Monday, August 25, 2014

Nearshore Pelagic Crew Trips

Hey guys this past week we have been doing Maintenance to get ready for the Manasquan Marlin Tuna club tourney. In meantime been Making runs to the nearshore lumps to see if There is any life. Been pleasantly surprised to Find schoolie Bluefin in sight of land. Running The Canyon Runner, Mini Mamba bars in purple/black Have been the ticket, bar closely resembles sandeels the tuna have been on, nice size Mahi are around as well and eating the bars!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Canyon Chunking-Jigging Trip with Andrew Lin Charter

Had Andrew out with kids Harrison and Corina And buddy Rich. On way to canyon made a pit Stop at inshore spot, got an under Bluefin and Yellowfin. Continued towards Hudson and Stopped for some mahi, landing Corina's first. Trolled square till dark no bites. Got set up for The night and began chunking, had a mystery fight For half and hour on a tuna rig, might have been a sword Chafed off the leader. Had a couple of sharks then At 4am all hell broke loose, fish schooled up under The boat and had them on jigs as well as sardines. These Yellows were the nicer jumbos making them difficult to Land for my inexperienced crew, did manage to get 3 to the boat to 60lbs losing many more. In the morning Crew had enough and came home. Andrew had been Planning on this trip for a while, Glad he got to see what canyon chunking and jigging is all about!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bluefin Lunch Express with the Jeremy Ingle Charter

Had Jeremy backout again for bft with buddy Angel
Took advantage of the weather window and got to the 
Grounds early. Looked around and found what we 
Needed, went 4-4 quickly and got our 2 unders and 
Went into release mode. Soon after the guys wanted a
Shot at mahi, no luck, hit a wreck for cod no luck, we 
Decided to get home for lunch to grill the fish up!

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