Friday, September 22, 2023

Jim Vanator Tuna

Had Jim Vanator and crew from Alaska out today, made bait and got to the grounds, albeit a tad late. Able to jig 2 nice yellows and the bite completely died. Went searching, found some mahi, but not what I expected. Found a nice slick and started working  and hooked up a big fish on 40 flouro, during the fight we had tuna thick in the spread. John and Steve did a great job on the fish, but due to a prolonged fight the taxman came a calling. Awesome sight to see 500lb mako  turn our 70lb tuna into  a Scooby snack! After she showed up game was over. On the way home looked for some bluefin and found them, fish airing out from 100-500lbs, however couldn't get a bite, tough day of fishing but the boys from Alaska got to see the New Jersey offshore scene!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Dad’s 87th birthday tuna trip

Had my dad's 87th birthday trip today. Had all of my family including my 2 sons. Got to the grounds at lunchtime and had the fish boiling on the baits. unfortunately we couldn't land all the bites we had, still had a great time, with tons of laughs and lots of trash talk, ended the session with some mahi for tacos.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Tom Kelly Tuna Mahi

Had Tom Kelly and Family out today with family and friends. Made bait and went on the hunt, got to the grounds a bit late to find a decent bite for some in the fleet. Broke Tom's tuna cherry, but the bite didn't last, going 1-3. Decided to get the crew into some action so got close to 15 mahi with the biggest of the season going almost 20lbs.

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