Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixed Bag Open Boat Midshore Charter

Had regulars Chuck Routar, Sam Melendez and Joe Scott. Headed out late morning after the crowd left the inlet, 10 miles short of goal we saw tons of life only got Bluefish but, my buddy Scott got a couple of bites and landed his under. Kept going and was in search mode between CC and Ap when I heard of a bite going on, made the run and caught the tail end. Went 0-2 on the troll and the bite died,started getting concerned. While setting up for the next phase of the trip we dropped down on a local wreck to add some Cod to the mix. Went into shark, chunking, jig mode. After a short while we hooked the man in the blue suit, after a tail rope we got a measurement and decided to take him, 60 inch fish. Went back on the troll and finished with a great bite going 4-5 on Bluefin to 32 inches to end the evening. Fun day with flat seas with some great guys.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Evening Striped Bass Limit

We had Tom L, Tom N, Don G, Mike N, and Lamar T, out for an evening striped bass trip. We got our bait a little south of Belmar, it took a little while longer that normal but the guys stuck it out. Once we had some bait in our live well we headed north to find hungry bass just shy of Asbury. We had 2 bass on our first drift. As we set back up on our second drift we were shut down and chased away by some nasty thunder storms. We spent the next few hours dodging thunder storms using our Sirius satellite weather overlay. When we were able to make our way back to where we first caught our fish we set up a bit offshore. It was game on as soon as the baits hit the water. We finished the trip out getting our limit just as another thunderstorm rolled in. It was an adventurous trip! The guys really hung in there and we finished off with some great striped bass action.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Open Boat Bluefin Beatdown

Had regular customers Adam Zion, Monty, Vinnie Russo, and Chris Messick today. Plan was to troll first light then, jig, shark, then hit some wrecks. Troll started out well went 2-4 with Bluefin to 45 inches on green machines spreaders and daisies. Saw a scallop boat who had hauled back and was shucking, made some passes on the troll and read a motherload of fish. I asked him for permission to fish near him and he obliged. First bait got bit and it was unreal fishing for hours. Limited to only 2 anglers per drift to avoid tangles, could have had 4 fish on at a time if we wanted. Conservatively had over 40 hookups landing more than half, all of the fish were between 40-45 inches. After the workout the guys needed a break, did some sharking and hit some wrecks, landing Ling and other undesirables, sharking was also slow, no bites. Was able to give our new popping tuna rods a try today. Used the Saragosa 18000 with the Terez 7-6 Blank, perfect for casting scallop snot with no weight, yet light and powerful to make easy for of the Bluefin. Great day and fantastic way to start the bluefin season!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mudhole Trip with the Russel Noll Charter

Had childhood friend Russell on board with buddy and NJ Member Ron(LeftyReeler), and buddy Pete, Dan and Bill. Made bait at the inlet just in case any bass round. Not hearing any reports and no good signs decided to head to the hole for a nice relaxing day. First 2 wrecks were barren except for a stray seabass and tons of Bergals. Headed off to the Northeast 3rd wreck had some life mix of throwback Cod and some ling, 4th wreck was loaded with cod some keepers but many throwbacks. Last wreck had the most life, cod, ling, and seabass. On the way home hit 3 pieces on Sea Girt reef with very little to show for it. Ended the day with half a dozen keeper cod and least 3 dozen shorts, 2 dozen ling, and half a dozen seabass. Beautiful day with some good guys!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shawn Mullen Live-Lining Striper Limit

Had Shawn with buddy Ed, and his best client, Barry on board. Made bait and ran straight south, got on the first pod which was close to a mile long and figured out the best area to fish. Wind started howling from the south and fish headed in that direction. set up way south of the fish, and had 2-3 on per drift. Got our limit in short order and played C&R for a while. Landed close to a dozen bass up to 40lbs. Decided to shift gears and try some inshore sharking no touches, so we tried some fluke only shorts. Great trip today, this charter was my only skunk trip from 2010, so this was sweet revenge with some great guys.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horst Klein Live-Lining Striper Limit

Had Horst back for his second trip this season, this time the wives stayed home and the boys came out to play, he brought Ed, Steve,Scott,Kevin and Herman. Made bait and made a beeline straight south to a bite that was going on at 12 noon? Got there and had our limit in the first hour. Steve had the big fish 50 inches 26 inch girth, figured it was about 48lbs! Went on the drift for sharks no takers, came back to the pods and landed some more fish, which were released safely and headed back to the barn. Good guys with some outstanding fishing.

Afternoon in NJ... Shark Fishing!

Was down at the boat with my mate Greg going over everything for the offshore season. We finished up a little early and with the reports we had heard the past few days of all the threshers around we decided to run out and give it a shot for a couple hours. Greg called his buddy that was in the area, he hopped around 1230 and off we went. Made bait in two throws and went out looking around for a bit. Didn't see any bait out in the deep so decided to make a drift over some lumps in 65ft. As Greg was sending out the first line the float got about 30ft from the boat and took off! He fought the fish for about 25 min and ended up breaking it off close to the boat. We went back up on the same drift again, within twenty minutes of chunking we could see another thresher out in the slick. Reeled one of the baits up close to the fish and it was game on. Tony fought this fish for quite a while, and were able to stick it with the 'poon and get a quick tail rope on it. Fish weighed in at Hoffmans at 208. Also tried out the new Redi-Rig Shark floats for the first time today and was very impressed with their performance/ simple and easy they are to use!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tony Picaro Seabass Trip

Had Tony back for his yearly seabass trip with buddies Joe, Rich, John, and Ralph, and his Son Will, which was his Birthday gift. Talked them into trying for stripers to start the trip, making bait was really tough and snag and drop in the pods was not working. Made a couple of drifts and no takers. So we went back to original plan of bottom fishing. Hit 3 pieces to start the trip, all of them had plenty of life but only half a dozen keepers. Headed north fished some deeper rock piles but same thing tons of short minimal keepers. Hit a couple of more wrecks and rockpiles, same story. Ended up with a dozen seabass and over 60 shorts. Fun day of ball-busting with a great group.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blaine Fessler Striper Live-lining charter

Had Blaine and friends on board today, With Capt Scott at the helm and Greg in the pit. Had a bit of a delay this morning dealing with some throttle cable issues, didn't clear the inlet till late morning. Headed south and worked the bait pods, had some run-offs but landed 2 nice Stripers with the biggest going 42lbs at Hoffman's scale. After the bite slowed we went searching north as far as the rocks but didn't get any more fish. Wanted to thank the charter for being patient this morning and look forward to seeing them again next year.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tom Lawrence Charter - Striper Bass on the Menu

Had Tom x 2, Don x 2, Bob, and Billy out for a day of bass fishing. Left the dock a little after noon. Made bait easily and off we went. Decided to head north and take a look around. After a little searching we found the fish and the guys put 3 in the box on the first two drfits. Each drift we would have a couple runoffs but the fish would not really commit to the baits. After it slowed up we went looking again, stopped on some good marks and put the baits in to have them all get blasted by bass. The guys put one in the boat on that drift with a couple lost fish. Went looking for those fish again only to find small blues taking over. Continued on our way south and made another stop along the way. The guys had 4 fish on within minutes putting 3/4 in the box. Had a couple more fish blow up on the boats but no more takers. At the end of the day the guys were able to put 7 in the box to 34lbs!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Todd Moyer Striper Live-Lining Limit-Revenge

Had Todd out again today, with Stumpy, Double D and Josh (Homer Circle). I was coming off my first skunk of the year and Todd and the boys had a tough trip yesterday. Had a buddy I sent north the evening before and he found a huge body of bass. Heard those fish were non existent this morning. So made a beeline down to a bite at Barnegat inlet, too late bite over. Decided to make the run north towards Montauk to find these elusive bastages, after talking to Derrick. Found them and it was game on had our limit on the first drift, with triple headers. Wound 12-15 with Stripers to Todd's 36lb pool winner. Run was long but the limit was much sweeter.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Todd Moyer Charter for Striped Bass

Had Todd, Josh, stumpy and the boys out for day 1 of bass fishing...Decided to look to the south first, made our bait quickly and started working down to the south, fishing a pod or two on the way down. Looked everywhere, deep, shallow, read them good a couple times but they wouldnt bite. Went as far south as ibsp, turned around and looked all the way back up to spring lake. Ended up going 1-3 on bass for our efforts and a few blues mixed in. Tough day all around!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mixed Bag Trip with Kevin Butler Charter

Had my frat brother Kevin with buddies Neil, Dave, Flag, and newcomers Lloyd and John. Did my first bottom fishing trip and fishing was slow, landed a dozen keepers seabass, cod and some throwback Tog. Had a life at all the stops but nothing consistent. Decided to give Stripers a try, made bait, and went searching after 6 hours of trying and decided to head back to the barn. Slow fishing but great guys with some good music, thanks Kevin!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chris Messick - Bass Mayhem - Limits!

Had Chris and the boys out today for another day of bass fishing... broke the inlet a little after 12 and filled up the live-well with one throw...snag and dropped a couple schools of bait near the inlet as they looked pretty "fishy"... nada... decided to head to the south and look a call from Chris on fish stix that he had seen some fish spraying a little south of us but was on his way in...went down an checked it out. Found a couple small pods of bait and worked them a bit and put 6 fish in the boat on the first two drifts. Got a call from Jerry on the Monger that is was insanity up by the inlet...with 6 in the box already we decided to make the run so the guys could witness the crazy bass blitz...within two minutes of pulling up the guys had 4-5 fish on...over the next couple hours the guys boated over 30 bass keeping their limit and releasing the rest...another sick day of bass fishin!!

Art Murphy - Bass Limits ++

Had Art and the boys out for another afternoon of bass fishing. Hoping for a repeat of yesterday, we broke the inlet and starting making our way towards where we had the fish yest. Got a call that the bass were up top so off we went ( Thanks Jerry!). When we pulled up they were blowing up all around the boat. The guys put a quick 5 fish in the boat on the first drift before it slowed down a bit. We decided to push on a little further and pulled up on the same thing, bass blowing up the baits. The guys put a few more fish in the boat here but the boat traffic shut it down fast. On the way back up we got to see an incredible bass blitz. Complete mayhem with everyone hooked up instantly 4-6 fish on the entire drift. The most insane bass blitz i have ever seen. After it slowed down due to boat traffic we kept making our way back toward the inlet running into pods of bunker being crushed by bass. By the days end the guys boated 30+ fish keeping their limit and releasing the rest!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Caporele Charter - Striped Bass Limit

Had John, Tom, Scott, Ed and Little Jake out for an afternoon of bass fishing. Made bait in one throw right outside the inlet and started heading south in search of some bass. Found a few scattered fish and went 1-5 on the first two drifts with a nice 38lb fish. None of the guys had ever live-lined or caught bass for that matter so it took a little while for them to get used to it. The action slowed down for a bit, then an hour or so later the bass came up on top and it turned into mayhem 2-3 on at a time. the guys easily got their limit and released many more fish! Highlight of the day was seeing Jake land three bass by himself!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mark Krute Live-lining Charter

Had Mark out with buddies Mike, John, Graham, Glenn, and Kevin, made bait early and ran north had 3 stripers in pods off Spring Lake early, then ran north. On the way up Graham decided to have lunch, found a Banana in his lunch box-threw that piece of crap overboard and had a tough morning-afternoon. Decided to make it a long day, went south, then back north and found the mother-lode. Had bunker being blasted out of the water, all the guys hooked up on the last drift, wound up landing 10 to 35lbs. Long but fun day with some great guys!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Striper Livelining with the Mike Fox Charter

Had Regulars Mike and Chuck with buddies Steve and Steve (Peppermill). Started out making bait south and fished the pods, no luv. Made the run north where I have been catching. First drift Both Steve's landed their first Striper popping their Striper cherries, had a pick rest of day landing half a dozen to Mike's biggest of the day at 35lbs certified scale at Clarks. Fun day with some cool guys!

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