Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mixed Bag Offshore Trip with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar back for his first offshore trip of the season, brought along his 
Employee Sebastian to enjoy his first offshore trip. Started out to 1/8 mile visibility of fog from inlet all the way to the canyon. Made a stop at an offshore location And trolled up a 30'inch bluefin. With no visibility figured we were better off bottom fishing till fog cleared, hit a wreck and got a dozen baseball bat ling, then hit the tile grounds and landed a dozen golden and huge blue lines. Made a run to next Tuna spot inshore and fog finally cleared, a few minutes later we spotted thousands of bluefin tuna on the surface. The boys went to work,
Landing 2 unders and an over in no time and could have kept catching and releasing but opted to head to the barn since the boxes were full!

Sebastian with first tiles popping his cherry

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mako Shark Fishing with Tese Family Charter

Had the pleasure of having my web designer Mike T. who has been instrumental in my success from day one when I started Andreas Toy. In 15 years we have known each other this was the first charter he did with us. Had his cousins Sammy with sons Mike & James, and in-law Andy. Started getting fresh bait for sharks, bunker, mackerel, and bluefish. Did our first drift but horrible conditions no wind. Went to second spot and there was tons of bait in the waters and wind gave us a good drift. We had a Hammerhead make an appearance and moved around the boat but moved on.  Getting ready to move to spot 3 when the Mako hit a deep bait, had a nice 55 incher handled by Mike T. himself. Harvested him for the grill and and as we were clearing lines to head to the barn, another rod goes off. Sammy's son Mike S. jumps on and makes short work of a 4 foot brown. Great day by the team and we decided to head to the Clark's Landing Dockside Grill to have the chef perform his magic!

Sammy's son Mike S. with his Brown Shark:
Chef Mike (at the Clarks Landing Dockside Grill) prepared the Mako 4 different ways. Appetizer teriyaki glazed and Main course blackened with horseradish sauce, broiled with mango salsa and a spicy Thai chili sauce!  YUM!  The perfect meal for a perfect day!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Stripers with the Bob Gilmore Charter

Had first time customer Bob with high school buddies John and his son,
Mark, Ed, and Max. Got our bait and headed north, on the way we decided 
To try for a shark since we had been seeing them, baited a 6 foot 
Hammerhead but lost him, few miles further saw a huge thresher but
No luv. Headed to the striper grounds and got our bites early then slow
Pick the rest of the evening. Ended up with 5 fish to 35lbs.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Striper Livelining and Poppers with Paul White & son

Had Paul on board with son Will. Made our bait and made the run, searched for hours until we found the life and when we did it was awesome! Poppers
Outfished the live bait, go figure! This was Will's first saltwater trip so he caught his biggest and first fish of his life! Great trip with father and son!

Father and son team

Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Open Boat Canyon Trip of the year

Hosted our first canyon run of the year. Had a Bob and Russ and Bob D.on board today. Ran to a nice break way out in the deep on the 500 line, worked the area
Over and had no bites. Picked up and ran 20 miles to a different canyon, found the life, but again no bites. Decided to switch gears and put it on the drift for tiles
And sharks, slow action on the tiles and no sharks. Did mark a tuna on the sounder and dropped a jig down and landed our first tuna of the year a nice 44
Bft. Went to my best Mahi spot and they were not there. Decided to hit wrecks for cod and pollack and first one had nothing on it. Wanted to hit more wrecks
But wind came up hard and pulled the plug on the day.
First tuna of the year

Friday, June 3, 2016

Livelining overs Striper Limit with Chris Decresce and son

Had longtime regular Chris and son Luke out. Made our bait in less
Than favorable conditions and went on the hunt. Had a bite in the first 
5 minutes but that was it. Went searching and lots of running around till
We found the mother lode of bass that wanted to eat. Had a quick flurry 
Going 4-8 before heading in. Luke did a great job on the reel landing his 
Personal best 47 incher. Great to see father and son on the boat again.

Father & Son

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