Monday, July 27, 2015

Canyon Birthday Bigeye for Mark B and crew

Had Good buddy Mark with brother Mike and Buddy Al.
Mark's birthday wish was a Bigeye. Made it to the
Canyon at midnight and decided to chunk till we started 
The troll at 4am, had some Mahi to keep the crew busy
Till the morning. Started the troll and 15 minutes later 
We got the bite! Happy Birthday Mark! 150lb, 63inch 
Eyeball. Did some tiles and mahi to finish the day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Canyon trip with the Ridley Family Charter

Had Dave with Dad John Sr, brother John and brother in law Bill. Made our 
Way to the canyon and outnin they spread. Had 2 nice tuna on right way. Pulled the hook and landed the other, nice 70lb yellow. Kept trolling and found some 
Skipjack a and trolled another yellow. Did some pot hopping and had 3 nice 
Mahi. Tried some tile fishing but current was too strong. Good day fishing with
Some great guys

Canyon trip with the Joe Garza Crew

Had Joe out with first time offshore fishermen 
Andy, Chris, and Tom. Got to the canyons around 
Midnight and decided to drift a few hours for swords
Before dawn trolling, no takers. Set up on the troll 
And had few takers, decided to break away from the 
Fleet and found what I was looking for, found the skippies
And worked them, got covered up by longfin, only 2 stayed tight.
Worked the area some more got some bites but didn't stay tight. 
Changed gears and went tile fishing, bites hard to detect due to heavy
Weight, decided to end the day light tackle spinning a bunch of Mahi.
Guys landed a bunch of fish that they always read about in beautiful
Conditions offshore!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Redemption Trip

Had Bill Poletti and son with Tim Drag. These are 2
Customers that had slow trips on the Toy and I wanted to 
Show them a good time. Told them todays trip would be
Captains choice only going for what made sense. Cleared
The inlet and saw conditions were fine. Ran east until I
Saw clean water found it 30 miles off. Talking to other boats
With no tuna action decided to drift wrecks for bottom fish
And sharks. Had Pollack, Cod, ling and seabass, when the Sharks 
Showed up Bill JR landed the biggest fish of his life, a 6 foot shark!

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