Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bluefin Tuna & Mahi Trip with the Mike Cane Charter

Had Mike out again with daughter Lauren. Goal was to have each land their first tuna and mahi. Started the trip off landing half a dozen peanut mahi, first goal accomplished. Then went jigging in with the dolphin schools and Lauren and Mike each landed a bluefin on the jigs. Having accomplished both goals we made a bee line back to the Dockside Grill for lunch so that chef Marcus could work his magic. He prepared the tuna 3 different ways. First was a Tempura with a mandarin, ginger, wasabi glaze, then a sesame seared and stuffed with shrimp and lobster with a mandarin orange, cucumber viniagrette, and finally a wasabi pistachio crusted tuna with a teriyaki and sesame oil glaze. Topped out with a bottle of High Hook Pinot Blanc to round out the meal. Great way to end a great day of firsts for the Cane family.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bluefish & Sea Bass Trip with the Peters Charter

Had the Harry Peters charter out on Saturday. These guys came from way out in pa and wanted to have some fun with steady action. They decided to do some bluefishing and had a blast boating many good sized blues to 12lbs. They wanted to finish the trip with a little sea bassing. A few stops provided plenty of shorts with a dozen big keepers mixed. As well as some short fluke and a little weakfish(suprised to see him).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bluefin Tuna with the Bob Shlutter Charter

Had out Bob Shlutter and his wife along with his sister Donna and her boyfriend. Headed out to the bluefin grounds at 430 and had the jigs in around 7. It took a little looking but we found a nice batch of fish and the charter was treated to some awsome bluefin jigging. All four of them were new to the jigging game and had also never landed a tuna prior to todays trip. Throughout the day they fought 25 bluefin bringin a dozen to the boat in the 35-55lb range. At some points we could see many other fish trailing the hooked fish around the boat. A quick stop on the way home provided some great light tackle mahi action where they were able to put a dozen in the box to top off the day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bluefish and Seabass with the Klein Charter

Today we had out Dan Klien, his girlfriend Shelley and her mother for a bluefish/ sea bass trip. We left around 9 am and made our way north. We set up for bluefish and had fish on right away. They bite continued for quite a while and everyone had a blast fighting some nice sized blues. On the way home we stopped on a few pieces for some sea bass and wound up with a dozen keeper sea bass and one nice blackfish.

Offshore Bluefin Tuna with the Soos/Powers Charter

Had Steve Soos, Jim Powers, and his son Nick out for bluefin trip yesterday. We left the dock just before 4:30am and made our way out to the grounds. We put the jigs in around 7 am and had fish on within 5 min! These guys had never landed tuna before and were also new to the jigging game but caught on quickly and had a blast! In total they had 10 fish on and boated some beautiful bluefin! Later on in the day we had some mahi cruise by and were able to put a few of them in the box as well up to about 10lbs. Overall it was a great day with a cool bunch of guys!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canyon-Bluefin Trip with Jim Byrne Charter

Back from my 2 week hiatus, family and work trips. Eager to get out and had Jim with buddies Nick and Chris. Decided to start the trip to the Northern Bluefin Spot, which has been on somedays and off others. Spent a couple of hours there but no hits and didn't mark much but the life was there, skippies and bait. Picked up and left for the 100 line between the Dip and Hudson, south winds really picked up making it hard to troll in, decided to make a bee line to the 100 square to set up for the night. Got there late and had 2 run-offs right away but didn't convert and nothing else for the night. In the morning we went on the troll, hit the area for a while, then trolled towards the elbow had one nice fish pull for a while and lost it. Tried the East side for tiles but no drift which made it hard to cover ground. Decided to do some mahi to fill the box, landed close to a dozen. On the way home we tried for more bluefin but waters were still very dirty. Tough long day, but understanding appreciative crew made it better.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dan Bombaci Bluefin Tuna & Mahi Trip

Looking at this week's dismal forecast for an overnighter for a canyon trip and upcoming travel schedule for the next few weeks, I wanted to get a trip in on my rig. Had a small window that Dan wanted to take advantage of. His goal was to jig and pop Bluefin tuna. Got to the Princess early and the water was pea green with no signs of life, got to the Chicken and saw more life. Set up on the drift and began jigging and throwing meat. Had schools of rays under the boat no bites, just schools of Mahi that were finicky but plucked one. Worked further along the edge and got our under Bluefin when we came a across a motherlode of Skippies with nice sized yellowfin and bluefin mixed in, had 3 shots at them with fish all around the boat but no takers. Dan had an arsenal of Japanese poppers and jigs I have never seen, but sardines, butters, or lures would not work. Our small window closed and got back to the dock for lunch. Had Chef Marcus at the Clarks Landing Dockside Grill prepare the Mahi in a pineapple, sesame ginger sauce, and Key West style with coconut rum sauce. The Tuna was a sushi roll filled with crabmeat and tempura drizzled with wasabi sauce.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canyon Trip with Sons

For years my sons had the itch to fish the edge with Dad. Well with Saturday's forecast and no charters I made their wish come true. Ran with my dad and buddies Mike and Mark for crew, with the intention of getting the kids their first tuna and mahi. Left the inlet in the dark got to the canyon at first light, slow troll all morning, canyon fishing was a slow pick for most of the fleet. Talk about pressure, worked my butt off and got our first shot in a school of skippies landed the first small fish barely legal Nick first, and a skippie. Trolled further down the line and got another shot again all small fish blowing up the lures but got another legal fish. Accomplishing first goal, it was on to the next. Antonio's first mahi, went pot hopping till we found them, mission accomplished with Tony landing his first on a bucktail. Left the canyon at lunchtime looking inside at the Chicken but bite was over so we headed to the barn. Slow fishing overall, but pales in comparison to many firsts today. 3 generations of Gamboa's enjoying the canyon, Nick's first tuna, and Tony's first mahi, will never forget the day!

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