Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Extreme offshore winter trip

Had hardcore regulars Ron, Mike, Sergio and Dan. Plan was an
Ambitious one, run to Hudson, tuna chunk,
Tiles then bottom fish. Got to the canyon in the dark and started
Chunking, no bites while tuna fishing we tiled and landed a dozen nice goldens
And blue lines. Once we left the canyon we went on the hunt for Seabass
Hit 6 different wrecks for a decent pick at at all filling up the box. Took advantage of flat seas and flew home.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tog Limit with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar out for an afternoon tog
Trip, he felt like having some crew 
join him so My Dad and 
Brother joined us for the trip. Set up
On the first spot and drilled them. Had our
Limit on fish to 6lbs. Mate Jimmy was the hot
Hand getting his limit early!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Open Boat Seabass Limits

Had regulars Jim and Son Bret, Jason Greico and Julius. Made our 
Out, and beat down on Seabass to 6lbs, half a dozen triggers and porgies.
Great time with a great crew!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Striper crush with the John Dotson Charter

Had first time customer John with buddies John, Dan, and Frank.
Made the run out of the inlet and found the life trolled and jigged a 
Stripers to start the day. Made a run further south and the mayhem started 
Fished until the guys decided to switch gears,to tog, scratchy bite and small fish 
Made the guys lost interest as did I. Went back into Striper mode and 
Found the mother lode on surface plugs to end the trip. Ended up with over 50 fish landed for the day!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Striper-Togs with the Scott Nangle Charter

Had Scott out with sons Ty and Zach, nephew Jeff and best 
Buddy Don. Started out light tackle jigging over 25 bass 
Up to 30 inches on top water and shads. Ended the day
Togging hitting one spot and getting 20 keepers to 
7lbs, in little over and hour with first time tog fisherman.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Canyon Canyon-Inshore Mixed Bag

Had a weather window and decided to make a trip quick to the canyon,
Had a last minute cancellation but mates wanted to make the trip. Got to the 
Canyon and night was slow only landing a longfin and sharks. In the morning
During daylight hours decided to put in the time and it payed off! Around 8am
The fish went in the feed, had to drop to 25 flouro but had 10 bites, only got 
3 to the boat but well worth it to get the bites. Jigged some Mahi, then ended the trip inshore seabassing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stripers-Seabass with Jason Grieco Charter

Had Jason back for their annual trip with Big Wilk, Paulie, Russel, Chris 
And Greg. Started out with stripers and had 4 to 20lbs, went hit a few drops 
For seabass just shorts, went back for stripers, bite slowed down, went back to
Seabass hit some more spots with lots of doggies, final spot we had a bite
With keepers.

Open Boat Bottomfishing Limits

Had Kamil and Buddy Jay, and John and his father Dean. Started out 
Looking for the 'Inshore Ghost', too rough to see anything, hit a few 
Wrecks and Picked some seabass. Made a move further to the east and
It was lock and load seabass to 5lbs getting our limit, Cod to 10lbs, 
And big porgies. On way home found 3 pods of school tuna that
We got casts to but no takers. Ended the day on the reef getting a quick
Limit of tog to 7lbs. 

Striper Limits with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back with buddies Larry and newcomers Scott and Bill.
Decided that we were going to run wherever we had to find the stripers,
Wound up in the back of Raritan Bay, would a good decision it was, found 
A pod of bunker getting crushed had 5 fish on at once, bite continued 
Through morning, had Bill land his first striper and Scott got his personal best, 
had fish to 25lbs, after releasing Stripers we decide to seabass fish on the way 
home Landing a dozen of them.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bluefish jigging with the Horst Klein Charter

Had Horst with wife Diane, Steve and Cyndi and buddies 
DaveX2. Plan was to have rod bending action,
So opted for offshore reef and landed 20 bruiser 
Blues to 15lbs to start the trip. Came back inshore 
To try for some stripers, Found the bunker pods but no takers. 
Finished up the day jigging a bunch of spike weakfish on the
Way home. It was a fun day in beautiful conditions!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Mixed mid shore trip with Tony Shalaby

Took advantage of a small weather window today to get out. Tony wanted
Some Mahi then some bottom fish. Went looking for Mahis and did not
Find clean water until we were 40 miles out, finally found the Mahi but it
Was slim pickings. Hit wrecks for the remainder of the trip landing a dozen
Ling, pollack, and cod. Glad we got out cause it's going to blow for at least a week!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Canyon Mixed Bag Open boat Trip

Had regulars Ken and and son, with new on board John, plan was to hit the 
Pots for Mahi and tilefish did both with tile fishing slow due to no tide. Went to
Next phase of plan which was no trolling just chunk, very slow for us, landed
A nice yellow, and jigged a throwback yellow. Ended the trip catching more Mahi bringing total close to 20 and tried more tilefishing that was slow due to no current or wind, ended up with a dozen blue line and goldens

Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Bigeye, MRMTC Standings

Had Birthday boy Mark Cresenzo with son Joe, Mark B and Al. Decided at the minute to fish the Manasquan river club tourney. Made our way out to the Hudson In a little over 2 hours. Started with mahi, but not the size we wanted. Went on the troll for wahoo since its part of the Calcuttas but seeing so many Pilots whales we went on the bigeye hunt. Got our first bite at 7pm and birthday 
Boy Mark landed our first bigeye, Mark B followed up with the next fish that he landed being our biggest at 191lbs and putting us at second place in the tourney. An hour later we got our 3rd fish, landed him and decided it was time to give the tunas a break, eat dinner relax and go for swords till first light. No bites and ended up mahi fishing landing over 50, but none that put us on the leader board.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yellowfin with the Surmick Family

Had Jim and his son Brett out for his birthday. Started out trolling and found
Some good life, trolled no bites tried jigging and bait, nothing picked up and joined the fleet, started trolling and had some false albacore, then started jigging and slinging bait, birthday boy Brett got in the groove, then we started to connect had over a dozen, yellowfin, Albies, and skippies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuna trip with the Hurley Family

Did my first offshore trip with the new engines today. Had James with his
Sons Ryan and Griff and brother John and Greg. Slugged it out in a stiff northeast 70 miles to the first spot, had flying fish and birds in clean water no luck, pushed further off and found tons of whales and porpoise but no luck, after hours of trolling with no luck decided to jig and drop bait, first sardine that hit the bottom got inhaled by a nice yellowfin, figured we found the mother lode,
But that was it. Good guys to fish with and engines ran great!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Inshore Trip for Bob James Birthday

Second Birthday trip of the week! Had Bob up from Alabama with long 
Time buddy Bud and family members Scott and Collin. Started bottom fishing 
And had some ling to start the day. Made our way to the hole and started sharking, had some bites and the Brown sharks started with Bob landing the first
Around 4 feet long, had some more bites and looked for Mahi on the pots, water still Dirty. Hit some more wrecks in the hole and Bob got a nice lobster. Good guys To spend the day with!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Canyon Birthday Bigeye for Mark B and crew

Had Good buddy Mark with brother Mike and Buddy Al.
Mark's birthday wish was a Bigeye. Made it to the
Canyon at midnight and decided to chunk till we started 
The troll at 4am, had some Mahi to keep the crew busy
Till the morning. Started the troll and 15 minutes later 
We got the bite! Happy Birthday Mark! 150lb, 63inch 
Eyeball. Did some tiles and mahi to finish the day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Canyon trip with the Ridley Family Charter

Had Dave with Dad John Sr, brother John and brother in law Bill. Made our 
Way to the canyon and outnin they spread. Had 2 nice tuna on right way. Pulled the hook and landed the other, nice 70lb yellow. Kept trolling and found some 
Skipjack a and trolled another yellow. Did some pot hopping and had 3 nice 
Mahi. Tried some tile fishing but current was too strong. Good day fishing with
Some great guys

Canyon trip with the Joe Garza Crew

Had Joe out with first time offshore fishermen 
Andy, Chris, and Tom. Got to the canyons around 
Midnight and decided to drift a few hours for swords
Before dawn trolling, no takers. Set up on the troll 
And had few takers, decided to break away from the 
Fleet and found what I was looking for, found the skippies
And worked them, got covered up by longfin, only 2 stayed tight.
Worked the area some more got some bites but didn't stay tight. 
Changed gears and went tile fishing, bites hard to detect due to heavy
Weight, decided to end the day light tackle spinning a bunch of Mahi.
Guys landed a bunch of fish that they always read about in beautiful
Conditions offshore!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Redemption Trip

Had Bill Poletti and son with Tim Drag. These are 2
Customers that had slow trips on the Toy and I wanted to 
Show them a good time. Told them todays trip would be
Captains choice only going for what made sense. Cleared
The inlet and saw conditions were fine. Ran east until I
Saw clean water found it 30 miles off. Talking to other boats
With no tuna action decided to drift wrecks for bottom fish
And sharks. Had Pollack, Cod, ling and seabass, when the Sharks 
Showed up Bill JR landed the biggest fish of his life, a 6 foot shark!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Offshore Mixed Bag

Had regulars Mark and Al, with Louie his dad and uncle. Decided to do a day
Troll in our closer canyons no good! Dropped on some tiles and landed a 
Dozen and did some Mahi and got them as well.
Wanting to satisfy the tuna urge came inshore and got 3 bft to round out the catch.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bottomfish-Sharks with the Sciascia family

Had Joe with son Joe Jr and his buddies Julien and Mike and Nephew Jared.
Plan was to get bait and go from there netted our bait and tried for the elusive 
Stripers just blues which turned out to be bait for later in the day. Hit a wreck
For a couple dozen seabass and went into big game mode. Kids really wanted to see a shark, first drift Joe Sr. landed a nice 6 foot blue shark, kids were in awe.
Now Joe Sr. wanted to tangle with something real big, set em back out and we hooked a 200lb Thresher, Joe and Jared took turns on him till we got the release, the look on the kids face after seeing the shark priceless!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shark Tournament Weekend

Had the opportunity to fish the Warriors and Brett Bailey Shark Tournament.
Had regulars Joe, Dan, Mike and Louie. Made out way to the grounds this morning and tried multiple areas, not finding any life. Finally we found some life
Porpoises, read some bait and cleaner water. Then the bites started to happen, released a nice 66 incher. Next fish that hit was an 84 inch male decided to
Keep him. Fish hit one of Tom's TNT tackle mako rigs. Made it back to the scales of Brett Bailey by lunchtime and won the 3k prize for first eligible mako. Had good weather, with good friends and some fresh mako steaks for the grill.

Shark-Bottom with Oscar Carillo

Had regular Oscar out for a mixed bag, got him limited out with seabass and then went on the hunt for sharks. After a long drift came tight on a 7 foot blue, wasn't what we were looking for, gave Oscar a good workout and got him ready for offshore fishing this summer!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Shark hunt & Seabass limit with the Prendes family

Had Louie out with his dad and plan was to pre fish for
Weekend tournament and do some bottom fishing.
Had a decent drift but only saw blue Sharks. Decided to
Bottom fish some offshore wrecks and landed cod to 15lbs,
Ended the day Inshore bagging there seabass limit in an hour.
Glad to be fishing offshore again!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Striper with the Don Palathinkal Crew

Had DJ and the crew out for some bass. Got our bait outside the inlet not 
Any easy chore with the fog and headed north. Made some drifts at different 
Areas but no luck. Went on the troll and DJ banged s nice 30lb to start the day,
Kept trolling nothing. Went back on the drift with bait nothing. Decided to
Switch gears and hit some seabass on some inshore pieces, nothing! Went back
And hit more spots with the live bunker nothing! Tough day of fishing,
Glad the guys are coming back next year so I can redeem myself.

Mixed Bag with the Blues Brothers Fishing Club

Mike set up another trip for the members, joining him was Mike his son Andy, Mike, Lou, and Carl. Made bait in 46 degree water and headed north, found some life and livelined nothing. Went further north and found bird action busted out the spinner and popped 2 dozen blues to 10lbs. Went back south and put in the spoons, Mike T landed a nice 30lb. Kept trolling around the bunker pods but nothing. Decided to drift a wreck and landed over 2 dozen seabass to 4lbs and fluke. Went back to livelining but no more Stripers for us. Glad to see all the guys back!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Striper charter with the Ron Bartl charter

Had Ron with all of the boys, great start to the trip. Threw the net in the
Ocean for the first time, crushed em holla, shared with some friends and went on the hunt. Saw a nervous pod and dropped the baits on them, Sean and Jerry
Did quick work on some nice fish, thought it was going to be a crazy day not!
Had one more bite for the rest of the day, wtf! Tried trolling working pods in every depth, marked the fish but they would not bite. The boys said they enjoyed it, and would be back, damn!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Striper trip with Adam Conley-Boat move to Point

Had Adam with his buddies and gave him the option to either fish the bay
Or run the boat back to point and look for some bigger fish down the beach.
He opted to run the beach, found some marks and landed our biggest fish to date for the year, 35lbs. Had one of the crew members feel a bit ill and headed back to the barn.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stripers with the Brandon Igdalsky charter

Had Brandon with daughter Maddie, and buddies Ryan and Jeremy,
Made out bait in short order and where on our way. As soon as the baits hit
The water we had action, had our limit in short order and had steady action 
For the remainder of the morning. Congrats to Jeremy for landing his first Striper!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Striper-Blues trip with Wes Paton Charter

Had Wes with brother John and Tom and buddy Jim and his son Justin, made
Our bait and headed to where we had been catching Blues, made another move more blues,'set up on anchor more blues. Made a wiggle to a buddy got our first Striper. Made another 6 moves and still more blues. Had over 50 blues to 10lbs
And one lone Striper, long day, fortunately they were great guys.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Striper Limit with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back with regulars Larry, Mike, Mat, and special guest
Mike from Minnesota. Made our bait in 2 throws and on to the 
Fishing grounds. Adam had some stitches in his throwing hand
But it didn't deter him from getting our first keeper in the boat
After 3 casts of throwing poppers, after that it was a steady bite
Of fish for The rest of the day. Had our limit of Stripers to 25lbs
And over 20 blues to 10lbs. Back at the dock Before lunch!

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