Monday, January 25, 2010

Miami Sailfish

In Miami on business/pleasure. Ran my buddy Gunther's 28 Dusky, with Dr Barry Ray part of the crew. Made bait at the bug filling the livewell with over 5 dozen bait in 15 minutes. Ran southeast of Fowey Rocks in 110ft and had instant action went 2-3 on some nice sails. Had constant action with Bonita to keep us on our toes. Great day besides the weather was putting Gunther and Barry on their first sails, luv busting cherries.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

End Of Season Wreck Buffet

Took advantage of the nice forecast and setup a last minute wreck safari with a couple of my friends. Ran out to the east side and setup on a wreck in 160 foot. We had life right away with a mixture of everything. Ling, cod, blackfish,pollock and an endless supply of huge silver eels kept everyone busy there for a few hours. Friend Rob limited out on big tog at that spot. We made a couple more drops and had pretty good picks on most of them. Our total for the day was 14 keeper cod plus 6 nice blackfish, 2 pollock and a couple dozen ling and an unlimited supply of silver eels. Great day on the water with all my bros!! ~Capt Carlos

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mixed Bag Crew Trip

Had Alex, Scott, Ed, Joe and Corky out today. Started togging at 17 fathoms today very slow, managed 8 keepers and a dozen shorts, so we went to hit some wrecks in the mudhole. Had a decent pick with half a dozen Cod and 2 dozen fat ling. Beautiful day for mid January with a good bunch of guys.

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