Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Bigeye, MRMTC Standings

Had Birthday boy Mark Cresenzo with son Joe, Mark B and Al. Decided at the minute to fish the Manasquan river club tourney. Made our way out to the Hudson In a little over 2 hours. Started with mahi, but not the size we wanted. Went on the troll for wahoo since its part of the Calcuttas but seeing so many Pilots whales we went on the bigeye hunt. Got our first bite at 7pm and birthday 
Boy Mark landed our first bigeye, Mark B followed up with the next fish that he landed being our biggest at 191lbs and putting us at second place in the tourney. An hour later we got our 3rd fish, landed him and decided it was time to give the tunas a break, eat dinner relax and go for swords till first light. No bites and ended up mahi fishing landing over 50, but none that put us on the leader board.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yellowfin with the Surmick Family

Had Jim and his son Brett out for his birthday. Started out trolling and found
Some good life, trolled no bites tried jigging and bait, nothing picked up and joined the fleet, started trolling and had some false albacore, then started jigging and slinging bait, birthday boy Brett got in the groove, then we started to connect had over a dozen, yellowfin, Albies, and skippies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuna trip with the Hurley Family

Did my first offshore trip with the new engines today. Had James with his
Sons Ryan and Griff and brother John and Greg. Slugged it out in a stiff northeast 70 miles to the first spot, had flying fish and birds in clean water no luck, pushed further off and found tons of whales and porpoise but no luck, after hours of trolling with no luck decided to jig and drop bait, first sardine that hit the bottom got inhaled by a nice yellowfin, figured we found the mother lode,
But that was it. Good guys to fish with and engines ran great!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Inshore Trip for Bob James Birthday

Second Birthday trip of the week! Had Bob up from Alabama with long 
Time buddy Bud and family members Scott and Collin. Started bottom fishing 
And had some ling to start the day. Made our way to the hole and started sharking, had some bites and the Brown sharks started with Bob landing the first
Around 4 feet long, had some more bites and looked for Mahi on the pots, water still Dirty. Hit some more wrecks in the hole and Bob got a nice lobster. Good guys To spend the day with!

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