Sunday, August 28, 2016

MRMTC Canyon Trip and Results

Had stellar crew of Dan and Anthony with expert jigger man Dan Bombaci.
Left for an overnight trip starting the trip off with Mahis. At Night chunked and swordfish but no luck. Went trolling but only had small yellowfin and skippies.Began day chunking but no luck, highlight of the day was Dan jigging a white Marlin. Did some more pothopping to end the day with Dan getting our biggest
At 18lbs. Which has us in first place.

Jigged white marlin:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mahi bonanza with the Oscar Carillo charter

Had longtime regular Oscar out with buddies Bobby and Nate. Plan was to do some trolling and pot hop. Seems like a trend has been happening after hearing of slow trolling they opted to start pot hopping and was hard to get them to change Gears. Oscars buddies were new to it but once they got the hang of it was game on. Landed over 30 to 15lbs.

Pool Winner!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Overnight with the Randy Wilson charter

Had Randy out with buddies Tom Carl and Mat. Started out boxing a dozen Mahi
To get the trip started. Soon after went on the troll for the evening mixing up
The spread to target both Marlin and tuna. Had success getting the Marlin to
Come into the spread getting 3 bites missing the first two and jumping off
The third. Set up for a night of chunking after trolling late into the night.
Had one mystery runoff and went on the troll in the morning. Concentrated
On Tuna until the charter said enough and wanted to finish off with Mahi.
Wound up boxing another 20 Mahi to 20lbs.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Open Boat Mahi Fest

Tony, Lamar, and TJ on board today for an open boat canyon trip.
Crew decided at the dock that they wanted bent rod action, and 
Anything else was an after thought . Offered light tackle Mahi. Guys said 
That's the plan, so we went Mahi fishing, after 80 bites, 60 fish landed
And our limit harvested, the guys had little interest in trolling for tuna 
And Marlin or drifting for tilefish. Fun day today guys!

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