Friday, August 31, 2012

Mudhole Pelagics Recon with Sam Melendez

Had Sam out for an afternoon of searching. Loaded up the well with live peanuts and went in search of tuna, went to numerous lumps and wrecks but no life, no birds, barely any marks, and no mammals. Changed gears and dropped on a wreck to get some nice sized ling. On the way home hit some pots and landed half a dozen mahi on light spinners.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inshore Pelagic Mixed Bag with Oscar Carillo

Had an open afternoon today, and Oscar called me wanting to get out. Made our way to the hot spot 60 miles offshore, arriving after lunch and went on the drift chunking and jigging, landed two chicken mahi to start the trip. Tuna fishing was slow and kept seeing shark activity. Soon after we had the makos in the slick, had 2 on at the same time and landed both of them keeping the larger 60 incher for the grill. We got back on the drift,hooked another shark and hook pullled at the boat. Soon after we landed a nice 60lb yellowfin. Decided to head for the barn since Oscar had plenty of meat.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Open Boat Charter with my Latin Connection Regulars

Had my Latin regulars Sam Melendez, Dan Payet, and Oscar Carillo. Plan was to chunk at night, do some light trolling in morning and dedicate most of the day to Tilefishing and light tackle mahi fishing. Arrived at canyon in the dark and flipped a coin to decide on which side of canyon to fish. First choice was a good one, wound up chunking 3 fish to 60lbs, also landed a nice hammerhead to keep us on our toes. In the morning we trolled for a few hours without a touch, the guys threw in the towel and wanted to drift for tiles. Good call landed over 20 tiles which included both blueline and golden doubleheaders. After that we switched gears and found the mahi on every pot we checked but they all had lock-jaw, ending the day. Fun day with the crew, and Oscar with his special salsa mixes!

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