Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Open Boat Bluefin Beatdown

Had regular customers Adam Zion, Monty, Vinnie Russo, and Chris Messick today. Plan was to troll first light then, jig, shark, then hit some wrecks. Troll started out well went 2-4 with Bluefin to 45 inches on green machines spreaders and daisies. Saw a scallop boat who had hauled back and was shucking, made some passes on the troll and read a motherload of fish. I asked him for permission to fish near him and he obliged. First bait got bit and it was unreal fishing for hours. Limited to only 2 anglers per drift to avoid tangles, could have had 4 fish on at a time if we wanted. Conservatively had over 40 hookups landing more than half, all of the fish were between 40-45 inches. After the workout the guys needed a break, did some sharking and hit some wrecks, landing Ling and other undesirables, sharking was also slow, no bites. Was able to give our new popping tuna rods a try today. Used the Saragosa 18000 with the Terez 7-6 Blank, perfect for casting scallop snot with no weight, yet light and powerful to make easy for of the Bluefin. Great day and fantastic way to start the bluefin season!

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