Monday, August 24, 2020

Yellowfin Express Trip with Chris V-Keith Bang-Bang

Had Chris and brother Mike with Keith Bang-Bang and buddies MJ and Doug, back from our  Striper trip from the Spring. Decided to do an  express trip with the suspect weather. Got to the grounds and got our fish going 7-10. Back at the dock early enjoying the day! Great time with the boys!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Midshore Yellowfin And Canyon Mixed Bag with the Mike Inzetta Crew

Had Mike out with son Jordon and buddies Kelly  And Mike, made our way to the Yellowfin grounds  And went 6-9 on fish to 60lbs to start the day. Picked up and ran to the canyon and went on the hunt, found some life but no takers, decided to push off to the deep And look for something big, came tight on a nice blue marlin released we estimated at 300lbs. Changed gears and went light tackle for mahis  landing over 20 to 15lbs. Ended the day Tilefishing getting half dozen up to 25lbs. Fun mixed bag day!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Yellowfin And Mahi with the Vinnie Molnar Family

Had longtime customer Vinnie out with Son Vince And Grandsons Rory And Mahi Mike. Started out the Morning with a slow kick going 3-5, decided to change Up and play with mahi and come back to tuna in afternoon. Landed over 20 Mahi on light tackle and went back to the  Tuna coming tight on 3 right away with a bunch of skipjacks. Great way to end the day with a great family.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Yellowfin Jiggin and Canyon run with the Matt Bruncati crew

Had Matt out with the fellas, started at the inshore grounds and went 10-15 on 60lb yellows in first hour to start the trip. Ran to the Hudson and trolled looking for some bites no luck, decided to daytime drop for swords, drifted and dreamed for over and hour and changed gears finished up the trip banging  some mahi and tiles before making the hour 45 minute cruise back to the dock before dinner.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Andreas Toy Yellowfin Jigging with the Demetrios Parashos Crew

Glad to be back in my home Waters after a great week down in  Ocean City Maryland. Had first time customer Jimmy with brother Nick and buddies Ari, Manny, Jeremy And John. Got to the grounds and found the life but no takers on the troll. Got on the drift with jigs and chunks, ended the day goin 5-10 with quality Yellowfin to 60lbs. What made the day special was that 3 of the guys had never caught a tuna before, congrats guys!

Monday, August 3, 2020

White Marlin Open First Fish Day

First day of White Marlin, one of 40 boats out of over 430 that fished today. Made it to the scales with half a dozen Yellowfin to 52lbs, let's see if it gets us a daily prize. Great job by all the guys fighting their fish, Matty, Mark, Adam, Karl and our junior anglers Nick and Cole. 

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