Monday, July 30, 2018

Tuna with Ricardi Crew

Had John Henry one of my ex players, uncle John, and buddies
Anthony and Pete out. Started out inshore where the life was
And decided to head to canyon for mixed bag of species, bad
Move! Got to canyon and fishing was spotty at best some caught
Most didn’t, we were one we got skunked. Tried mahi fishing but
3-4 knot current kept the mahi from biting. Tilefishing was out of
The question. Found a log and bagged a bunch of triggers and almaco
Jacks. Decided to try inshore spot to save the trip, found a school of
yellowfin on top and it was game on, had fish blowing up the spread!
One of my most challenging and satisfying trips of my career!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Canyon Quickie with Santiago crew

Had Santiago out with Son Andrew and buddies
Woody and Tony. Plan was to shark fish the mudhole with
Uncertain weather, at the dock wind wasn’t too bad
So pointed the bow towards the chicken, after no bites and
Barely life had to make a decision. Seas had gotten nicer so
I gave the charter an option to sprint to the Hudson and fish a few
Hours which they jumped on Started on the pots and got some nice
gaffer mahi, first ones of the year. Then went on the troll getting 2
Yellowfin right away, after an hour of no luv went back to the mahi
and got some more to end the day.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Canyon Mixed Bag with the Jordon Young Crew

Had firstimer Jordan with buddies Will,
Garrett and Shay. Started out on yellowfins
Inside of the canyon popping a couple of cherries
Early, once that dried up continued to the canyon
Checked many places but no luv, hit the pots and
They were barren. Decided to deep drop, man was it
On, landed over dozen with Golden’s to 22lbs, bluelines
To 18, and a snowy grouper over 30lbs! After that headed
Back to where we had the yellows but no luv for us.
Awesome day with some great guys!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Canyon Trip with the Brian Kohute Family

Had Brian with Son Gavin and nephew Garrett. Took
Them out for their first canyon trip ever, plan was to
Get them a wide variety of action and best experience
Possible and I think we accomplished that. Took a
40 knot cruise to the grounds and began the search,
canyon we picked was slow so decided to change gears
And drop for Tiles until the tuna woke up. Had each guy
Land their first Tiles and they were big had two 30lb pounders
Right away. Went back to trolling and ran across two Huge
Blue marlin that wouldn’t commit, had each guy land their
First tunas and then hit the pots for mahi. Water was warm 77
And clean but no takers. Ran inshore To look for bluefin and
Found the life, whales, Mola’s, birds, bait and tons of marks
Was able to pull a nice yellowfin out of the area and decided
Time to go home, cruised home at 40 knots on calm seas!

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