Monday, June 6, 2011

Chris Messick - Bass Mayhem - Limits!

Had Chris and the boys out today for another day of bass fishing... broke the inlet a little after 12 and filled up the live-well with one throw...snag and dropped a couple schools of bait near the inlet as they looked pretty "fishy"... nada... decided to head to the south and look a call from Chris on fish stix that he had seen some fish spraying a little south of us but was on his way in...went down an checked it out. Found a couple small pods of bait and worked them a bit and put 6 fish in the boat on the first two drifts. Got a call from Jerry on the Monger that is was insanity up by the inlet...with 6 in the box already we decided to make the run so the guys could witness the crazy bass blitz...within two minutes of pulling up the guys had 4-5 fish on...over the next couple hours the guys boated over 30 bass keeping their limit and releasing the rest...another sick day of bass fishin!!

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