Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Bass - Brad Bradley (PART 2)

Had Brad Bradley and the boys out on saturday for day #2 of bass fishing. Guys wanted a later start so we left the dock around 930, made bait and headed north to where the bite was the day before. They guys ended up going 4-10 for the afternoon and called it quits around 4pm to get cleaned up for a night out.

Sunday morning we made an early start leaving the inlet aroun 5:45. We only had a couple hours to fish as the guys had to be in to make a flight at 1pm. It was slow going with thick fog but we made bait and headed north again. The bit had slowed by the time we got there but the guys managed to go 2-5 in short time.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Striper Limit with the Brad Bradley Charter

Had ex-coworker Brad Bradley in from Memphis with buddies, Mike, Mat, Steve, and Matt. Made bait in Belmar and headed north to the grounds. Started on the drift and had a slow pick at first with Brad and Steve catching their first Striper of their live popping their cherry. Once the south winds picked up the bite went all out limited the boat in short order. Headed back to the barn with the boxes full. Great seeing Brad and even better popping some Striper cherries.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live-Lining with Gerald Paige Charter

Had Gerald out with Birthday guy Ted, Mark, Eric, Hal and Newcomer to the crew, (Got Jokes) Dennis. Made early and went searching, fog made it difficult to move around but got help from Jerry and Rich and was able to find some active fish. Got some decent action throughout the day and was able to go 8-14 on fish to 30lbs. Fun day with a ball-busting crew!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chuck Routar Charter Live-Lining Striper Limit

Had yearly charter of Chuck with buddies Bob, Kevin, Bob, Elia, an newcomer Ralph. Made bait in short order and went hunting. Heard of a bite to the south and off we went. It was an insane bite, fish blowing up bunker and instant hookups. Bite was shortlived may 45 minutes, but we landed over 20 Bass to 36lbs, keeping our limit released the rest. Great trip with some fun guys.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Striper Live-Line Limit with the Vince Russo Charter

Had Vince again for the second time in 2 weeks with buddies Harley, Joe and Mike. Made bait in the inlet on the one throw and went south and found the fleet, had our limit on the first drift, netting 2 at a time with fish to 35lbs on Clark's certified scale. Once we were boxed our limit the bite died, decided to troll spoons to keep the guys busy to end the day. great day with some good guys.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Striper Report from 5/21-5/22

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late report. On saturday afternoon we had out Harry Peters and his buddies. We left Keyport around noon with plans to give the hot clam bite a shot that the guys had been having during the week. After a couple drops yielding one keeper and a couple lost fish we decided to switch up gears to some live bait fishing. The guys were new to live-lining and went 1-5 on bass with some bluefish action mixed in. Once the action slowed up a bit we went on the troll to finish out the evening, trolled into dark with 4 more knockdowns but unable to put any more in the boat.

On Sunday we had the Mr. Liu and his group out for the striped ones. We left Keyport around 8 am and headed down the beaches looking for some life. After a little searching we found some fish and went on the troll going 2-5 on bass along with a bunch of bluefish in an hour and half before some of the ladies were starting to feel the seas. The guys decided to call it an early day and head in before noon.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manhattan Cup Boat Move and Prefish

Had buddies Scott, Greg, Tony, Phil and Mark. Cancelled all of my charters for the week, but had to move the boat north, left the inlet with fog and seas of 4-6 feet, day got nicer, and fish were chewing. Found the bait, got 3 dozen livies and went hunting. Found the marks I liked and dropped the livies on them. Had 2 drifts and got our limit, and then went into release mode.
Went into Fisherman's supply for a certified scale, largest went 44lbs, all of the fish were over 30lbs. Moved the boat to Keyport for the Manhattan Cup tourney. Went back to Dockside grill and had chef Juan Reyes cook up the striper, blackened in Pineapple chunks, and Grilled in a Lemon sauce, with the hot gurlz Christina and Ana damn!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greg Hopf -NJH Thomas Elefante Bass Tournament

On Saturday we had out Greg Hopf, his sons Chris and Jason, his brother Harold and good friends Mark and Mike for the annual NJH Thomas Elefante Bass tournament. We left the dock just before 6 and made the decision to head back to where we had the fish the night prior. Shortly after getting to the area we started marking some fish here and there. Guys were picking a fish every now and again but it was very slow. Heard fo a few fish caught to the north but decided to stick with my gut and keep pounding away where we were at which turned out to be a good decision. Our fist bite came around noon and the guys were then able to put 6 fish in the box by 1:30 up to 33.5lbs. We headed in at 1:45 so the guys could make their weigh in. They ended up taking 1st with the 33.5lb and also had top 4 heaviest fish taking the Calcutta.

All fish in this trip & the day prior came on TGT Bunker Spoons

Pat Noonan Charter-Stripers

On Friday we had out Pat Noonan and his buddies for an afternoon bass trip. Being our first trip back in Pt. we were anxious to get out there for some bigger fish. We left the dock a little before noon and after hearing dismal reports up and down we decided to head south for the afternoon. Was a tough day marking lots of fish but none wanting to chew besides some blues here and there. made the decision to stick it out having the feeling that they would turn on at some point and it turned out to be the right one. Around 7:30-9 the fish started to bite and the guys went 3-7 on bass to around 32lbs!

Sorry for the bad went down and had to take a few with the cell

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Striper Limit with Austen Henry

Had Austen out with his buddy Chris. Made bait in the usual area on readings down deep. With 15knot east winds against an outgoing tide decided to go on the drift. First drift we had our limit to 15lbs, with blues to 10lbs, went into relase mode after that. Fish wanted chunks and heads on the bottom. Glad to get the guys out and on some fish in tough conditions.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Horst Klein Couples Charter

Had Horst on board with his lovely wife Diane, and couples Don and Pam, and Ed and Marybeth. Went to load the well with live bunkers, mission accomplished. had my childhood buddies following me in thier boat to the first spot and found the fish, they landed 2 right away. Instead of staying I decided to find more fish and give the ladies a boat cruise in the process. Cruise was awesome in flat seas but finding fish was the problem. Finally found them but pulled the hooks myself on 2 fish, lost a couple of more and landed one striper and some blues. Searched far and wide and after 10 hours of fishing that was our only action. If there was ever a funner bunch I wanted to load the boat with fish, this was them. Hopefully next time will be better, Horst will be back with the guys in 3 weeks.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Open Boat Striper Trip-Near Limit

Had regular Chuck Routar, with newcomers Ralph, Ryan, and John, started out live-lining-chunking, read the fish but they never turned on, so we went with lures had a slow pick but landed 7 fish to 15lbs, had a couple fish we lost near the boat, that kept us from the charter limit. Also landed a couple of small blues the first of the year.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Striper Limit with the Dan Benjamin Charter

Had Dan back out today with friends Annette, Gene, Jeff, Bob and Bill. Started out live-lining and chunking and had some fish but wind against tide conditions made that fishing a bit difficult, combined with using lures we were able to get the Charter limit and then went into release mode. Landed close to 20 fish up to Annette's pool winning 15lb'r. Wet conditions but good fishing with a fun crew.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Striper Limit with the Vince Russo Charter

Had a Dad's-Kids day today, Had Vince and his son Lou, and Jeff with his son Colin. Plan was to get some live bait, on the way there saw some bird play and went to take a look, saw something I haven't seen in the back bay in quite some time, rolling Bass in every direction! Saw they where rolling on rainfish so we switched to light spinning rods and small swimming plugs and rattle traps to match the hatch. Landed close to 20 Stripers up to 15lbs on the light spinners. What a way to start the day, went and made bait and began to live-line to no avail, put out the trolling sticks and trolled some small stretches where we caught them earlier and had some bites. Great day to get the youngsters involved in saltwater Bass fishing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eric Bubenicek Charter - Stripers

Had Eric and his buddies out for a bass charter this morning. Started out the morning with a quick troll during the slack tide, Marked some fish but it was tough getting them to chew. Picked up a couple before shifting gears over to clamming. We set up in a few different areas before getting a decent shot of fish. The guys were able to put some nice keepers in the box and lost a handful more before the bite slowed to a crawl. Went back on the troll for a bit and picked up a couple shorts and also tried some chunking. great group of guys that made for a very enjoyable day!

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