Sunday, August 26, 2018

Manasquan Tuna Tourney results with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar back with buddy Randy to fish the tourney,
First day was uneventful just a skipjack and at night
Sharks. Next day was an amazing top water feed of
Dolphins, whales, and tuna. Made a couple of casts and
It was game on. Landed a few and some broke off near the
boat, when the dust settled we had fish up 70lbs in the box.
Went pot hopping trying to find something to weigh in,
Did land 6 but not the right size. Great way to end the tournament,
Currently in 3rd place.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

mahi slaying on the Silly Lily

Gave the Toy a break for upcoming MMRTC tourney
And jumped on with Darren on his boat, left at 1 back by
By 6. smashed 20 mahi all on light tackle.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Midshore Tuna

Hosted an open boat trip with regulars Jim Surmick and
Son Brett, MikeX2. Headed out in funky conditions, bit
Sporty. Finally got to midshore spot and had slow action
Until we figured out what the fish wanted. Green sidetracker
Bars from chatter, first fish was a bruiser 60lb yellow. Landed a few
More and decided to stay put rather than running to canyon
In uncertain conditions. Glad the guys taking home some

Monday, August 6, 2018

Mixed Bag Open Boat Canyon trip

Hosted an open trip with new guys on board Pat,
Dave and Mike, started inshore and got a nice
mahi, not much happening so ran to Toms Canyon.
Not much happening there and too much current to
Tilefish or mahi pot hop so ran back inshore to a
Different spot. On way there found a bunch of debris
And landed another mahi and some triggers. Next spot
Was able to get two tuna to end the day.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tuna with Ricardi Crew

Had John Henry one of my ex players, uncle John, and buddies
Anthony and Pete out. Started out inshore where the life was
And decided to head to canyon for mixed bag of species, bad
Move! Got to canyon and fishing was spotty at best some caught
Most didn’t, we were one we got skunked. Tried mahi fishing but
3-4 knot current kept the mahi from biting. Tilefishing was out of
The question. Found a log and bagged a bunch of triggers and almaco
Jacks. Decided to try inshore spot to save the trip, found a school of
yellowfin on top and it was game on, had fish blowing up the spread!
One of my most challenging and satisfying trips of my career!

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