Friday, June 24, 2011

Evening Striped Bass Limit

We had Tom L, Tom N, Don G, Mike N, and Lamar T, out for an evening striped bass trip. We got our bait a little south of Belmar, it took a little while longer that normal but the guys stuck it out. Once we had some bait in our live well we headed north to find hungry bass just shy of Asbury. We had 2 bass on our first drift. As we set back up on our second drift we were shut down and chased away by some nasty thunder storms. We spent the next few hours dodging thunder storms using our Sirius satellite weather overlay. When we were able to make our way back to where we first caught our fish we set up a bit offshore. It was game on as soon as the baits hit the water. We finished the trip out getting our limit just as another thunderstorm rolled in. It was an adventurous trip! The guys really hung in there and we finished off with some great striped bass action.

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