Saturday, November 26, 2011

Striper trip with the Mike Tyas Crew

Capt Keith was at the helm today, with Mike and Both Matt's on board he ran down the beach in dark to get in on the Bass bite. Had a good early bite putting 8 in the box. As soon as it started it was over. Weekend boat traffic made it tougher, but nice day out for the guys.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Offshore Bottom Trip

Had Hard-core regulars Sam M, Ed-Eamon, and Bill. Plan was to run way offshore and jig Cod and Pollack, then hit inshore wrecks for jumbo seabass that haven't made the offshore wrecks. Made good time to the 70 mile wrecks while sun was coming up, tons of Humpback porgies that are not llegal and bluefish. Very few big seabass and Pollack or Cod. Hit a few more wrecks same deal. Went inshore and found some humpback seabass, more porgies and doggies. Hit another piece and ran out of daylight. Wound up with 2 dozen keeper seabass to 5lbs, over 60 big porgies. Want to thank the guys for fishing hard in tough sea conditions, NOAA, got it wrong, 20-25 knot winds in 4-7 foot seas.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Striper Limit, Bottom Fishing with Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam out with Dad John and buddies Mark Sr and Jr, and Larry. Started out jigging our limit of stripers to 15lbs in the first hour down south, went into release mode letting over 20 go. Around 9am the guys wanted to try togging, after some practice they all landed their first keepers, landing 6, and releasing another dozen with some nice seabass to add to their catch. Great first trip with some great guys!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bottomfish Trip with the Chuck Routar Charter

Had Chuck out today, with Buddies Bobx2, Lenny, Herb, and Frank. Started out togging, hit 3 different pieces with little to show for it, changed gears and ran offshore, had nice pick for rest of the day. Ended up with close to 40 Seabass, 20 Ling, half a dozen Cod, and 2lb Bergall!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Striper Limit with the Alex Perafan Charter

Had Alex with buddies Stefano, Carlos, Barney, and Juan Pablo Senior and Junior. Started out jigging our limit early on in the shallows between 20-35 feet. Once we had our limit we did some trolling so the guys could drink some beers and hear some tunes releasing another 20 fish. Made an attempt at bottom fishing but rough conditions later in the afternoon made that tough. Great day with a bunch of fellow countrymen. Also many Striper cherries popped in the bunch!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Striper Limit with the Serpe Family

Had Anita Serpe call me a couple of months back looking for a Birthday trip for her husband Richard. Told her what I could offer her husband and son Nick. She booked on the spot, had our chance today after waiting for the Striper run to start. Timing was everything, even with the forecasted winds of 30 knots, tight to the beach it wasn't bad at all. Made our run to the south and got our limit on the first couple of drifts, after that we went into release mode, then went trolling to try something different. Great part of the trip was the father and son bonding and young Nick kicking his Dad's butt, and talking smack on top of it. Great day with loads of fun.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mixed Bag Trip with the Jeremy Harrington Charter

Had Jeremy on board with buddy Bruce and father and son team of Caz and Chad. Plan was to try for Bluefin, even with the lack of reports, read the fish tried trolling, chunking and jiggin but no bites. Shifted gears and set up on a wreck for seabass, had 2 keeper Cod and 25 Seabass, and over 30 shorts in little over an hour when we got wind of great Striper bite to the south. After talking to the crew we made the run down the beach, caught the tail end of the bite but did manage to land 3 keeper stripers and 15 Blues to 12lbs. On the way home Jeremy made up some Seabass ceviche to end the a great day on a high note!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stacy Family Mixed Bag Charter

Had Nick with uncles Bob and Steve on board for a half day charter. Since Nick had to get to football practice and with the conditions today I figured It would be a challenge but I'm always up for it. Started out jigging under birds and lots of blues from 5-12lbs, with Nick landing his first Striper at 30 inches, after landing close to 30 Blues the crew decided to switch gear and bottomfish. Landed over 60 seabass with 20 being over keeper size. Taught Nick how to tog and he caught on quick landing his first Tog at 6lbs. Fun day with a great crew on a nice sunny day!

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