Sunday, November 27, 2022

Roger Sanford Stripers

Capts Greg and Kenny had Roger Sanford and friends out today. Slower start but made a run and got on some fish. Good mix of sized fish between 23 inches to 35 inches and all fish caught on casting shads, Nomad Vibes, and a few on top water. Ended the day on birds closer to home and called it a day when the rain started. Only a few more dates available see below! 

Upcoming weekend availability:
Sun. Dec 4
Sun. Dec 10
Sat. Dec 17 

Call/text Capt Greg 201-421-8653 

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Post Thanksgiving Family Trip

Had my favorite trip of the year today post Thanksgiving trip with family! Landed over 20 fish mostly on topwater in less than an hour, life doesn't get any better!

Daniel Ulmer Stripers

Capt Greg and Kenny had Daniel Ulmer out today in the 31. We tagged 32 stripers with @grayfishtag and unfortunately couldn't tag quick enough with how fast the fish were coming so we released a bunch without tags. Either way a great day and caught on everything we threw. 

Upcoming weekend availability: 
Sunday Dec 4
Sunday Dec 11
Saturday Dec 17

Call/text Capt Greg 201-421-8653

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Peter Gravinese Stripers

Had first timer to the Toy, Peter Gravinese and his crew. His team wanted light tackle action and we made it happen. First drift limited landing over 20 fish with Brock releasing a nice 43 inch fish. Rest of the morning had crazy feeds at every spot, easily landed over 60 fish, what a morning!

We still have tomorrow AM available for charter. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Jeff Speruto Stripers

Had longtime regular Jeff Speruto back with the boys, Tyler, Joey and Giovanni, and first timer Josh. Started off on the birds and they never let up had over 25 fish and called it an early day! Even cooler was Josh getting his first on top water.

We have Thursday Thanksgiving morning available. Call/text Capt Greg 201-421-8653. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Chris DeCresce Stripers

Had longtime regular Chris Decresce and son Luke today, got on the bass feed with shads and got our fill and made it an early great day!

Jim Preuninger Stripers

Capts Greg and Kenny had Jim, John and Tim out today. Made a LONG run to get on the fish and found them on top getting them on spooks and shads. Classic fall fishing chasing birds and bass! 


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