Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Afternoon in NJ... Shark Fishing!

Was down at the boat with my mate Greg going over everything for the offshore season. We finished up a little early and with the reports we had heard the past few days of all the threshers around we decided to run out and give it a shot for a couple hours. Greg called his buddy that was in the area, he hopped around 1230 and off we went. Made bait in two throws and went out looking around for a bit. Didn't see any bait out in the deep so decided to make a drift over some lumps in 65ft. As Greg was sending out the first line the float got about 30ft from the boat and took off! He fought the fish for about 25 min and ended up breaking it off close to the boat. We went back up on the same drift again, within twenty minutes of chunking we could see another thresher out in the slick. Reeled one of the baits up close to the fish and it was game on. Tony fought this fish for quite a while, and were able to stick it with the 'poon and get a quick tail rope on it. Fish weighed in at Hoffmans at 208. Also tried out the new Redi-Rig Shark floats for the first time today and was very impressed with their performance/ simple and easy they are to use!

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