Wednesday, December 21, 2016

1 Hour Jumbo seabass Limit

Hey guys did a regulars open trip today to offshore wrecks.
Left later to let the seas subside, made a 30 knot
Cruise got set up and got our Limit in an hour. Made a 40
Knot cruise home to have seabass for dinner. Get out there
Boys fish are here!

Offshore Jumbo Limit

Had the crew out today in near perfect conditions, pick bite
To start the day, once we got locked in it, it was drop and 
Reel with seabass to 6lbs, finished at the Ark with beer 
Battered and franchaise seabass, grand manier shots
And IPAs, great day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Striper Limit with Adam Conley Crew

Had Adam back for his final trip for the year with buddies
Andy, Mike, and Larry. Started out looking for life from
Yesterday no luck. Found numerous schools of bait on
Rainfish which were hard to hook, but got a few. During
Slacks we had some keepers on spoons, then it broke
Wide open. All out blitz, they ate anything you threw, we 
used mostly poppers and swim shad, guys had enough and
we headed for home, great job guys!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Striper Limit with the Mike Scarcelle charter

Had Mike with son Stone, buddy Mat and son Tyler,
Bud Tom and Tanner. Got on the bunker schools early
And had a nice bite on fish from 20-25lbs. Later in the
Morning found some birds and boxed up our Limit and 
Then went into release mode. Ended the days casting 
shads Landing another half dozen fish before calling it a day.

Striper Limit with The Larry Biglin family

Had Larry back with sons Brian and Andrew. Started with a real good bite
at first light getting our Limit quickly, then fishing came to complete shutdown.
Tried different areas and only had bluefish to show for our efforts.
Tough ending after a great start.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Striper Limit with the Brian Kohute crew

Had Brian out for the first time with buddies Alan, John, 
With Dave son (the stud Andrew)! Made a beeline to 
the grounds and found hundreds of birds, guys went to 
Work with the shads and poppers, had our Limit on fish 
From 15-30lbs. Went into release mode. Guys got tired 
Of that dropped in the mojos to find some over fish and
Also for them to drink some adult beverages! Luv days
Like this with great guys!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ocean Stripers with Adam Conley crew

Made the move boat back to Point Pleasant for the bigger
Stripers and opening of tog season. Had Adam back on board
With his dad, Mat and PatX2. Started off south and landed our
biggest Striper of the fall, and landed some more keepers. Went
Plugging Landing another dozen. Great way to start the fall bassing
In the ocean.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Striper Limits on light tackle with the Renee Prats charter

Had Renee out for his birthday trip with buddies Andres, 
Guillermo, Roberto, Tom, and Golan. Made out way to the 
And had instant action under the birds on light tackle, got
Our Limit quickly and released closed to 20 more. Great time 
With the guys and Happy Birthday Renee!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Striper Limit with the Glenn Contreras Charter

Had Glen out with son Josh, and buddies Phil, Allen, and Dave. Started
Out casting shads under birds nailing half a dozen and had a steady bite
Through the whole morning got our Limit and realeased over a dozen bass, 
Josh led the way with the big fish of the day, 25lbs

Striper Limit with Josh Correria and crew

Had Josh out with family and friends Jose, Javier,Caleb,
Jeremy, and Mollo, got out early and put in the mojos and 
went to work, got our Limit early then went into release 
Mode. Had a great time with the guys, with half them 
Landing their first stripers ever.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Striper Limit livelining with Rosendo Gamboa charter

Had my dad out with his buddies Renee, Andres and first 
Time Striper fishermen Humberto, Luis, and Barnett.
Looked around for a while and found acres of bunker
Snag and dropped and livelined their Limit, congrats to the 
Guys on their first stripers!

Striper Limit with the Bob Gilmore crew

Had Bob back again this year with buddies Birthday
Tony, Frank, and firstime fisherman Jimmy. Started 
Out casting under birds, catching a keeper and a few 
shorts. Needed to make something happen on a slow 
Day, put in the mojos and game on. Got our Limit to
41 inches, congrats to Jimmy for catching his first fish
Ever and it being a nice sized Striper!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Striper Limit with the Prendes Famiky

Had Pepe, Louie with their dad and uncle for a day of stripers.
Found some bigger bass getting their Limit on fish from 38 to 42 
inches to start the trip, then ended the trip surface popping another 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Striper Limit with the Brad Superior woodworks charter

Had Brad with his Dad Pete, and crew of Big Mike, Dave, and Mike.
Started out light tackle fishing landing a lot of shorts and few keepers.
Looked around and still more shorts, made a run and found the mother lode.
Drop and reel fishing getting our Limit and release mode for the rest of the

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Striper Limit with David Pond Charter

Had David with buddy Bert out today, started out jigging smaller bass, found a nice body of mid twenty pound  fish and got their Limit then went into release mode.Ended up with fish up to 25lbs in beautiful conditions.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

John Ryan Striper limit/with World Trade memorial

Had Regular John out with his lovely wife Kim. Plan was to Striper for him, then Kim to check out NYC. Got to the grounds and limited quickly under the birds with Kim catching her first Striper ever Made a beeline to downtown and took some pictures on the way. Parked the boat and headed over to the World Trade One and the memorial,First time for all of us very very cool, but very somber, had a bite to eat and some drinks and back on the stripers, Landed some bigger fish and wrapped it up back at the barge with Striper scampi, and fra diavlo, with some red sangria!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Striper Limit with Adam Conley and boat move back to Bay

Had regular Adam on board today for my first trip back in Raritan Bay for the fall, couldn't have timed the return any better. Birds in every direction with bass busting all over them! Bass liked Zara spooks and swim shads today, on ultra light tackle does not get any better!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Striper/Tog Trip with TJ Miller

Had regular TJ on board today, he wanted to catch some tog for dinner
Then look for stripers. Looked for stripers but just lots of bait, decided to
Tog and landed over 20 in an hour. Went looking for stripers and found 
Them, getting them up to 25lbs. Great way to start the inshore fall run!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mixed bag fishing with Gary Indyk

Had Gary back with family members Bridgett, Chris, Kelly and Damon.
Plan was to head outside but rough conditions kept us in the river.
Plan B netted some live bait and started with some stripers, then went fluking 
And had 7 keepers to 22 inches.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

MRMTC Canyon Trip and Results

Had stellar crew of Dan and Anthony with expert jigger man Dan Bombaci.
Left for an overnight trip starting the trip off with Mahis. At Night chunked and swordfish but no luck. Went trolling but only had small yellowfin and skippies.Began day chunking but no luck, highlight of the day was Dan jigging a white Marlin. Did some more pothopping to end the day with Dan getting our biggest
At 18lbs. Which has us in first place.

Jigged white marlin:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mahi bonanza with the Oscar Carillo charter

Had longtime regular Oscar out with buddies Bobby and Nate. Plan was to do some trolling and pot hop. Seems like a trend has been happening after hearing of slow trolling they opted to start pot hopping and was hard to get them to change Gears. Oscars buddies were new to it but once they got the hang of it was game on. Landed over 30 to 15lbs.

Pool Winner!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Overnight with the Randy Wilson charter

Had Randy out with buddies Tom Carl and Mat. Started out boxing a dozen Mahi
To get the trip started. Soon after went on the troll for the evening mixing up
The spread to target both Marlin and tuna. Had success getting the Marlin to
Come into the spread getting 3 bites missing the first two and jumping off
The third. Set up for a night of chunking after trolling late into the night.
Had one mystery runoff and went on the troll in the morning. Concentrated
On Tuna until the charter said enough and wanted to finish off with Mahi.
Wound up boxing another 20 Mahi to 20lbs.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Open Boat Mahi Fest

Tony, Lamar, and TJ on board today for an open boat canyon trip.
Crew decided at the dock that they wanted bent rod action, and 
Anything else was an after thought . Offered light tackle Mahi. Guys said 
That's the plan, so we went Mahi fishing, after 80 bites, 60 fish landed
And our limit harvested, the guys had little interest in trolling for tuna 
And Marlin or drifting for tilefish. Fun day today guys!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Canyon trip with Larry/Scott and sons

Had Larry back with son Andrew and Scott with son Zach. Plan was to go
For bluefins but saw some nice water sliding into the canyon and decided
To make a report vs follow one. Got to the spot and water was a nice 78 
Degrees and cobalt blue! Saw big Mahis and started off the trip banging a 
Dozen of them. Set up in the troll and marked no fish or bait. Decided to
Pick up the lines and search after 10 miles of running we found the fish and 
Life all kinds of mammals and bait. Few boats that were there first had a good
Bite of yellowfin and bigeye. We put in the lines and went to work, fortunately 
Got tuna bites but not the ones we wanted all were rat size yellowfin. Wound 
Up having 2 come up then had another 4 banger come up. Pounded the area 
But no big fish for us damn! Still great to be back in the canyon.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Open Boat Bluefin

Had regulars Mike, Jim and son Bret with newcomer Eric. Left at dark thirty and made our way to the grounds. Found immediate life with bait, Dolphins,And great bait readings. Nothing went searching, saw bluefin on the surface and trolled past them and had a nice 46 inch under on a canyon runner rainbow green machine spreader. Saw tons of bait but nothing. Decided to change gears and start chunking. Mike had bite a right away on a sardine and did a great job but lost him at boat side damn, fish was all of 60 inches! Went back on the hunt and saw another pod of bluefin on top and it are the same spreader bar again,Nice 45 incher.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Overs Bluefin with the McFadden family

Had Chris out for the first time with Dad Dave and sons. Nate and Jake.
With the weather conditions took a different heading to avoid a beating, got to the spot And found some good friends, with the early bird doing the most damage,Nice job D! Worked it over and finally got our over with young Nate doing a great job on the rod landing his first tuna with it being 51 inches. Winds picked up A bit and decided to look for some Mahi, water temp and clarity was OK, but Just triggers on the pots. Decided to hit a wreck to put the whole family into action, getting a bunch of baseball bat ling.

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