Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Open Boat Mixed Bag Offshore Trip 7/30

Had newcomers to the boat John, Jeremy, Fran and his brother Tom. Left the inlet in the dark to get to the spot early. Half a dozen boats there and thousands of tuna chicks! Was going to troll but the machine had lots of good marks so we started jigging, had one on right way, nice job John. Decided to troll to find some bigger models, Jeremy was up next popping his Tuna cherry. Went back on the jig and the Foley brothers landed theirs, tagged and released some more. Since everyone had landed one we decided to look for mahi, found a pot with a bunch of gaffers but only landed one and losing the rest. Hit a few wrecks on the way home to nail a dozen cod and ling. Lots of fun with a bunch of new anglers to the TOY!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Elks Tournament

Had team "Blind Squirrel" (Dave,Henry,Glenn,Brian,Larry and George) Made our way out the inlet in the mix of the "Shot-gun" start...Pulled away from the pack and headed to the north, had a good pick of solid fish. As the wind and drift picked up we headed back south to pick away before weigh in... Our biggest of 12 keepers went 7.2 for a 7th place finish (out of 184 or so boats)... It was a great day lots of laughs and a few "nuts" found... A awesome bunch of fisherman. Met "Shrimp man Steve" thank you for the inlet photo and congrats on a great catch... Capt. Eddie

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bluefin trip with Payet-Brothers

Had regulars Dan and Keith on board today to get in on the hot bluefin action. Not sure of weather but made the run, weather man was wrong and conditions were great. Got out to the spot where they had them the day before and it was all bluefish, made a move and found some fish wound up going 6-6 on fish up to 40 inches, ended the day with a doubleheader and left them biting and made 40 knots all the way home.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bottom fishing with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar back out for his fill the freezer trip. First wreck he landed half a dozen cod to start the trip. after that action slowed we changed gears and went on the hunt for Bluefin. Had 72 degree clean green water but after a few hours of no luck hit another couple of wrecks. Had a decent pick of seabass and ling to finish the day. Enjoy the eats Oscar!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bottom Fishing Trip with the Farkas Family Charter

Had Bob Senior, Junior, brother Glen, and daughters Daisha and Jennifer. The crew had won a 4 hour trip through a raffle to raise money for Breast Cancer through Clarks Landing. Loaded the crew and went to the first wreck, divers were there which made us have to switch gears, next wreck had a lot of life, was getting a steady pick going of seabass and lots of ling with Jennifer getting a doubleheader when a storm started heading our way. Made the decision to head inshore and fish the river for fluke, that was a bust. Had a great time with a fun family!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overnight Canyon trip with the Pat Barr Charter

Had Cheryl call me to give her husband Pat his 50th Birthday Gift, he brought his son Mike and buddy Joe. Left the inlet in search for Bluefin, no luck, made some drifts on wrecks for Cod and Pollack no luck, made a run for the canyon, got there and found all the life we wanted, whales, porpoises and bait but no tuna. Changed gears and started tilefishing, had a fast drift that made it tough but nailed half a dozen goldens and bluelines. Went back on the troll still no luck, set up for the night, no bites until 330 when we had a monster on a jig, fought the beast for half an hour making no head way till hook pulled, damn. Went on the troll but again life but no tuna, changed gears again and went light tackle mahi fishing, had plenty of bites with many fished miss but all of the guys got in on the action. Picked up and ran inshore to look for bluefin, greeted by big nasty bluefish. Ended the day getting Seabass and ling. Fun day with all of the guys catching their first tiles and mahi.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mixed Bag Overnight Canyon Trips

Canyon Season is around the corner and I will begin compiling the list for open boat Mixed Bag Overnight Canyon Trips. These trips will be limited to 3 anglers, these trips will start out hunting for bluefin on the way to the canyons, then when we arrive at the canyons, we will light tackle mahi, then deep drop for tilefish. Late afternoon we will begin trolling for tuna and marlin till dark. At night we will chunk for tuna, but if the charter is satisifed with how many tuna are in the box we will target mako-swords, at first light we will troll for tuna, then head for home, on the way there we can stop on wrecks to jig some cod and pollack. We will provide all of the gear to tackle all of these fish including the jigs. The fare is $850 and the tip is already included.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mixed Bag Offshore Trip with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam out for the first time offshore after numerous Striper trips. He had is usual buddies of Mike, Pat and Andy. Due to hectic shedules we made the run today in less than favorable conditions, got to our spot and saw lots of life, birds,whales, turtles, marking bait and fish. On the troll we had knockdowns but big seas made it tough to troll. Hit a wreck and bagged a dozen nice Cod and Baseball bat ling. Went on the drift chunking and jigging, the Brown Sharks and Bluefish made getting the baits to tuna impossible. On the way home hit a wreck for 20 keeper seabass and ling.

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