Friday, April 27, 2012

Fisherman Magazine Dream Boat Trip with Andrew Ogozalek Crew

Got a call from Advertising Sales Manager John Debona and Managing Editor Chris Lido. They had a Costa Rica trip winner that could not make his trip from the Dream Boat Contest. Asked if I could take them out for a day of Striper fishing. After talking to Anthony (Oggy), on the phone I agreed to take him and his crew of Tom, Mike and Luis. Made our way to the bait grounds and got over 100 pieces on our first throw, glad we did because that amount of bait barely covered the trip. First drop had constant action throughout the whole tide on Bass and blues. At slack tide we went on the drift and continued the bite till the guys cried uncle with sore arms and headed home. Had Bass to 22lbs, with Luis popping his Striper cherry and over 50 blues to 12lbs, great action with a fun bunch of guys.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Live-lining Striper Limit with Gerald Paige Crew

Had Gerald with buddy Hal Simpkins on board today, regulars who's charters will not start for another couple of weeks but decided to take advantage of the bite. Made our bait on the first throw and went fishing. Landed our charter limit in first 15 minutes to 28lbs, biggest of the year still in the bay. Then landed another half dozen before we pulled the plug on a great day. Look forward to seeing the rest of the crew in the next month.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Live-Lining, Limit Day with Bill Staubach

Had Bill out today, goal was get live bait and liveline and chunk. Got our bait and made our way to our first spot, missed a couple of fish live-lining so we set up on the chunk on great marks. No luv just pulled hooks on more live-lined baits. Moved to a new location and Bill live-lined the first fish of the year for us which is very early. Went to the back where Bill caught one more to get his limit for before it was released. Great day on the water and good to know that we can live-line!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Am-PM Limits 4-5 in Raritan Bay

AM Trip:
Had long time offshore customer Art Hoover out in the morning. Filled the livewell and had perfect conditions outgoing tide with northwest wind. Chunked his limit in short time on light tackle. total count was 12 to 34 inches.

PM Trip:
Afternoon trip had My brother out for his birthday with nephew Alex and my Dad. limited out in the first half an hour, unreal! great afternoon in nice calm conditions. total count was 8 keepers, 4 shorts, half a dozen released in 2 hours!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Striper Limit Continues

Had a couple of hours to kill this evening had my brother Ed (younger version of me in every way!), ex-mate and now Capt Joe, of, and his buddy Steve. Decided to go big or go home made bait-bunker felt good to throw the net. No luv on the livies, chunks, or heads, wind against tide did not help. Went with the plugs and got our limit in the first half hour. All keepers with fish to 35 inches and all were fresh ocean fish.

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