Friday, May 30, 2014

Striperfest with the Roger Whitaker Charter

Had Roger back again with buddy Rich, and 
Glenn with his kids Lauren and Colby. Made
Out bait in some challenging conditions 6 foot 
Swells, ran north and went on the drift very slow
To start the day. Came inshore to about 40 feet and 
Landed out first striper with some blues. Moved around 
A bit nothing, came back to the original spot and had a 
Nice flurry wound up boxing another 6 with 2 fish going
Over 40lbs, even cooler was Lauren landing her first
Striper ever!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boat Move to Point and Certified Striper Slob

Hey guys, wanted to report boat move to Point
was good and took a look outside to get familiar
with home again! Went solo and corralled and netted
50 pieces in 40 feet of water. Took my first drift
And had a good one on, netted him myself and took
Measurements, 47 inch length and 27 inch girth. Didnt
Want to estimate even though I have landed 1000's
of Stripers. On a certified scale it only weighed 42lbs.
Looked much bigger but the looks can be deceiving!
Anyway she was the biggest fish of the season so far
And look forward to fishing in the ocean!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stripers with Horst Klein Couples Charter

Had Horst back with his Lovely wife Diane, regular
Ed and Marybeth, and newcomers Steve and Cindy.
Made our bait in usual fashion and made the run to
the grounds. Made some drift and just blue, set up on
the chunk and wrestled through the blues, finally Diane
Landed our first striper, Later Steve landed our second
which was his first striper ever. Wound up wrestling
More blues to end the end. Beautiful day with a bunch of
Cool couples!

Charles Liu Charter... Target stripers!

Had Charles Liu and friends John, Ferdinand, and "bad luck" Jacki on board today... Our first stop was for some bunker and one throw we had more than enough. Headed out and found good marks, the fish were not biting so decided to throw the hook and it was game on.... The Guy's had a great time and sure know how to hoot and holler when a fish is on!!! The guy's had enough and we headed in for the day...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Striper Blitz with the Don Palathinkal Charter

Had repeat customer DJ back with brother in law
Terin, Tom, Don, Walt, Carl. Made our bait and went
To the spot, first drift was mayhem had 4 fish on most 
Of the time but had a hard time connecting, when dust 
Settled we were 1-10. Before the next drift talked to the 
crew About technique and not missing bites! Rest of the day 
Guys got better and we landed 9 to 30lbs! Good comeback
Guys! Also got invaded by over 40 gator blues.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Striper with the Igdalsky Family

Had long time customer Brandon with Wife 
Suzanne and twin daughters Madison and 
Mckenzie. Brandon's wish was to have his 
Twin daughters land their first stripers of 
Their life. Started off the trip making bait
In 1 throw, made our way to the grounds and
Set up on some great marks no luv. Decided
Throw the anchor and chunk, good call both
Of the girls landed their first stripers of their
Lives! Wish the rest of the day was that way,
Wound up wrestling close to 50 blues to 15lbs
the rest Of the day! Great family to fish with.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stripers-Bottom with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back out again with Steve, Andy,
And Larry. Made our bait as usual and made 
Our way to the grounds, had a few nice
Fish to 20lbs and made a move, had another
Decent pick landing 3 more when we decided 
To go for the home run. Went down the beach 
And found pod after pod of bunker, had great 
Marks and figure it would be game on, wrong!
No bites, so we hit a few wrecks and got some 
Seabass and ling to add to the catch.

Stripers with the Tim Drag Charter

Had Tim out with buddies John, Joe,
Mike. Made bait in one throw then went 
looking for some marks. First drift we 
2-3 on Stripers to 20lbs and figured it
Was on not. Set upon the chunks and 
had 3 right away, then-bluefish invasion,
Caught about 50 choppers to 15lbs and
Got out of dodge. Went popping to no avail,
Then went back on the drift, just blues. Tough
Grind today, but guys were fun to fish with.

Striper Live-lining with the Brian Hurff family charter

Had Brian out today with son Alex and 
Brother John and Dad Don. First day he
Has fished with us and gave me the ultimate
Challenge, live-linining with none of them 
Ever have landed striper! Well with the 
Challenge we were on out way. Made bait in
2 throws close to home, then went to last 
Nights slaughter. Got there and saw the marks 
And figured we would wreck them, wrong! On the
First drift we landed over 30 blues to 10lbs-damn!
Left there and scratched and clawed but in the end 
3 generations of Hurff's all landed their first stripers!
Fun day with a great family and even cooler kid
In 8 year old Alex, who was a wonderful mate!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Striper Blitz with the Sean Bruff charter

Had Sean back again with buddie John, Bob his
Son Brian and buddy Nick, made our bait and 
Began our search, had a couple of fish at a few 
spots then found the motherlode! Dropped in the
Livies and began crushing them, nothing better
Than watching them explode on the surface.
Landed our limit and began the release mode. After
Final count was 15 fish fought on one drift.
Cooler thing that besides Sean all the other guys
Had never landed a Striper, so we popped 4 Striper Cherries!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Striper Limit with Kevin Butler

Had my fraternity brother Kevin with buddy 
Neil out this morning, made bait in Keyport 
Harbor, and made our way to the grounds,
Put it on the drift and had their limit to 25lbs.
Ended the day with the plugs with wind against
Tide conditions, getting a few more, with a nice
3lb throwback fluke to end the trip!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Striper Limit with Brian Priest

Had Brian out for a quick afternoon trip, 
Got our limit on the plugs and changed
Gears. Went to make bait which took a
While then tried livening, had some runoff's
But no takers.

Striper Fest with Jai Deokaran charter

Had Jai back again this year, with Deo, Raj
Suresh, and buddies Monto and Akim. Had 
A nice steady pick today lots of misses and 
Pulled hooks, half a dozen shorts, and most
Importantly 11 keepers to 25lbs, good time today!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Striper limit- bottomfish with Adam Conley Crew

Had Adam back again this week, with Pat,Mike and Larry
and had Another stellar trip. Really raised the bar 
Today. Started out trolling plugs to start the 
Day had over a dozen bites landing half a 
Dozen. Changed gears and made bait getting
All we needed and headed down the beach to find
Some aggressive bass to liveline. Found them
On the first drift hooking 8 and landing half of them,
Then going into release mode. Ended the day bottomfishing landing
2 Dozen ling. another stellar day with the crew!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stripers with Adam Conley

Had Adam out with buddies Mike, Brian "Marlin",
Joe and his cuz Ken. Made our bait in a few throws
And headed to the bite, got their at the end of the bite 
But managed a few fish on the bunker, picked away
For the rest of the day having a few flurries losing 
A couple of fish and a few shorts, ending the day with 
8 fish to 22lbs, with Ken busting his striper cherry!

Striper limit for Family from Canada

Had my wife's cousins in town Claudio and Pepe for
My daughter Andrea's confirmation. Went back to last
nights action and found them. On the first pass had our
limit and releasing fish in Half an hour, fish bit on the slack 
on plugs, catch em Up boys!

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