Monday, May 31, 2010

John Liptock Striper Charter Sunday

Had one of my favorite customers John Liptock along with his son and some friends out for some stripers. Left the dock at 10:30 so this way we could get on them in the late afternoon. Bait was real deep and real skittish so we had to snag a couple of pieces. Being that there wasn't anything going on at the time we hit a seabass spot of mine up north and it was game on with some real nice humpies. We got 24 keepers pretty quick but our main quarry was stripers so off we went. We ran all over the ocean and at 8pm they came up for a little and we got a nice striper and lost another. Tough day got home at midnight with all that parkway traffic.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Striper/Seabass/Ling for the Kevin Butler Charter

Had my fraternity brother back again this year with buddies Dave, Neil, Flag, and newcomers Art and John. Started out live-lining up North and was a frustrating morning went 2-12 on the Striped ones, in the twenty pound range. Decided to change the mood and have some fun, set up for some bottom fishing and cranked the tunes. Landed over 50 keeper seabass to 4lbs, with as many shorts with some nice big Ling. Great way to end a tough morning.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Striper Trip with the Chris DeCresce and Kids Charter

Had Chris with son Luke, Rick and his son Nick, and buddy John on board. Had 3 dozen livies on board and turned the inlet for the grounds, met with so-so conditions for most folks, "decent swells". Made our way north and set up on the drift, one of the kids started feeling the dreaded "mal de mar". To young for a bad experience, talked to his dad and told trolling may save the day, moving boat, focus on horizon, air in his face, dad agreed. Put in the TGT bunker spoons and had results first 2 passes yielded nice mid-twenties fish on the green/white small spoon. trolling into and with wind got the bites. the young one still was feeling ripe made our way into the river and ended the day catching snappers on light tackle and, throwback fluke to 17 and half inches. Congrats to Luke on his first and biggest Striper. And Nicky to his first saltwater fish.

Striper Limit with the Belliot/Loiselle Charter

Had Mat with girlfriend Collen, and brother Greg on board. Started out trying to net bunker, very difficult today, had to snag. Tried Spring Lake, then Asbury, then Deal nothing, heard from 3 different captains how good the bite was way north!. Decided to make the run, glad I did, Capt Max threw once and we had what we needed. first drift we limited with fish to 32lbs, Collen's biggest of her career.. Went in to release mode landing another 8. went back towards home and landed another off of Asbury. total was 15 for the day. Cool thing was Greg landing his first Striper and Colleen with her personal best.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Striper Limit with the Bill Staubach Charter

Had Bill on board with buddies, John, Lou, Charlie, Danny, and Mark. Made bait early in dense fog, and took our first drift landed one fish, but a slow pick. Decided to pick up and head north and found the fish. in 3 drifts we got our limit on fish to John's pool winning 36lb'r. Fish turned on later in the day in 50 feet of water.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 2 with Matt Hodges Charter & Striped Bass Limit Again!

Today I had Matt, his dad and bunch of his buddies for their second bass trip in a row. First thing in the morning was hot on the pods but boat traffic killed that so we headed north and found some bass working the bunker there. By noon we headed in with their limit of 10 big bass up to 32lbs. Good day for a Saturday. We also dropped a lot of fish today. The bass were picking it up and dropping the baits after a 15 second run. Tight lines. ~ Capt Carlos

Friday, May 21, 2010

Striper Limit with the Matt Hodges Charter

Had Matt on board this morning with his Dad Frank, buddy Mike and Abe. Capt Max made bait this morning with a nice toss of the net getting 100 pieces. Ran south to the bite, Thanks Capts Jerry/Wayne (Monger Dudes) and worked the pods, made 2 drifts and had our limit on fish to 35lbs. Played catch and release the rest of the morning releasing another half dozen. Fish wanted livies no weight. Bite started in 20 feet in the morning and got deeper later in the day. Crazy season so far, can't get any better. Planned on bottom fishing but the charter went to Jenkinson's to get their drink on!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boat Move from Higlands to Clarks Marina

Left the great folks from Gateway Marina, thanks for the hospitality to move the boat back to home base of Clark's. Had new Captain for this year Max Forlenza who has been mating for the past couple of season for Capt Carlos and his brother Sam. Made the move south and ran into unreal pods of baits from Asbury to Spring Lake, for all the live-liners out there. Made my throw with my 10ft Ocean Proven Percy net and got 150 pieces on the first throw. Took care of the Mongers and took one drift, landed 3 Stripers to 25lbs on the first drift and headed back to the barn. Looking forward to a great season, good luck to all be safe and tight lines.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fat Ling Caught with Jim M. Charter

Today I had Jim and his buddies for a full day charter. Left out of the highlands and headed south to Long Branch and dropped livies on the same spots where the fish have been hanging for a while and nada. Trolling has been hot so we trolled stretches and shad rigs with the same results. Got a call from Jerry (Monger) about a bite way down off Lavallete, thanks man, but since we had the boat in the highlands for the weekend , I couldn't make the run. Well we hit a wreck in 50 feet off the highlands and we bailed out on some fat ling and a few cod. We tried trolling again for a while and we still couldn't buy a bite. Tough day!!! ~ Capt Carlos

P.S. Ran over my damn camera for the second time. Trying to get some pics out of it :-(

ASA with my Sons Winning Junior Anglers Again

Did my yearly ASA tournament with my sons Daniel and Antonio, with buddies Mike, Jerry, and John. Made a run south were I have been catching them for the past 2 weeks. First stop was a no-go, heard of bite north from Alan "Netkeeper", headed that way and had good fishing for the rest of the day. Landed over 20 Bass on live bunker. Fish were very aggressive today pounding them as soon as they hit the water with many bass following hooked bass on the way in. Made it first to weigh in and wound up in 4th place. However, the boys total put them in first for Junior Angler. The kids really worked hard today, they wanted to hook,fight,land every fish, very cool to see.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Manhattan Cup 1st Place Live Release Division

Got introduced to my assigned team, Team Consolidated Carpet with members Dave, Sean, Rich, and Art. Not knowing their abilities or attitude the original plan was to fish the river for quantity, however I got a great vibe from these guys so as we were leaving the dock I turned to my mate Mike Tyas and told him we are going for broke. Pointed the nose south and ran 50 miles to the spot. Once we got there we had 5 fish in the first 15 minutes, the coolest thing however was watching 100's of Bass popping bunker out of the water. Feeling good about the fish we had in the release tube, we ran into the river to try to win the release category. That plan fell apart no tide. Decided to run back to the weigh station early to insure our fish would survive, actually was the first boat out of the 58 that entered the tournament weigh in. Sweated it out for an hour until it was official. Congrats to angler Art for landing the fish. Tournament was well run and good to meet some new captains and great to see old friends.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Extreme Bottom Fishing with the Ron Nobile Charter

Had Ron out again for an offshore trip with buddies Mike and Chris, and had Ed "Eamon", fill out a last minute cancellation in Ron's crew. Plan was to start tilefishing in the canyon then come inshore for Cod-Pollack. Weather changed those plans made 2 drops 20 miles inshore of the canyons and had instant bites on cod, but each time the doggies covered us up. Decided to make a run for tiles, once there the drift was a slow one, making it hard to cover ground. However, did manage a couple of firsts, popped Chris's cherry on tiles, but his double header 20lbs Tile had a 20lb Snowy Grouper, a first for Andreas Toy. Picked another small tile, and it was over. Had intentions to run to another canyon, but conditions didn't allow it. Made another run inshore and again hit a wreck and first fish was Cod and some ling, until the doggies covered us up again.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Seidman Charter Live-Lining Trip

My Boss, Barry Seidman chartered the boat for a 4-hour afternoon trip, he brought along Dr John Butel from Jersey Shore Hospital. Made bait right outside the inlet, tried stopping on some marks but no takers, water temps 54 degrees. With limited time, made the run north where the bite has been on. Went on the drift once I found the right conditions, 50ft depths with a color change had 50 degrees on the clean ocean side, brown tidal side had 53 degrees. Drifted through towards the warmer side and got the bites, not as fast as it has been, but landed 3 stripers to 25lbs. Had blues to 12lbs, and missed some fish that ate baits close to the boat.

Live-line Striper Limit

Heard reports of bunker along the beach yesterday so put together a trip of Mike Tyas, Scott McCall, and Sam Melendez. Cast netted bunker with my new 22lb Percy Net in 40 feet of water. Looking at my log this was the earliest bite off Stripers on live bunker in my career. Had 52 degree water in the afternoon and made my drifts in 40ft-50ft, limited with fish to 22lbs. Bite was very picky, lots of pick-ups and drops. The most aggressive fish were the ones that ate the baits closest to the boat, literally once the bait hit the water they swallowed the baits. No weight hooked in the tail worked best.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wilson Gama Charter Striper Limit

Felt good to be out today after a long hiatus. Had a four man charter that wanted some bass and then we were going to get some local cod. Headed up north to where the fleets been catching and we got into the stripers right away. The guys landed 8 bass in three drifts throwing back two of the keepers that were a little over 28 inches. That might of been the kiss of death cause after releasing the second keeper the fish dispersed and it was over.

Around 9:30, we headed south and by the time we hit the first wreck the south wind was starting to come on. Two drops in 70 ft resulted in a few bites and that's it so we hightailed outta there getting to the dock in time for lunch. Some cod would of been nice but the guys still had a great time! ~Capt Carlos

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