dr Phil got on the rod and destroyed this fish, had color
Within 15 minutes and I planted the steel in him, fish is 
Currently in 3rd place at 185lbs, few minutes later, landed 
Another eyeball at 150. During the night Jaybones made 
Short work of a eyeball on the jig of 120lbs, and I chunked
A nice yellow and decked him in minutes. In the morning
Trolling was slow and the CR team decided 6-6 on quality
and fish to weigh In it was time to go home.
Want to thank The CR team for a great 
Time and truly had a great time spending time with Jay, and Chris who 
Is the best on water chef I have experienced, and chatting with Dr Phil!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Nearshore Pelagic Crew Trips

Hey guys this past week we have been doing Maintenance to get ready for the Manasquan Marlin Tuna club tourney. In meantime been Making runs to the nearshore lumps to see if There is any life. Been pleasantly surprised to Find schoolie Bluefin in sight of land. Running The Canyon Runner, Mini Mamba bars in purple/black Have been the ticket, bar closely resembles sandeels the tuna have been on, nice size Mahi are around as well and eating the bars!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Canyon Chunking-Jigging Trip with Andrew Lin Charter

Had Andrew out with kids Harrison and Corina And buddy Rich. On way to canyon made a pit Stop at inshore spot, got an under Bluefin and Yellowfin. Continued towards Hudson and Stopped for some mahi, landing Corina's first. Trolled square till dark no bites. Got set up for The night and began chunking, had a mystery fight For half and hour on a tuna rig, might have been a sword Chafed off the leader. Had a couple of sharks then At 4am all hell broke loose, fish schooled up under The boat and had them on jigs as well as sardines. These Yellows were the nicer jumbos making them difficult to Land for my inexperienced crew, did manage to get 3 to the boat to 60lbs losing many more. In the morning Crew had enough and came home. Andrew had been Planning on this trip for a while, Glad he got to see what canyon chunking and jigging is all about!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bluefin Lunch Express with the Jeremy Ingle Charter

Had Jeremy backout again for bft with buddy Angel
Took advantage of the weather window and got to the 
Grounds early. Looked around and found what we 
Needed, went 4-4 quickly and got our 2 unders and 
Went into release mode. Soon after the guys wanted a
Shot at mahi, no luck, hit a wreck for cod no luck, we 
Decided to get home for lunch to grill the fish up!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Canyon Trip with Adam Conley's Crew

Had Adam with buddies Mark Sr and Jr 
And Dan Payet. Made ourway to the southern
Canyons, went on the troll and found the life
Right away, had mahi, skippies and yft bites into
Dark. Set up at night and had thousands of tinker
Mackeral in the lights. No bites on sardines so sabiki'd
The macks and livelined them, had some good bites
Losing a few, then got sharked up for a while, landing
A hammerhead. In the morning had fish on the troll
Right away, bite lasted for a few hours landing half a
Dozen yft, mahi, and our first white marlin of the season.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Midshore trip with the Bob Hewitt Charter

Had Bob with three generations of The clan, son Rob
And Grandson Dillon. Made our way to the bft 
Grounds and bad nothing on troll, was marking fish
Deep so decided to chunk and jig, had action
Right away with some nice mahi. After
A few hours went back on the troll and was
Uneventful for us, had one knockdown on a 
Way way back bally. Good fily to fish with and 
Busted some mahi cherries.

Midshore Trip with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar out for a half day tuna trip, left 
The dock and had Dennis point me in the
Zone, had fish on right away getting our 2
Unders asap, soon we got a nice gaffer mahi
Then had a nice lit up White Marlin in the spread
One of my newer crew tried to feed a pitch bait
Whiffed badly, albeit his first time trying a tough
Task. Tried everything to get the over
Way backs and planers but no luck. Went chunking
And jigging no luck, finished off on a wreck with
A pick of pollack and ling.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Open Boat Midshore Trip

Hosted out first open boat offshore trip of the year.
Had regulars Jim Surmick and son Bret and Oscar 
Carillo. Left at first light and ran east to where there
Have been rumors of bluefin, got there and found the
Mammals and bait, but no tuna. After trolling for a while 
Decided to try sharking in the clean blue 70 degree water,
Nothing came in the slick after 3 hours. Decided to shift gears
And bottom fish to save the trip landed Pollack to 15lbs, and 
Over 2 dozen jumbo ling.

Friday, June 20, 2014

First Canyon Run

Had long time customer Adam Conley with buddies Brian "Marlin" and Dave. Plan was to hit the Toms Canyon, but at the last minute decided to hit the Hudson instead. Got lines in at grey light and found life right away, trolled both elbows no bites. Picked up and ran to the square right before we got there found the life, thousands of tuna chicks, mammals, and tons of bait, pounded the area and get getting covered up in skipjack. Kept trying pulled off one good fish and decided to tilefish, too much wind and fast drift so we bailed on that. Tried to hit the pots but water too cold. Decided to run inshore and hit some cod for wrecks, just bluefish and ocean pout. Shifted gears and started a shark drift, with fresh skipjack and bluefish fillets no figured we would crush them. No bites and no life in the slick, wtf!!! After a long day of trying Adam said too pull the plug. What a frustrating day! Tried my best but no species wanted to play. Will get those mofos next time!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Striper Blitz with the Horst Klein Charter

Had Horst out with regular buddies Ed, Scott
Herman, Kevin, and Steve, made bait in one
Throw and went searching, nothing but got the call 
From Joe and Derrick there was some fish to the north
Made some drifts and had a few fish. Went closer to the 
Beach and landed a few fish from the first pod.
Then it was total mayhem, bass were blowing up bunker 
Out of the water, then the bass started chasing the bunker
Into the bathers on the beach, never seen that before!
When the dust settled we landed 10 fish to 40lbs.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shark Fishing

Entered into the Brett Bailey Shark Tourny
With buddies JB, Josh, Tyler, Andrew and Harrison
Made the decision to go 60 miles to get away
From the crowd. Were all by ourselves and all we had
were bluesharks. Came inshore and got what 
We wanted, a nice 62 inch mako, fun day to be out!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stripers with the Bill Staubach charter

Had Bill back again this year with John, 
Ray, and Mark. Headed out this morning
With some sporty Conditions and made bait 
as usual. Pod Hopped for a while till we found 
the right Pod. Had a decent pick landing 4 good
Ones to 35lbs, with Ray and Mark getting their
personal bests, until the sun came out and bite 
Was over. Turned out to be a beautiful day!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Blues Brothers

Had the Blues Brothers back for their annual fishing trip. The plan was to get in on some stripers then head out for some sea bassing. Well the stripers did not want to play along today. The guys fished hard and are such a pleasure to have on board, thanks for your effort today. Lou had the big fish of the day landing a nice sea bass. See ya on the water...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Striper Livelining with Sean Bruff charter

Had Sean back again for the second time in the
Last few weeks with Rob, Ken, Richie, Jim and Ron.
Didnt know what to expect after the last 2 bad trips
But today was different. Got the call from Jerry and 
It was game on! When the dust settled we landed 4 
Fish to Ken's fish 51 inches, 26 in girth which is the
Biggest of the season so far.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Striperfest with the Roger Whitaker Charter

Had Roger back again with buddy Rich, and 
Glenn with his kids Lauren and Colby. Made
Out bait in some challenging conditions 6 foot 
Swells, ran north and went on the drift very slow
To start the day. Came inshore to about 40 feet and 
Landed out first striper with some blues. Moved around 
A bit nothing, came back to the original spot and had a 
Nice flurry wound up boxing another 6 with 2 fish going
Over 40lbs, even cooler was Lauren landing her first
Striper ever!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boat Move to Point and Certified Striper Slob

Hey guys, wanted to report boat move to Point
was good and took a look outside to get familiar
with home again! Went solo and corralled and netted
50 pieces in 40 feet of water. Took my first drift
And had a good one on, netted him myself and took
Measurements, 47 inch length and 27 inch girth. Didnt
Want to estimate even though I have landed 1000's
of Stripers. On a certified scale it only weighed 42lbs.
Looked much bigger but the looks can be deceiving!
Anyway she was the biggest fish of the season so far
And look forward to fishing in the ocean!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stripers with Horst Klein Couples Charter

Had Horst back with his Lovely wife Diane, regular
Ed and Marybeth, and newcomers Steve and Cindy.
Made our bait in usual fashion and made the run to
the grounds. Made some drift and just blue, set up on
the chunk and wrestled through the blues, finally Diane
Landed our first striper, Later Steve landed our second
which was his first striper ever. Wound up wrestling
More blues to end the end. Beautiful day with a bunch of
Cool couples!

Charles Liu Charter... Target stripers!

Had Charles Liu and friends John, Ferdinand, and "bad luck" Jacki on board today... Our first stop was for some bunker and one throw we had more than enough. Headed out and found good marks, the fish were not biting so decided to throw the hook and it was game on.... The Guy's had a great time and sure know how to hoot and holler when a fish is on!!! The guy's had enough and we headed in for the day...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Striper Blitz with the Don Palathinkal Charter

Had repeat customer DJ back with brother in law
Terin, Tom, Don, Walt, Carl. Made our bait and went
To the spot, first drift was mayhem had 4 fish on most 
Of the time but had a hard time connecting, when dust 
Settled we were 1-10. Before the next drift talked to the 
crew About technique and not missing bites! Rest of the day 
Guys got better and we landed 9 to 30lbs! Good comeback
Guys! Also got invaded by over 40 gator blues.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Striper with the Igdalsky Family

Had long time customer Brandon with Wife 
Suzanne and twin daughters Madison and 
Mckenzie. Brandon's wish was to have his 
Twin daughters land their first stripers of 
Their life. Started off the trip making bait
In 1 throw, made our way to the grounds and
Set up on some great marks no luv. Decided
Throw the anchor and chunk, good call both
Of the girls landed their first stripers of their
Lives! Wish the rest of the day was that way,
Wound up wrestling close to 50 blues to 15lbs
the rest Of the day! Great family to fish with.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stripers-Bottom with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back out again with Steve, Andy,
And Larry. Made our bait as usual and made 
Our way to the grounds, had a few nice
Fish to 20lbs and made a move, had another
Decent pick landing 3 more when we decided 
To go for the home run. Went down the beach 
And found pod after pod of bunker, had great 
Marks and figure it would be game on, wrong!
No bites, so we hit a few wrecks and got some 
Seabass and ling to add to the catch.

Stripers with the Tim Drag Charter

Had Tim out with buddies John, Joe,
Mike. Made bait in one throw then went 
looking for some marks. First drift we 
2-3 on Stripers to 20lbs and figured it
Was on not. Set upon the chunks and 
had 3 right away, then-bluefish invasion,
Caught about 50 choppers to 15lbs and
Got out of dodge. Went popping to no avail,
Then went back on the drift, just blues. Tough
Grind today, but guys were fun to fish with.

Striper Live-lining with the Brian Hurff family charter

Had Brian out today with son Alex and 
Brother John and Dad Don. First day he
Has fished with us and gave me the ultimate
Challenge, live-linining with none of them 
Ever have landed striper! Well with the 
Challenge we were on out way. Made bait in
2 throws close to home, then went to last 
Nights slaughter. Got there and saw the marks 
And figured we would wreck them, wrong! On the
First drift we landed over 30 blues to 10lbs-damn!
Left there and scratched and clawed but in the end 
3 generations of Hurff's all landed their first stripers!
Fun day with a great family and even cooler kid
In 8 year old Alex, who was a wonderful mate!

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