Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jim P Stripers

Had Jim P and Frank out for stripers today. Took a bit to get on the fish but made it happen and released a bunch all on bunker. 

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Karoush Asgarian Stripers

Had long time friend Karoush Asgarian charter both the 44FA  and 39 ST today. Decided to do a rodeo between both boats and let the kids compete. Largest fish and first keeper limit. Obviously  Capt Willy/Chris gave it their best but I ain't no joke! Got our limit and had them up to 53 inches, with 2 going over 50lbs, landing over 20 fish. Capt Willy/Chris had close to a dozen up to 53 inches as well.

Jeremy And Crew Stripers

Capts Greg and Kenny had Jeremy and the guys for stripers. Fished close to home all day and the guys did well fishing live bunkers.  Caught the fish pretty consistently throughout the day and after we flew threw about 120 baits we called it quits. Released a ton all that went back with @grayfishtag green tags. Great day! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

George Hamway Insane Striper Bite

Had George out today and made a long run to some of the best fishing I've ever seen. The first two hours it was almost every cast and nearly every fish was over 40 inches. Spooks, metal lips, live bunker it didn't matter they were hungry. One group of fish hit a spook so hard it hit the transom, fell back in the water and then they hit it again. Every live bait on the surface got blown up on within 30 seconds and didn't stand a chance. No time for pictures as the action was so hot and bass were blowing up around the boat for hours. It doesn't get much better than this!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Dan Ulmer Stripers

Capt Greg and Jimmy had Dan Ulmer and the boys from West Milford out today. Netted a little over 100 baits today and blew through them in a few hours. The guys did a pool and the biggest fish went 39 inches. Most of the guys had not caught a striper until today and picked up on how to live line in no time. Lots of fun with this group and can't wait to have them back again. It doesn't get much better than this! 

We have Tuesday May 23rd available. 

Capt Greg 201-421-8653
Capt Fred 732-672-1561

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Saturday, May 20, 2023

George Hamway Stripers

Capt Greg and Jimmy had George out today solo. We netted our bait in a few throws and immediately put a couple of fish in the boat. Had some flurries and our biggest was 45". All fish on live bait today. 

Next availability for striped bass: 
Tuesday May 23

Capt Greg 201-421-8653
Capt Fred 732-672-1561

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Friday, May 19, 2023

Glen Kaufman and Lew Gold Stripers

Had Glen Kaufman with Lew Gold and buddies out for some live line striper action today. Netted our bunker and got right on the drift with an instant triple header. Our biggest fish today was 43 inches! The action stayed constant throughout the morning until the guys wanted to do some exploring.  

Our next weekend available is Sat Jun 10 PM-available for charter. 


Monday, May 15, 2023

Keith Weaver Stripers

Had Keith Weaver and sons with uncle Glen in from Utah. On way to making bait found the mother lode of stripers, spooned them up to get us started. Went and netted bait and came back and  crushed them getting our limit on first drift, released another bunch with overs up to 40 inches. Decided to give them the full treatment taking them on a tour of NYC, then made our way down the beach to find some jumbos. Found one up to 48 inches biggest of the year. Took the 44FA back to Point Pleasant so decided to end the day casting to blues. Great day with a great family.

Upcoming availability on the 31' sailing out of Perth Amboy, NJ: 

Friday May 19 PM - available 
Sat May 20-available 
Sun May 21 PM- available 
June 3 AM- OPEN BOAT 2 spots available

Call/text Capt Greg 201-421-8653 

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Kirk Eady Stripers

Had my college roommate Kirk Eady out for his 55th Birthday with buddies Austen, Elliott, and bro in Law Corby. Had a great start getting our limit on the first drift. Made some moves picking fish along the way, made a run up the river to take some skyline pics to end a great day.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Jack Riley Stripers

Had Jack Reilly and the boys today, Big Al, Seth, and Nick. Started out on fire banging a dozen to start the day. Guys decide to make a run and look for a trophy, no takers and came back into the bay to do finish the day with more fish on bunker. Fun day with the boys!

Sunday, May 7, 2023

George and Bert Stripers

This afternoon on the 31 Capts Greg and Kenny had George and Bert out. Did a few drifts with shads and then took some time to net bunker. Good decision as the live bunker fishing was quite good lots of bites and connected with all big stripers. Bait was tricky to get today but really glad we did since bait was the ticket. 

Our next weekend availability is Saturday May 20th call/text Capt Greg 201-421-8653

Sidney Ruiz Stripers

On the 44 Had Sidney Ruiz back with the crew. The girls Yaz and Yelitza, had never caught a bass so did some of the guys Khaled and Joseph so went into popping cherry mode. Mission accomplished. Eddy wound up with the big one of the day 38 inches.

Matt Hammond Birthday Stripers

On the 31 Capts Greg and Kenny Had Matt Hammond and friends from South Jersey out for his birthday. Caught our limit on live bait first thing this morning and then picked the rest of the day. Nice consistent bite and a great group of guys. 

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Jim Preuninger Stripers

Capts Greg and Kenny had Jim Preuninger and friends out today for stripers. Very slow start to the day so covered a lot of ground and decided to put some more effort into netting bunker. Found some fish that wanted to eat and caught a couple. Dropped the live bunkers and got our fish plus released a few for @grayfishtag thanks guys! 

Friday, May 5, 2023

First trip on the 39

Great maiden voyage for the 39, made our way up north looking for tuna, didn't see much. So decided to shift gears for stripers getting our  limit in short order.

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