Monday, August 30, 2021

John Papandrea Mahi and Yellowfin

Had John Papandrea and family out today. Started out as mahi trip but after we hooked a dozen, we changed gears and did some trolling. Landed my closest yellowfin to shore in my career, nice surprise and great way to end the trip.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Eric Michaels Mahi Tuna

Captain Willy had out Eric Michaels for a mid-shore tuna trip. Started out the day tuna fishing but wasn't much going on so they decided to go hit some mahi mahi. Loaded up on the mahi and once they had enough meat they headed back to the tuna grounds. They tuna were being extremely finicky but after some adjustments they finally got the bites and made them count going 2/2 on nice yellowfins. Definitely wasn't easy but being persistent paid off. Great group of first time tuna fisherman did fantastic

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Russ and the Boys Tuna and Mahi

Had Big Russ out with the boys. Started out on the tuna grounds with Mat and Stan popping their tuna cherries. Was a slow pick so decided to spice up the catch with mahis which was a good call, ended up with over 30 up to 15lbs. Went back to the tuna grounds for the afternoon but just albies on the jigs.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Sam Angelo Albies, Mahi, Fluke & Sea Bass

Captain Willy had out Sam Angelo today for a inshore trip. The guys had a lot of fun cranking on albies all morning till they couldn't any more. Had one short bluefin in the mix as well. After that they went bottom fishing where they had seabass and fluke as-well as finding some surprise mahi mahi on some pots that were loaded with them. That was really cool and close to home.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Chris Vaughn and Keith Bang Tuna

Had Chris Vaughn and Keith Bang with family Curtis "Newbie". Got settled into the grounds and got in a groove, thanks Derrick. Got six bites on the first drift half on bait and half on jigs, going 5-6, all the guys had at with Curtis landing his first tuna of his life. With approaching weather decided to head inshore and play with some mahi. Back at the dock by Lunchtime.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Mike Inzetta Tuna Tile Mahi

Had Mike Inzetta and the boys back. Started out on the tuna grounds and the boys did a great job starting the trip going 7-8 on yellows with both jig and bait in the first hour of the day. Decided to switch gears and made a run for the canyon, started light tackle mahi and landed a couple dozen of them. Then did some tilefish, not a great drift only getting 3, but ideal drift for daytime swords. Drifted for a few hours with no takers. Ended the trip getting some more mahi on the way home.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Gary Roadis Tuna Tiles Mahi

Had Gary Roadis and the boys back out. They wanted a mixed bag, so we started off at the bluefin grounds to jig no life so pushed off further, started chunking for the XL yellows that have been a round had action right off the bat landing fish and breaking a fish well over 100lbs right at the boat. Changed gears and ran to the canyon for tiles and mahi landing over a couple dozen to fill up the box. Ended up back at the original spot before wind got heavy and missed a few more before calling it a day. 

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